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26 november 2021

This App is one of the best purchases we have made since we opened up our store site. The attribution dashboard provides very easy and clear information so we can make strategic decisions on growing our business. Moreover, the team are very knowledgeable about setting up our product feeds to the various sales channels and helped fix some issues with Google Merchants our store site was experiencing since it opened. So happy we went with this app.

Organic Ocean Seafood Inc
Mer än ett år användning av appen
AdAmplify Corp. svarade 3 december 2021

Thank you for taking the time to post a review. We are happy to hear that you are using the Attribution platform on a daily basis. As well, thank you for making a few feature suggestions. We will be including them on the roadmap with a plan release in the near future.

6 maj 2020

We had a disappointing previous experience with Google Shopping ads (no revenue generated) but decided to give it another try using AdAmplify and their Google Shopping Feed. This is a very new app but it is nicely designed with each step clearly laid out. It’s obvious they have a lot of tech and business savvy in the ecommerce space (helps that they are located here in North America).

Our products were uploaded without any issues; really liked the fact that we can manage the products we include in the feed right within the app itself. AdAmplify helped us set up our first campaign and in the end we asked them to manage it for us as we don’t have the time and expertise to stay on top of tuning our campaigns for the results we’re looking for. They did a really solid job and as a result our first month saw a solid return (380% on our ad spend).

I recommend you consider them for your Google Shopping ad campaigns.

2nd Wind
Mer än ett år användning av appen
AdAmplify Corp. svarade 14 maj 2020

Thanks for taking the time to write this review. We've had a number of clients come to us with poor experiences. We've enjoyed working with you and you've taken the right approach by identifying the products that had the best return on ad spend and focussing on those in your campaign. One feature of our app allows you to easily suspend products from the feed that aren't performing. We'll continue to keep an eye on your results.

21 juli 2020

Unlike most of the Shopify stores, we have complex configuration options in our products like AC/DC Adapter and Filter Type so it was really challenging to feed our products to Google Merchant Center. This well-designed App solved our problem. They have prompt support and a very good eye for details. They follow up with you until the issue is resolved. Started using this App last month and so far, very impressed.

Mer än ett år användning av appen
AdAmplify Corp. svarade 23 juli 2020

Thanks for taking the time to comment. We’re happy to hear our custom variant mapping solved your problem of linking your unique options to Google’s standard attributes.

The app was designed to make it easy for Shopify merchants to map these options to Google’s (and more recently Facebook's) attributes by doing it automatically. But we recognized there are cases where a merchant must also be able to customize their options for their particular needs (like yours for AC or DC options), so we designed a Mapping Dictionary to make this easy. With our recent addition of our Facebook catalog feed, we now make sure that all 3 major platforms " play nice” with each other :)

We’ve enjoyed working with you and your team and look forward to seeing your Return on Ad Spend increase substantially!

9 juni 2021

App was easy to use and their support is fantastic. Ben helped us get some Facebook issues resolved and also fixed a “metadata” issue with our theme that was messing up our product approvals in the Google merchant Center. Neither of our problems had anything to do with their app but they’re really knowledgeable in all things Shopify and helped us out when we were stuck

Online Detailing Store
10 månader användning av appen
AdAmplify Corp. svarade 9 juni 2021

Thanks for you review! Glad we were able to sort out the technical issues so that the ad campaigns and conversions could run efficiently. More importantly we are really pleased with the Return on Ad Spend results that we were able to achieve in just a couple of months. Great working with you!

15 juni 2020

I wanted to use Google Shopping Actions for Zip.dog, so I checked out the options, Tried a couple of others. After issues with those, I switched to AdAmplify. I’m now running Actions, Shopping Ads, and Surfaces using their app. It was a breeze to use. I was able to fix some issues Google flagged based on the messages on their feed management page. I had trouble getting my variants grouped for Actions, though, and asked for help. Their team went way beyond what I expected, and, with everything looking good on my side, they escalated the issue to Google. They kept on it, giving me regular updates until Google resolved things on their side. Their app is a “must use,” and the service from AdAmplify is first class.

9 månader användning av appen
AdAmplify Corp. svarade 16 juni 2020

Thank you for your review, we have enjoyed working with Zip.dog as well.
Google is very stringent lately but because we work with them on a continuous basis we have gotten to know how to best work with them and how to work towards solving the issues that stores are running into.
We look forward to seeing your sales increase with the Google campaigns!

4 oktober 2020

We used this app to help advertise our business. The customer service is outstanding. Kevin and Ben were really easy to work with. They helped me set up my inventory and helped me through the process. I would highly recommend this app.

5 månader användning av appen
AdAmplify Corp. svarade 5 oktober 2020

Oh that's so nice! It's been great working with you as well. We really love your products and wish you the best of luck!

2 mars 2020

We recently purchased this app from AdAmplify. Syncing our Shopify products to the Google Merchant Center was quite straightforward and easy. We had our account and a few products disapproved by Google but the app gave us directions on how to fix these issues. We also had a few products we didn’t want to include and the app made it easy to exclude these on its feed management page. We’re now running our first Google Shopping ads and having our products appear on Surfaces across Google. And hey, a big shoutout to Kevin who's got a lot of first hand experience running Google shopping campaigns for merchants and gave us great advice and support.

Essential Rose Life
4 månader användning av appen
AdAmplify Corp. svarade 2 mars 2020

Thanks so much. Great working with you and helping give your products more exposure. We know from the experience running our own stores how difficult it can be to improve sales in today’s ultra-competitive environment. Google Shopping ads is a great tool and happy we’re able to help get you a positive return on your ad spend in your first month. Also appreciate that you called out some features we built into the app to make life easier for our customers as well.

Redigerat 4 maj 2020

I’m a newbie to Google Shopping but I used AdAmplify for another program they run and wanted to give their Google Shopping app feed a try. The app was easy to install and not knowing Google Shopping at all, they helped me through the setup and answered my first time user questions. Once I understood the Google side of things, everything made sense. I liked that I could use my second images instead of the primary ones and could customize my product titles to include my brand. Also, being able to control the products right inside the app saved me from having to learn the Google Merchant Center. We had a few products disapproved by Google however the app gave us the reasons and suspended them from the feed until we fixed them. Nice! I highly recommend this app.

GIA Minerals
3 månader användning av appen
AdAmplify Corp. svarade 4 maj 2020

Thank you for the kind review!
Our experience running a multi-vendor e-commerce site (with Gia products) was helpful in designing an app that would meet the requirements of vendors who are looking for more sales with Google Shopping.
The Google Merchant Center can be overwhelming for people, so using the app to manage your products and Google messages is better than having to spend your time in the Merchant Center.