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Retargeting by adaplo

Retargeting by adaplo

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  • Setup retargeting ads effortlessly
  • Advertise on Google Network and Facebook from a single platform
  • Easily understand the performance of your ads in our dashboard

“adaplo is retargeting on steroids! It consistently delivers incremental sales and gets us more than 10€ for every 1€ invested. And the best part is that it is fully automated. Highly recommended!” (e-shop.gr)

Retargeting delivers incremental sales

You have personally experienced getting retargeting ads when you visit websites such as amazon.com and zappos.com. They show you products that you have seen but not added to cart. They advertise with more intensity to visitors that added products to cart but not still purchased. And finally they show cross-sell recommendations to your store customers. These ads work!

This is why Facebook Dynamic Product ads (DPA) and Google remarketing ads are considered by most as the most effective form of online advertising. Using this type of ad campaigns you are getting the most incremental sales for your ad investment. If you want to grow your store, you should get really serious about retargeting.

Why choose adaplo for your retargeting?

In a few words, adaplo is the most comprehensive retargeting solution for Shopify stores.

With adaplo you can setup Dynamic Retargeting ads for your store in less than 3’. Essentially, just install our app, select your budget and you are good to go! No need to manually install any tracking codes or create campaigns. Sophisticated ad campaigns will be created for your store and our algorithm will continuously optimise them in order to deliver the best return for your investment.

While doing your research for your retargeting, you will see that there a handful of retargeting apps in Shopify app store. In order to help you make your decision, we want to tell you how we are different. If our benefits fit your needs, we would love to help you grow.

  1. 1) Using adaplo you are getting retargeting ads on both Google Display Network and on Facebook. More inventory means more opportunities for incremental sales. (bonus: our algorithm contiously optimises your budget allocation between Google and Facebook)

  2. 2) We measure and report only real post-click transactions. We do not want to over-represent the impact adaplo ads have on your store because this will lead in bad business decisions. This is why we measure only post-click conversions and all our measurement is based on a trusted Analytics tool, Google Analytics. This means that if you have Google Analytics, you will be able to verify all our data on your account.
  3. 3) Absolutely fully automated. You do not have to do anything. adaplo is continuously optimising your ad campaigns in order to get you the best return for your ad investment. Some people do not like this and want to have more and more settings. We are not for them.

Install the app and start advertising today.


We charge weekly the ad budget you have set. No minimum ad spend, no setup fee, no performance fee based on transactions. Read more on our pricing page.


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