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31 de janeiro de 2022

Catastrophique !! Aucun service client, des mails sans réponses, j'ai payé pendant presque 1 an sans avoir utilisé leurs services et aucun geste commercial ! De plus, même avec leurs appli, j'ai eu de nombreux retardements de paiements avec PayPal, à quoi sert cette application ?!!!!

Foch Avenue
9 meses usando o app
Proveway deixou uma resposta 31 de janeiro de 2022

Hi, everything has been syncing properly, and your refund application has been already received.

I can see we have received a refund application just 20 min before and you have posted a review.

Please reply to the email which we have sent you, regarding refunds time frame.

Thank you

1 de agosto de 2021

Used to be a great app, now it doesn't work at all. Only a few orders synced, with the wrong information, a total mess. Contacted support via email, chat, shopify, no answer. DO NOT INSTALL

Reino Unido
6 dias usando o app
Proveway deixou uma resposta 1 de agosto de 2021


Thanks for your comments, however, I can see you installed our app on 26th July and have already uninstalled it.

I have talked with the support agent and checked myself we have not received any support request from your store name within the time period your app was installed.

Regarding the functionality, our app is running fine already.
Also as per your claim, few orders synced with wrong information are totally impossible to occur, as Uptrack only syncs tracking after matching them with PayPal or Stripe respectively. If they do not match, it does not sync it at all.

Please let me know on which email you contacted our support and what is you support chat ticket number, so I can help you with the issue.

Thank you!


Found your ticket on chat support, as explained by the chat support agent, we do not support Carthook, only OCU is supported.

Thanks again!

1 de dezembro de 2022

I would be very wary of using this app guys. When you install it there are 2 plans, both with a 7 day free trial. Right below this is an offer for a 30 day trial. All you 'have to do' is answer a few questions in their whatsapp group. I did all this, needed the 'high growth' plan (the second plan) for my order volumes, to then be told the offer doesn't apply to this plan. I think if a company is being so dishonest about their free trials, it is certainly not a company I want to have access to my stores. A bit of extra searching on the app store, found similar apps, with lowers prices and better features.

Reino Unido
29 minutos usando o app