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PayPal's Tracking Info on Auto Pilot

PayPal's Tracking Info on Auto Pilot

Developed by Urban Workshop

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  • Receive money from PayPal in days, not weeks
  • Stop doing copy / paste, focus on your business instead
  • Let us do the dirty work, save time and money in the process

What's New — Updated on August 9th '17

✔︎ Backlog cleanup: We can now submit tracking data for orders already fulfilled in the past weeks. A feature requested mainly by merchants with high order volume and/or above-the-average PayPal disputes.

Your big problem...

If you sell through PayPal as well, you definitely know their own official rules:

  • Provide tracking information (UPS, USPS, or FedEx) with delivery confirmation. Your payment should be available 3 days after we can confirm delivery.

  • If you don’t upload tracking information, but mark the item as shipped on the Transaction Details page, your payment should be available 7 days for domestic or 14 days for international shipments, after the item is marked as shipped.

  • If you fulfill the order, but don’t provide any shipping information, your payment should be available after 21 days, as long as your buyer doesn’t report any issues with the transaction.

So it's always better to copy the tracking info from Shopify to PayPal. But it can take you up to 45 seconds for each order paid with PayPal to identify the transaction and copy & paste the shipping number and the carrier. Spending so much time, day after day, copy-pasting stuff, is not funny.

Merchants have been requesting PayPal to automate this process ever since 2009, but still there isn't a native, API-based, alternative to solving it.

... Getting a solid fix!

That's where "Add Tracking Info" comes into play We’re automatically receiving your tracking data from Shopify and using Virtual Agent permission to get that info into PayPal. Simple as that. No more time lost on boring, repetitive tasks, have more time to focus on growing your business!


★★★ How to use ★★★

Just follow three simple steps.

  1. Install the app, it's integrated with your Shopify Admin and easy to reach anytime (check out the screenshots)

  2. Create the new user that will access your PayPal account (the one with limited, low-level access - see below)

  3. Let’s us know you’ve created the account, so we can verify the login.

That’s it. The next order to which you’ll add tracking info in Shopify will be handled by us and properly submitted to PayPal.

★★★ Privacy First ★★★

You should never disclose your PayPal email address and / or password. Always create dedicated accounts for your colleagues or partners, with access adapted to their needs.

This is why we require our customers to create a new username, which we’ll use to access the business’ PayPal account. This new user shall have the lowest-level access - Virtual Agent – a kind of account that was meant for exactly that - giving access to other persons that can perform boring, monkey-work activities, that doesn't have full access to your PayPal account.

Our in-house team of virtual agents don't have access to anything that's money related (cannot make payments, access funds, check account balance or cards, etc.) - so there's no risk involved. A virtual agent cannot even issue refunds :) (by the way, you can create a user with virtual agent access – and you’ll be able to check for yourself that it’s totally safe)

Read more about adding users to your Paypal account on PayPal.com or watch the video tutorial we’ve done

★★★ What we’re solving ★★★

★★★ Simple and Flexible pricing ★★★

Pricing is starting at $ 0.13 / order.

★★★ Common Questions ★★★

Q - How do you sync the tracking info between Shopify and PayPal?

You've granted us access to connect to your Shopify store, so we are notified every time you input tracking numbers into Shopify. We then login to PayPal and seamlessly add the info to your PayPal transaction using a limited-access account that you’ll create for us.

Q - Is it safe to give access to my PayPal seller account?

We only need basic access, the kind you'd provide to a person handling low-level operations, such as customer support. You can login to PayPal using the same User ID and Password - and you'll see you cannot access funds, cards, issue payments or anything like that.

Q – Will this get my PayPal account banned?

No! We’re not accessing your account in a not authorized way, in fact we’re doing exactly the boring, tedious work your secretary spends their time on. With the help of technology, however, we’re able to do it faster. This way our customers pay a small amount, while we also turn a profit.

Still have questions? That’s OK! Check our FAQ within the app or contact us

If you have questions or requests for new features, we would be happy to answer them quickly. Please drop us a line using the "Get Support" button in the contact pane, via email or the contact form on our website.

About Urban Workshop

We’re an app development startup with a strong focus on Shopify. Both founders have been involved in ecommerce businesses (using Shopify, of course) – so we really understand Shopify store owners’ biggest pain points.

PayPal's Tracking Info on Auto Pilot reviews

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Been waiting for someone to do this for years..

and now its done.. epic customer support. epic solutions ..

you ain't got this app, get it.. saves me hours and days and it just works.

And i don't have to handle anyone or teach anyone anything.. just plug it in and let them take everything of your hands :)

Really epic guys! THANK YOU!!!


This app is amazing. It saved me lots of hours by adding the PayPal tracking numbers on auto pilot.


Amazing service, quick response. start work immediately. saved me a lot of time.


Awesome App & very easy to set up that will save you a ton of time. As PayPal newly requested tracking numbers for each orders, I had Like 200+ orders to fulfill but thanks to that App + their awesome team we were able to fulfill everything very quickly. FYI, I am using Oberlo to fulfill my order in Shopify - once Shopify has the tracking nb, the APP will sync it automatically with your PayPal account. It's now working in background, and my funds are automatically released couple days after receiving the money. THANK YOU!


Free for up to 50 orders / month (worth $100 / year).

Starting from $0.13 / order after that.

No setup fees, monthly fees or cancellation fees. No credit card required.


PayPal business accountfree


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