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PayPal's Tracking Info on Auto Pilot

PayPal's Tracking Info on Auto Pilot

Developed by Urban Workshop

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  • Adding tracking info is PayPal's #1 recommended best practice to reduce the likelihood of having a reserve applied to your account.
  • By keeping your PayPal account in good standing, you can avoid payment holds and have access to funds in days, not weeks.
  • Minimize “Item Not Received” claims - by adding tracking info where your customer is expecting it, you can lower your disputes, chargebacks and refunds level.

What's New — Updated on September 6th '17

✔ Backlog cleanup: We can now submit tracking information for orders already fulfilled in the past weeks. This feature is a popular request by dropshipping merchants, who’s PayPal accounts are limited more often and have rolling / fix ed reserves applied.

✔ Dashboard & real-time reports: You can now check the progress in real-time – how many fulfilled orders we received, how many we have submitted to PayPal, avearage time to submit, etc.

Why should you add tracking information to PayPal?

✎ The Good

PayPal is is one of the world's largest payment processors in the world. It gives consumers trust through its purchase protection for buyers, which is why they often prefer it as a payment method. Sellers are also protected from losing money to claims and chargebacks.

In 2016, PayPal’s payment volume was $354 billion, handled 6.1 billion transactions and it was the most preferred mobile payment method for online shoppers in North America. Currently PayPal stands at a whooping 210 million active users.

✎ The Bad

As it needs to keep it’s promise towards buyers, PayPal has to pay attention to merchants’ behavior and, if red flags are raised, will place account limits or reserves or delay releasing funds for a while.

Reserves are a common industry practice and are used to minimize losses and to create a safer shopping experience. Stripe and Shopify (through their payment gateway - Shopify Payments) have them as well.

If a seller would go out of business or would otherwise be incapable of covering it’s financial obligations, payment gateways would still need to pay back the buyer. If a buyer contacts PayPal or their financial institution because they didn’t receive what they ordered, they’re responsible for making things right.

Some reasons that may get a seller’s account limited or reserves placed on include:

  • high-risk industries

  • high levels of disputes, refunds, claims, bank reversals or chargebacks

  • new seller accounts (or old seller accounts seeing a sudden rise in activity)

  • increases in the seller’s dispute, claim, chargeback or refund rates

  • sales spikes

  • preselling orders / backorders

  • extended delivery terms

Preventing reserves isn’t always possible, and depending on your industry, credit history, and other factors, you might never be able to fully remove a reserve from your account, only have it lowered.

PayPal's #1 recommended best practice to reduce the likelihood of having a reserve applied to your account is adding tracking info:

“Ship promptly and give your customers valid tracking information through PayPal, so they can keep tabs on their purchases and know when to expect delivery."

There are some other recommendations as well, most of them common-sense, including better communication with buyers, avoiding long refund times or monitoring complain rates.

✎ The Ugly

If you sell through PayPal, you probably know their official rules:

  • Provide tracking information (UPS, USPS, or FedEx) with delivery confirmation. Your payment should be available 3 days after we can confirm delivery.

  • If you don’t upload tracking information, but mark the item as shipped on the Transaction Details page, your payment should be available 7 days for domestic or 14 days for international shipments, after the item is marked as shipped.

  • If you fulfill the order, but don’t provide any shipping information, your payment should be available after 21 days, as long as your buyer doesn’t report any issues with the transaction.

Again, adding tracking information is emphasized by PayPal. Rather than face the consequences of not doing it, it's always better to copy the tracking information from Shopify to PayPal. But it can take you up to 1 minute for each order paid with PayPal to identify the transaction and copy & paste the shipping number and the carrier. Spending so much time, day after day, copy-pasting stuff, is no fun.

PayPal's Tracking Info on Autopilot - the Fix

That's where this app comes into play. We are notified every time you fulfill an order in Shopify, and our Virtual Agents add them to PayPal. Simple as that. No more time lost on boring, repetitive tasks, instead you can focus on growing your business!


✔ Easy to use

Just follow these steps:

  1. Install the app, it's integrated with your Shopify Admin and easy to reach anytime, even from within your Shopify mobile app (check the screenshots).

  2. Create a limited, low-level access sub-account on your main PayPal account. To submit tracking data, we only need basic access, the kind you'd provide to a person handling the most basic operations, such as customer support or secretary. This means we won’t be able to access your funds, make payments or even issue refunds.

  3. Let us know when you have created the account, so we can verify the login.

That’s it. The next order to which you’ll add tracking information in Shopify will be handled by us and properly submitted to PayPal.

✔ Privacy first

Merchants have been requesting PayPal to automate this process ever since 2009, but there still isn't a native, API-based, alternative to solving it. That’s why we need to connect to your PayPal account using a dedicated sub-account, that you’ll create for us.

This new user shall have the lowest-level access - Virtual Agent – a kind of account that was meant for exactly that - giving access to other users who can perform boring, monkey-work activities, that don’t have full access to your PayPal account.

Our operators don't have access to anything that's money related (cannot make payments, access funds, check account balance or cards, etc.) - so there's no risk involved. A virtual agent cannot even issue refunds! You can always log in to the user account you create for us and check the account’s exact limitations.

You should never disclose your PayPal email address and / or password. Always create dedicated accounts for your colleagues or partners, with access adapted to their needs. You can create up to 200 of these accounts.

Read more about adding users to your Paypal account on PayPal.com or watch the video tutorial we’ve created.

✔ Simple and flexible pricing

The app is free to use for all Shopify merchants for up to 50 orders / month. That’s right, we submit tracking information to PayPal for 50 orders per month. Let’s grow together!

When your sales are growing above this threshold, you’ll need to purchase credits and as long as there are enough credits on your account, we keep on submitting tracking data for your fulfilled orders.

To accommodate both large and small merchants, our pricing model is simple & straightforward. The cost per credit is $0.17, and it goes down to $0.13 when you purchase in bulk. You can either purchase credits (pre-paid) or setup monthly billing (post-paid). For every credit bought, we submit tracking data to PayPal for one order.

  • Up to 499 credits - no bonus

  • Between 500 and 999 credits + 10% bonus

  • Between 1,000 and 9,999 credits + 20% bonus

  • More than 10,000 credits + 30% bonus

✔ Common questions

Q - How much does it take to have tracking information added to PayPal?

If there are enough credits on your account, we submit all tracking data in up to 24 hours. For a backlog cleanup, we might need more time, depending on the order volume. For 10,000 orders it might take about 48 hours.

Q – My mass-fulfillment service doesn't add the names of the carriers, it just says "Other" for all orders. What can I do?

We see this frequently, especially with our largest customers who are dropshipping. PayPal won’t allow selecting “Other" as carrier, it requires a valid carrier to be submitted. We go a step further and identify the actual carrier based on the tracking number format, so that wae don’t submit invalid data to PayPal and expose you to disputes. It’s preferable however for you to submit accurate data to Shopify from the very beginning.

Q – Can I use this app with a personal or Premier Account?

You'll need a Premier or Business PayPal account to use our service. The reason is simple: only these account types will allow you to create another login for your account, that we can use to submit tracking data. However, it’s very easy to upgrade your personal account to a business account, or even create a new one.

Got a question we haven’t covered? That’s OK! Check our FAQ or contact us.

If you have questions or requests for new features, we are happy to hear from you. Get in touch by phone, email or contact form.

PayPal's Tracking Info on Auto Pilot reviews

10 reviews
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This is just brilliant and saves me a ton of time and stress. As soon as Oberlo updates the item as being shipped, the tracking numbers are updated in Paypal within 24hrs. Never taken that long for mine.

I had a couple of hiccups with installation (all my fault, I just made an easy job complicated) but support was there right away to let me know and hold my hand until I'd gotten it right :-)

If I could give this 10 out of 5 I would :-)


I find it crazy that Paypal doesn't have a tracking API yet basically require tracking to prevent funds from being held. This app makes adding tracking to Paypal easy, and is well built and straight forward. Their customer service is also excellent.


This app is a must have! Been waiting for this ever since PayPal contacted me after holding 30K and asking that I upload all the tracking numbers... There was simply no way to do this without burning my entire day, until now! Worth every penny!! Amazing customer service too, and they get the job done well and fast. This is in my top 3 favorite apps so far, GOOD JOB GUYS!! (y) THANK YOU!


Incredible, worth it's weight in gold. Beats having to have PayPal hold huge chunk of your revenue and money.
Done by hand with their employees, one by one... Incredible cost for the amount of work involved.


You are a dropshipper and care about you PayPal account? Then this app is a must! It is highly recommended to ensure that PayPal has all the relevant tracking numbers for your orders. Also, their customer service is absolutely stellar - great job!


Paypal can be a nightmare when you're not taking it seriously. This app is probably the easiest way to improve your chances of not getting banned. Great support, easy to use! Good job guys.


Been waiting for someone to do this for years..

and now its done.. epic customer support. epic solutions ..

you ain't got this app, get it.. saves me hours and days and it just works.

And i don't have to handle anyone or teach anyone anything.. just plug it in and let them take everything of your hands :)

Really epic guys! THANK YOU!!!


This app is amazing. It saved me lots of hours by adding the PayPal tracking numbers on auto pilot.


Amazing service, quick response. start work immediately. saved me a lot of time.


Awesome App & very easy to set up that will save you a ton of time. As PayPal newly requested tracking numbers for each orders, I had Like 200+ orders to fulfill but thanks to that App + their awesome team we were able to fulfill everything very quickly. FYI, I am using Oberlo to fulfill my order in Shopify - once Shopify has the tracking nb, the APP will sync it automatically with your PayPal account. It's now working in background, and my funds are automatically released couple days after receiving the money. THANK YOU!


Free for up to 50 orders / month. After that:

✔ Pay-as-you-go
✔ Monthly billing

- No setup fees.
- No cancellation fees.

Support & Sales

Urban Workshop
Toll-Free (US/Canada):
+1 888 696-0505
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