PayPal Tracking Info Autopilot

PayPal Tracking Info Autopilot


Paypal's #1 seller best practice: add tracking information.

5.0 of 5 stars(20 reviews)

Lower Reserves / Payment Holds

Improve your account's track record and have the reserve lowered (or even removed). Access funds faster by submitting tracking information.

PayPal's Seller Protection

PayPal's Seller Protection minimizes claims and helps prevent fraud. Adding tracking info is required to be protected from certain disputes.

Works w/ Oberlo, Dropified etc

Dropshipping is seen as a high risk business model, so chances to have a reserve applied are higher. Full support for dropshipping and POD.

About PayPal Tracking Info Autopilot

Keeping your PayPal account in good standing improves your margin and cash-flow

✔ When a red flag is raised, PayPal may apply a reserve on your account. Submitting tracking info improves its track record and the reserve level is lowered (or even completely removed).

✔ PayPal's Seller Protection program minimizes claims and chargebacks and helps prevent fraud. Adding tracking info is one of the requirements.

✔ When there’s a surge in sales or in disputes level, PayPal may hold payments for up to 21 days, to insure buyers' protection. When shipping info is added, funds are released 1 day after delivery with supported carriers.

✔ Customers often request refunds, file disputes or even chargebacks. By providing them with valid tracking info through PayPal, they can keep tabs on their purchases and know when to expect delivery. As a plus, notifying them via PayPal is a much more customer-friendly solution compared to sending out or links.

Having tracking info submitted to PayPal - in 3 easy steps

✔ Account Setup - you install the app and create a dedicated, low-level access PayPal sub-account that we can use to submit tracking info.

✔ Automatic Notification - every time you update an order or mark it as fulfilled, your store notifies us instantly. Even if you don't do it manually but use an app to auto-fulfill orders.

✔ Submission in up to 24h - our operators submit tracking info to PayPal as long as you have enough credits on your balance, with no extra interaction required on your side. That's why we call it "on autopilot".

A must-have for dropshippers and POD merchants

Dropshipping is regarded by all payment processors as a high risk business model, so chances to have a reserve applied to your account are higher. We offer full support for dropshipping and POD (Print-on-demand) - our app integrates seamlessly with Shopify's API so all apps that send tracking numbers to Shopify are fully supported, including Oberlo, Dropified, Spocket, Aliexpress Dropshipping, GearLaunch, MassFulfill, Printful, Printify, teelaunch, Modalist and CustomCat.

Detection and attribution of valid carriers

PayPal doesn't support "Other" as carrier - so we detect tracking format for 130+ carriers including USPS, Royal Mail, Australia Post, Canada Post, all large international carriers (UPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL), China-based carriers (China Post, ePacket, EMS, 4PX, Yanwen Express, SunYou, etc.), local postal services (La Poste, Correos Spain, Bpost Belgium, Singapore Post, PostNord, etc.).

Backlog cleanup for older orders

We can now submit tracking information for orders already fulfilled in the past weeks. This feature is a popular request by dropshipping merchants, whose PayPal accounts are limited more often and have rolling / fixed reserves applied.

Integrates with

  • PayPal,
  • Oberlo,
  • Dropified,
  • Mass Fulfill,
  • Printful,
  • ePacket


Free to install

$0.17 / per order (bonuses up to 30% available)

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 20 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Fox Club Portugal

This app is an absolute life-saver. It saves me many hours of work every week and I'm sure it saves me from getting my account restricted with PayPal, even when I have charge-backs and disputes, never had a problem because the tracking info is always on point. Thank you!


This app is amazing! It literally saved my business!

PayPal put a rolling reserve of 40% for 90 days. I had to stop my Facebook ads, almost crying after working almost non-stop for 6 months to find a winning product and get to $100k+ / month. I found this app, then talked to my PayPal account manager about the assumption that if tracking info is added, a reserve may be lowered or removed completely. He confirmed this, as tracking info makes them trust me as a seller - so I started using this app. God knows how I survived until today with such a small margin - but earlier today I received another email from PayPal telling me my reserve is now only 10% for 30 days.

This is my longest review ever left for an app - but I cannot stress it enough how important it is for a large dropshipper like mine.


Does what it says. It's that simple.