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  • Acquire and retain customers by joining a universal loyalty program used by thousands of businesses
  • Increase sales and reduce abandoned shopping baskets through incentivised purchases.
  • Generate brand awareness by rewarding for social interaction and engagement.

addictivepoints: The instant universal loyalty and rewards platform that provides a simple, flexible and effective loyalty solution for your online store within minutes.

Our Elevator Pitch – as if we need one!

addictivepoints drives customer loyalty, engagement and revenues for your online business by simply allowing you to reward your customers with the universal currency addictivepoints for ANY action. addictivepoints are then exchangeable for thousands of products and services, all of which are fulfilled via us at addictivepoints.com

By simply rewarding your customers for a multitude of everyday actions such as purchasing, liking your Facebook page, following you on Twitter, sharing your products and content, registering an account, signing up to your newsletters and many more your brand can impact behavior, and as a result, significantly increase revenues, data capture, engagement and customer loyalty.

addictivepoints to Customers

It's simple, addictivepoints is a universal currency, collectable at thousands of online stores, large and small, with tangible benefits. Not just money off vouchers or discount codes but real physical products delivered straight to their door. Collecting points across thousands of stores allows addictivepoints users to redeem their points on a far greater scale than any other universal loyalty scheme.

Let's talk numbers – HOW MUCH?

The app is, wait for it…………… FREE. We have freemium and premium packages available depending on your business focus and budget.

The freemium package allows you to reward your customers for the following three actions:

  • Liking your Facebook page

  • Following you on Twitter

  • A daily visit to your online store

The premium packages give you more flexibility in what actions you want to reward for and also allows you to set the volume of points given away so you are in total control of your spend. What's more prices start from as little as £25.00 per month

A little taster of what we do for online brands

  • Increase their average order values by 49%

  • Increase the frequency of purchase by their customers by 10%

  • Increase their customer engagement levels by 1400%

  • Increase their Facebook likes by 1100%

  • Increase their Twitter followers by 900%

  • Increase daily website visits by 400%

How it Works

It's quick and easy. Install the addictivepoints app and accept the installation request, continue and register your online store details with us and follow the easy to use installation process and you have yourself a new loyalty scheme for your customers to get their teeth into.

Once you're live and kicking the app displays a unique addictivepoints tab on your page, this simply allows your customers to log into their addictivepoints account or join for the first time without taking them away from your store.

Please note: addictivepoints is currently only available in the UK and US regions at this time.

For more information

Visit our website, email us at support@addictivepoints.com or follow @addictivepoints on Twitter for recent updates.

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is there a way to just have reward point that the customer can spend with in our site and products?



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