Shipping Address Validator

Shipping Address Validator

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Address verification to crush delivery failures and delays!

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Prevent invalid addresses

Customers are prompted with suggestions and notified when anomalies are detected, enabling them to correct mistakes.

Fully customizable

Customize the prompts and emails to match your brand and identity to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Undeliverable addresses

Can't ship to PO Boxes or ShipStations? Prompt customers to input new addresses when undeliverable ones are detected.

Sobre Shipping Address Validator

Robust shipping address verification solution trusted by thousands of stores!

Get started in seconds to increase successful delivery rates and customer satisfaction!

What is Shipping Address Validator?

Customers often mistype shipping addresses and this leads to failed deliveries and ultimately, upset customers. Inaccurate shipping addresses may result in returned shipments and costly redelivery fees. Shipping Address Validator can help boost customer satisfaction by reducing the frequency of failed deliveries with:

  • Prompts that show suggested corrections or ask for alternative addresses
  • Emails & tags for orders created with invalid addresses

Key features

  • Mobile-friendly: The app is optimized for desktop and mobile devices to ensure a seamless consumer experience
  • Highly customizable: The prompts and emails can be fully customized to match your brand and identity
  • Prevent undeliverable addresses: Prompt customers to specify alternative addresses when undeliverable (ie PO Boxes, long addresses) ones are detected.
  • Tag orders: Automatically add custom tags to orders that have incorrect addresses to halt fulfillment
  • International: The app processes addresses in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Enable address rules to prevent:

  • PO Boxes
  • DHL Packstations
  • Parcel Collects
  • Missing street number or name
  • Non-Latin characters
  • Long addresses
  • Noncontiguous states
  • Military addresses


The prompts can be embedded into the checkout process only if you have Shopify Plus. Otherwise, they will appear on the Thank You page after checkout.


  • What orders will be processed? All orders in the covered countries that have not been fulfilled will be processed.
  • What orders will I be charged for? You will be charged for all orders processed even if the address is valid.
  • Can invalid addresses be blocked? Only if you have Shopify Plus, otherwise, the app can will prompt the customer to specify a new address after checkout
  • What is the cost? $0.04 per order after the first 100 orders. It's an additional $14.99/month if you want emails from your own domain.
  • How does it work with Google Autocomplete? Autocomplete is great for speeding up the checkout process but introduces errors like missing apartment numbers and incorrect house numbers. Address Validator checks to make sure the address is deliverable. The two products are very complementary.

We are constantly improving based on customer feedback. Please reach out!

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First 100 orders free, $0.04 per order thereafter

4.7 de 5 estrelas

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Very useful app. Our 3PL warehouse can't accept more than 55 characters for the address line 1 field — with this app we can limit the characters and show a custom error message. Additionally, we're starting to ship more internationally and found some city addresses can't be longer than 30 characters. It's not possible to limit the city field independently, but the app developer quickly added this for our convenience. The support has been very top-notch! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gerard Darel

I needed this app in order to oblige customer to put a valid address and it works perfectly. No more manually rework after the order is placed.
Great support team and very reactive. A special thank you to Wilson who was able to answer all my question!

Curious Baby Cards

We were looking for some help in reducing USPS lost orders and wanted an app that sat BEHIND the checkout so that it didn't impact our conversion rate. Address Validator did exactly this and we're very happy with the service, support, and customization options. Highly recommend for any high-volume stores looking to minimize customer support inquiries for "where's my package" :P