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AddShoppers Marketing Platform

AddShoppers Marketing Platform

Developed by AddShoppers.com

Price: From $0.00 / month More info
  • Track ROI of social sharing per product SKU
  • Increase sharing with social coupons and promos
  • Recover lost sales with brand new Social Retargeting and Facebook Retargeting apps.

Over 10,000 retailers know AddShoppers is the best social sharing platform for eCommerce. Reward sharing, identify Influencers, and track your shop's social activity including ROI all the way to the SKU level.

We increase sharing with our Social Promo Callouts™ and measure ROI with just a few snippets of code, free.

What can you do with AddShoppers?

  • Easily add smarter sharing buttons to your shop, then watch the increase in traffic from social sharing

  • Track your shares, see which social networks drive traffic and sales, and discover the value of social actions

  • NEW!: Win back lost customers with brand new Social Retargeting and Facebook Retargeting apps.

  • See your most Pinned, shared, Wanted, Liked, products

  • Allow your customers to share their purchases

  • Dynamically feature trending and popular products on a social, Pinterest-style Discovery Wall

  • Replace the tedious registration process for your users with our easy Social Shopper Login app

  • Lower shopping cart abandonment

  • Increase conversion rates

Tools that we use to help you succeed:

  • Niche Shop.pe URL shortener

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Integrations with marketing platforms such as Bronto and Listrak

  • Easy 5-minute installation

  • Weekly or monthly email summary reports

  • Beautiful reporting dashboard displaying all your social statistics

Our apps that make your store social

  • Smart Sharing Buttons

  • Social Rewards

  • Social Analytics

  • ROI Tracking

  • Purchase Sharing

  • Discovery Wall

  • Social Sign In

  • Refer a Friend

  • NEW!: Behavioral Targeting

  • NEW!: Social Retargeting

  • NEW!: Facebook Retargeting

Some live examples of our apps

Don't just read about them, see them in action!

AddShoppers Marketing Platform reviews (34)


All the Social Media icons was showing and now not. It disappeared.


One of the best free apps on Shopify



Could not log in...


This app is one of the best apps on Shopify, kudos to your team.
Keep up the good work.

~ Team PricesOnSale.com


This app is terrible to try to uninstall if you've "pushed" the floating social share element. The control panel is a disaster in that you cannot tell if you've enabled something or not as the settings do not indicate if a task is done or not. The documentation is poorly explained.

THE WORSE is that the free social sharing includes links to takes the viewer to a shopping site with a .pe extension that I won't dignify with a SEO boost in this rating but trust that when you install this you viewer could potentially be lost to their shopping site. RIP OFF...MORE LIKE A VIRUS than reputable software. Good Riddance!


It is stated they normally respond to queries within an hour (except on weekends). It took them three days to respond to me. In the end I had to chase them up, and it still took them hours and hours to get back to me. This was a consistent thing with them. This is very slow, insufficient help, or service.

It is not clear which of their apps are free and which are to be paid for. Since there is nothing to differentiate between free and paid for apps I assumed I was only accessing the free apps. After long drawn out conversations over many days, where it takes hours to get a response to even a basic question, it finally came to light that the apps weren't working for me because they hadn't been paid for!! Other times I got no response at all, such as when I requested information on paid features of addshopper.

I was then quoted $4000 to be able to access their suite of apps (you can't pick and choose). The level of support I received means I would not want to risk such a large amount of money on their app. I did tell them this, and got a patronising response " but it does look like we were trying to help when the codes were simply installed incorrectly" The codes were not installed incorrectly, it had never been pointed out to me the features needed paying for, and that's why it wasn't working.


I was quoted $1000 to $6000 minumum and then told it could cost $8000 a year.. for what? I've been using Shopify for years and most of these apps are available (in suites) from competitors for as low as $10/mo. The app installs their code with their domain names, which you now give more value to in terms of search engine authority. They use a short URL which ends up on walls of those who share your website, that hides your URL and denies you the extra exposure you deserve for their outrageous rates. Don't waste your money. I'm normally not a hater but when a company isn't keen on negotiating a lower rate when I ask to use only a few of the apps in the suite, it just oozes greed. I give my customers freebies all the time. I can't expect the same from others but get this, I gave them free advice when I found their social share overlay popup didn't fit or scroll to view fully on my iphone. They sell a buggy app for how long now? You're welcome. Good luck with that and have a nice day. 8 grand a year, lol.


Let me just say I am a happy customer! I love this app! the look of it gave my website a professional look and its free!


Good app for social marketing!


AddShoppers has helped us promote products on various social networks and is jammed packed full of other features as well.

From $0.00 / month

Community (free): open for anyone to use, includes Social Analytics, ROI Tracking, and Sharing Buttons

Enterprise: All Apps available with custom pricing plans. Contact us for more details.

Have more questions? Email help@addshoppers.com or visit: http://www.addshoppers.com/pricing



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