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Bearbeitet am 27. April 2024

I would recommend them to every shopify store owner to use Adeagle to promote their store. they have a detailed system so you can keep an eye on everything, the analytics are very good, I'm very happy with the work they carry out to keep my store movements updated, thank you.
Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
6. April 2024

awesome app. i cant wait to see how it fully works and upgrade my plan

Lá Musica
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
27. April 2024

Not only does the app not work IT PLACES OTHER PEOPLES PRODUCTS ON YOUR PAGE! Yes you read that right, it places other products on YOUR PAGE! I spent hours looking through code trying to work out what was wrong only to find a app that I simply installed but never used placed other sites products on my page.

Worst App Ever! Buyer beware!

18 tage mit der App
Adeagle hat geantwortet 1. Mai 2024

Thank you for your review. However, the situation you describe is an intended way the app functions on the free plan. To advertise with Adeagle, you have two options:
- join the traffic exchange (free option). Then for ads displayed on your site, you receive ad impressions in partner stores,
- upgrade to our paid plan: with the paid plan, you can advertise without the need to display ads in your store.
Since you were on the free plan, ads were displayed on your website. The format of these ads is initially chosen by the user during campaign creation and can always be changed or turned off in the app settings.

14. Juni 2024

Easy to setup waiting to see results hope this works

Vereinigte Staaten
3 tage mit der App
25. März 2024

Easy to use, step by step now results to show yet

Hell 4 designs
12 tage mit der App
8. Juni 2024

We Installed This App. But, we are really unhappy with the performance.
Even We bought 60$ Plan.
we don't recommend to download,
Eish very bad.

Mr.Smart SA's Best Online Shopping Store.
14 tage mit der App
Adeagle hat geantwortet 9. Juni 2024

Thank you for your feedback. We’re truly sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with Adeagle’s performance. We aim to deliver the best results and it seems we’ve missed the mark for you. We would appreciate the opportunity to understand the specific issues you’re facing and offer tailored solutions. Please reach out to us directly for dedicated support to turn your experience around.

19. April 2024

i have not tried but i trust it

Gadgets Sold
5 tage mit der App
21. Mai 2024

really easy to use

Furry Fiesta
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
15. März 2024

Super Easy to set up and use

Pizzazz Beauty
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
25. März 2024

let me check it first

Kicks & Co.
11 tage mit der App