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8. Januar 2024

If you want useless traffic, this app is for you. If you want sales, then this app is Not for you. Tested the app out on one of their highest plans Premium (using my best selling product on other platforms and did not get 1 sales from it. Something is wrong here.

Elite Creed Natural
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Etwa ein monat mit der App
Adeagle hat geantwortet 14. Januar 2024

Thank you for sharing your feedback. There are various factors that play a role in converting a user. These include the types of products you sell, the price, the design of your listings, the overall design and speed of your webpage, and the perceived brand, among others. All of these factors are crucial, so it's important to continuously optimize the entire funnel. Adeagle can definitely assist you in gaining relevant and targeted traffic for your store, which you can then attempt to convert into customers.

It's challenging to pinpoint when and which users will convert, as it's a dynamic process. When successful conversions happen, analyzing the contributing factors is crucial for future success. We're here to support you in enhancing your marketing strategies, and we value your insights as we continually strive to improve our services. If you have specific concerns or need assistance with optimizing your campaigns, feel free to reach out to our customer success team.

16. Mai 2023

We are going to change our review and give it two stars...


We don't know if the ads are actually reaching people and getting views.


We pay 60$ USD for 70,000 Impressions.

We get 24,000 Impressions [Not Bad]
We get 102 Clicks [Or serious interest] Pretty good.

However, no sales.

Even if 10% had bought with genuine interest, we'd have 10 sales.

That would be worth the 60$ USD.

But is it real people viewing our store? We don't know.

A pro-rated refund would be nice if possible.

Otherwise, we are out.

Etwa 2 monate mit der App
Adeagle hat geantwortet 16. Mai 2023

Thank you for your review. Our app is focused on bringing targeted traffic to your store. So, we bring traffic based on the categories and user interest that you choose. All our traffic comes from the ads displayed on the following placements:

- product ads in partner stores,
- ads of your products on the algorithmically chosen and proven websites like particular blogs, thematic portals, expert webpages or thematic Internet forums,
- ads inside of mobile apps consumers use for shopping, research or fun.

We try to be as transparent as possible, so you can also check where the traffic comes from in the Traffic Sources section of the app. All our clicks receive utm_source=adeagle, so that's how you can filter this traffic in your Shopify Dashboard or Google Analytics to see what traffic came from our app.

There are many factors that are involved for a user to convert. Also the types of products that you sell, price, the design of the listing, the design and speed of your webpage etc. But definitely Adeagle can help you acquire relevant and targeted traffic to your store that you can later try to convert for your customers.

Regarding the prorated refund - yes, we can make it. Please, reach out to our support and we can process it there. Hope this clarifies and please let me know if you have any more questions.

Bearbeitet am 15. Juli 2023

The traffic and conversions were nothing and the cost is just too much. This didn't work for me, i hope it works for you.

Acworth Alchemist
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2. Juli 2020

I deleted the app after trying to set it up with Twitter, which I did not for privacy reasons. In order to use the Twitter post feature, you need to let the app have complete control of your account and have unnecessary permissions like follow/unfollow/mute others, edit your profile and settings and more. Totally unacceptable. It looks like a spyware.

16 minuten mit der App
Adeagle hat geantwortet 3. Juli 2020

Thank you for your review. We are aware how this level of permissions might look like for a simple app like ours, but this is how Twitter has constructed their API permissions:

There are only 3 levels of permissions. And if the app wants to be able to post Tweets on user behalf, then it comes with all the other permissions. No way around it. We would like to only have app permission to publish Tweets, as we don't use any of the other permissions in this scope. However, this is not how Twitter has designed this.

Please consider updating your review, as this is completely out of our control. Many thanks!

Bearbeitet am 15. Mai 2024

Fennek Fluff
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