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Acquire new traffic for your store

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Acquire new traffic

Acquire new customers by consistently showing them your products in Partner Stores and on Twitter.

Your posts on autopilot

Set up once and let your products be posted to Partner Stores and Twitter on autopilot.

Attract the right customers

Present your products to users that are high more likely to buy: hanging out in other online stores and on social networks.

Über Adeagle

Having problems acquiring new traffic for your store?

Adeagle is an automatic way to drive more customers to your shop. Set up campaigns once and let them autopost your products to partner stores and social networks.

How does it work?

There are two main ways Adeagle can acquire new customers for your store:

  • featuring your products in partner stores,
  • autoposting your products to social media.

The first way is to feature your products in Adeagle Ad Network

Adeagle Ad Network allows you to present your products in other online stores. Ads are presented as slick little notifications that slide in the bottom corner of the screen and disappear in a few seconds. Another option is to display ads as beautiful banners in dedicated sections of partner stores.

This way you showcase your products to the right audience. To users that are already shopping and are highly more likely to convert.

To take part in Adeagle Ad Network you can either:

  • allow ads on your website and join the traffic exchange (FREE option). Then for ads displayed on your site, you will receive ads of your products displayed in partner stores. Don't worry - you won't lose your users - each ad, if clicked, is opened in a new window! You can also choose the frequency with which ads will appear on your website.
  • upgrade to our paid plan. Then, you will receive extra ad impressions without the need to display ads in your store.

You can also acquire traffic from Social Media!

Tired of endlessly posting your products to social networks? With Adeagle you can just set up a generic post, select products and collections and they will be posted to your social media on autopilot!

In the post, you can use many generic parameters of your products like name, price, category, link etc. You can set up the campaign to be posted each X hours or on specific dates like every Wednesday at 9.

Right now, Adeagle is integrated with Twitter for autoposting. However, we plan to add other niche social networks that are not available in other Shopify's apps like Pinterest or Tumblr.

Analyze and conquer!

Adeagle lets you analyze the performance of your campaigns with relevant dashboards and visualizations. This way you know which campaigns are performing well. They can be then boosted to have an even bigger effect and drive more traffic to your store.

Integriert mit

  • Twitter





  • Ad Exchange in Adeagle Ad Network

  • Opt-out from displaying ads

  • 20 Social Media posts per month

  • 3 campaigns



  • Ad Exchange + 5000 impressions per month

  • Opt-out from displaying ads

  • Unlimited Social Media posts

  • Unlimited campaigns



  • Ad Exchange + 15000 impressions per month

  • Opt-out from displaying ads

  • Unlimited posts & campaigns

  • Ads in trending stores

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4.1 von 5 Sternen

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still working it out if this is going to be legitimate or not. as its very hard to tell how this will go

Antwort des Entwicklers

15. Juli 2020

Thanks for the review. Do you have any concerns about the app considering your 1-star rating?


I started using this app, and for the moment everything seems easy to use and handle. Let's see if this will bring us some trafic and evently some sales !!


I dont know yet, because i have not view my campaine, but the configuration was very eassy.

thanks a lot