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Radar by AdGeek

Radar by AdGeek

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  • Easily Find Highly Relevant Facebook Interests - Finding the right Facebook interests to target with your Ad can be difficult. Use AdGeek Radar to easily find top performing Facebook interests and take out the guess work.
  • Hyper Targeting - Easily find interests that are related to multiple keywords to hyper-target your Ads
  • Interest Performance Analysis - No need to create multiple Adsets to find out which interests are performing. Easily analyze the performance of your interest and know which ones are contributing to clicks and conversions.

AdGeek Radar is an automated SMART Research tool that uncovers Facebook Interests your competition will never find.

Why use AdGeek Radar

  1. It takes out the guess work and handles the tedious research
    work. Find Facebook interest other marketers and business owners
    don’t already know about.

  2. Our built in "Venn" search helps you make your targeting laser
    focused by letting you find interest that are related
    to multiple keywords.

  3. Easily know which interests in your AdSet are generating clicks
    and conversions. Fine tuning and scaling your Ad is as easy as

  4. Save time and money while optimizing your ad with top
    performing Facebook interests.

  5. Easily filter down to the top audience and reduce your CPC.

Thousands of merchants like you compete for the same audiences.
Advertisers in many niches target the same set of interests. They sometimes try to find untapped interest but end up failing. This is because Facebooks Ad Manager and Audience Insights tool shows a limited number of interests to target. Usually 20 or 30 per keyword, tops. This results in low CTR and high CPC over time.

Facebook charges you much more for your ads if you don’t get your interest targeting right. With AdGeek Radar, you will be granted access to top and highly relevant interests that other marketers will not find.

Easily discover which interest are contributing to your clicks and conversions. The only way to find out which interests are top performers is to create multiple adsets for every single interest. This is costly and can be time consuming. Even if you have a budget of only $5 per ad set, you’d spend $250/day to test just 50 interests. As you already know, you will have to make this test run several days in-order to get accurate results.

With AdGeek, you can put all your interest under one adset and still be able to determine which interests are contributing to your clicks and conversions. This will save you time and a lot of money, you can remove non-performing interests from your adset right from AdGeek Radar and optimize your ad,

In summary, this app FINDS top Facebook interests that are hidden from the competition, RANKS those interests based on Relevance, & helps you ANALYZE interest performance.

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