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  • Give your customers exclusivity along with a personalized shopping experience. With Adjustinator you can easily personalize your print-on-demand products to attract more customers, which will translate into more sales.
  • Customizable placeholders to give each design a unique appearance. Along with the option to upload your own fonts, bend your text, change its color and much more.
  • Save a lot of time on offering too many similar products by simply letting your customers personalize them.

About Adjustinator

Adjustinator is an App that enables you to personalize your print-on-demand products. This will allow your customers to input names, dates, and much more on your products to give it a personalized touch, and add more value to the product itself. This will allow you to get really creative with your products and designs. Think of special occasions like Father’s and Mother’s Day, or a special personalized gift for Christmas.

With Adjustinator the needs of your customers to have one-of-a-kind product becomes a reality. The customer simply selects the product they want, types in the text, and orders the product.

Adjustinator is a turn key solution that’s already connected with a print-on-demand vendor (www.alloverprint.it), and more vendors will follow soon. Current products available include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more. And soon the vendor will be adding products such as clocks and plaques that can also be personalized.

After an orders has been placed, Adjustinator will automatically export the design file to the vendor, who will then take care of printing and fulfilling the order.

So whatever niche you're selling in, refurbish your bestsellers and add a personalized touch to them. Or if you're just getting started, this is a great way to offer your customers a variety of personalized products to test the market.

Main Features

  • Personalized Products

    Add placeholders to your designs, allowing your customers to personalize their order.

  • Upload Fonts

    Upload your own .ttf fonts to give each design a unique look.

  • Placeholder Settings

    Give each placeholder unique settings that fit your design. Such as limiting the number of characters per placeholder, changing the color, and many more.

  • Fully Responsive

    Adjustinator is fully responsive and optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • Installation

    Adjustinator installation is very easy. However, we will always be available to help any store owner to install Adjustinator for free.

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    Great in theory. A little complicated to set up but the instructions are easy enough to follow. The personalization does not show up except for when you zoom in on the product. I emailed the support team concerning the issue and have yet to receive a response. The support team's response rate is atrocious. You might be better off paying the monthly rate and going with CustomCat.


    Doesn't work, why would an inactivated app be on Shopify marketplace?


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