AdQuick ‑ Create beautiful ads

AdQuick ‑ Create beautiful ads

af Clean Canvas

Design bespoke ads to show on collection pages or download

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Quickly create bespoke ads to promote products/offers


Insert striking ads directly into your collection pages


Download your saved ads to use anywhere you like

Om AdQuick ‑ Create beautiful ads

Design your own ads

Pick a template to start from, and customize the text, colors, positioning, and more - to suit whatever promotion you’re setting up. AdQuick is your complete ad builder tool!

Ideal for Black Friday promotions, or any kind of promos for that matter.

Insert ads into your collection pages

We know it’s difficult to build promotions in collection pages, even for a theme developer. So we have taken the hassle out of this process by automatically updating your theme to show these ads where you want them.

Here's what AdQuick can do for your collections:

  • You can show more than one advert in a collection
  • You can show different ads on different collections
  • You can choose whether to show it on the first collection page, or on all pages

Use your graphics anywhere you like

If you love the way your advert looks (and you will!) then you may want to show it on your home page, or in a product description. Maybe you want to use it on your latest Instagram campaign. We let you download the image file (at 800x800 px resolution), so you can use it anywhere you want to, for as long as you like.

Use our ad creator tool to design Black Friday ads to share on any of your collections or social media platforms.

Simple pricing

Enjoy experimenting with the features during the fully-featured free trial.

If you don’t think you need it after the free trial is up, we’ll let you download the ads you created and keep them as a memento!

Easy to use

  • When using our ad generator, you won’t need to touch your theme code, or learn out how to use Photoshop.
  • Using the app is straightforward and everything is managed in one place.
  • You’ll start building ads and showing them off in no time.

Works with your own images

If you’ve already paid a designer to build some lovely imagery, you can upload those into the app and use it to show them in your collection pages.

A bit about us

The team at Clean Canvas have been building Shopify themes for 8 years. We love designing graphics for e-commerce stores and decided to build a tool to allow merchants to do this for themselves.

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Seneste anmeldelser

Bove Co

Ad Quick is brilliant in giving us a solution to place a collection as a product within a collection. It's a wonderful way to do just that without having to list every product within a collection. Support is great too, they were fast in responding and helping me out to make the app compatible with the theme I am using. Thumbs up to Ad Quick!


I love the clean coding of these programmers and am a customer for another product so I wanted to give it try. This is an easy-to-use method of adding a little punch to collections. It is a novelty whose value is difficult to assess. If the monthly fee does not break the bank, you may be happy with it.

I nibbled on the star after noticing a product is missing from the collection when advert is added.