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13. maj 2024

RMS has found AdRoll to be an exceptional tool for display marketing. The platform's user-friendly interface and advanced targeting options allowed us to create tailored ads that reached the right audience with precision, ultimately maximizing our advertising ROI.

RMS Beauty
Mere end 3 år bruger appen
9. maj 2024

Great customer service. Love the ease with which we can integrate Shopify retargeting

PhotoSpring Inc
Cirka 3 år bruger appen
22. marts 2024

The support we have received is super helpful! They are very informative and advise where to apply best practice.

Mere end 6 år bruger appen
21. februar 2024

Great service and great results. We've improved our retargeting massively through the use of AdRoll. The support we have received has been great and we are expanding the use of it to other projects.

6 måneder bruger appen
11. april 2024

I did like the idea of the platform but I had a few issues. 1) No matter what I did I could not get my google account to connect. There was even a third party app google recommended to transfer account data but even that didn't work so there was a big platform missing for my ads. 2) Probably more importantly for me was that they put pretty big holds on your credit cards for the ads. I set up an ad campaign for a total spend of $45 a day and there was almost $800 worth of holds on my credit card. If I just run these ads myself through google, facebook, etc. there aren't holds on my credit card. If I was trying to run a few ads and was spending closer to $100+ a day there would have been almost 2k worth of holds on my credit card and I just don't want my credit tied up like that.

crystal cavern imports
6 dage bruger appen
AdRoll svarede 12. april 2024

Hi there,

I am Rohini from the AdRoll Customer Support team.

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for taking the time to share your experience with us. I'm truly sorry to hear that it wasn't a positive one, and I deeply regret any inconvenience it may have caused you.

I've reviewed your account and, I want to assure you that the recent activity isn't an actual charge. Our automated system attempted to authorize the default payment card as part of the standard approval process for your campaign. This is a routine step to verify the validity of the payment card. You can learn more about it here

I want to reassure you that the authorization amount is promptly voided from our end. Nevertheless, the timeframe for the funds to become accessible again on your card is subject to your bank's policies. I understand that the authorization process may not be ideal for everyone. I'd emphasize that validating the payment method is a necessary step in ensuring the validation of payment card for security reasons.

I've also noticed that the Google ad account is not connected, and I understand that this issue is still unresolved. Please be assured, that your concern has not gone unnoticed. I will be more than happy to work with you to rectify this.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and I genuinely apologize for any inconvenience. I'd love to follow up with you personally via email to sort this out.

I am hopeful for the chance to rebuild your trust and showcase the high standard of service we pride ourselves on delivering. Your satisfaction remains our utmost priority, and we are dedicated to making things right for you.


12. maj 2024

I uninstalled the app on the 12th because there isn't any advertising going on and they still charged me and now I can't log in to their website.

Go hard Gaming Discord-Iron Phoenix GHG
Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
AdRoll svarede 13. maj 2024

Hi there,

I am Rohini from the AdRoll Customer Support team.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. I'm genuinely sorry to learn that your experience was not as expected, and I apologize for any trouble it has caused. Please be assured that I am here to make it out for you.

To assist you further, I have reviewed the account and can confirm that there are no active plans at the moment. I want to assure you that we do not charge once the plan is canceled or the account is closed.

It seems there was a bit of misperception because it looks like the account was removed on Shopify, but was not closed from the AdRoll directly. Please know if the AdRoll +Shopify integration is removed, there will be an email sent from our end informing the active campaigns/plans will be paused/canceled within 24 hours as shown here: And, our system will automatically downgrade the plan.

However, it looks like the invoice was generated while the integration removal status was not reflected as it would take a maximum of 24 hours to reflect the same on the AdRoll dashboard. Thus, an invoice was generated. Nevertheless, I want to assure you that there will be no charges from our end, and I will personally contact our Finance team to make sure everything is resolved.

I’d also like to follow up with you personally to address any concerns you might have. I want to make this right for you. I have sent you an email, so please reply at your convenience, and I will be happy to assist you further.

I am eager to regain your trust and showcase the excellence of our service. Your satisfaction is our top concern, and we are committed to addressing any issues.


28. marts 2024

I am very happy with Ankita. This is the first time I have created an ad campaign with AdRoll, and Ankita guides me on how to do it with patience until I finish and submit the ads. Thank you so much, Ankita. You did a very good job.

Ascend Lighting
En dag bruger appen
Redigeret 19. februar 2024

Let me start off by saying I've given this app too many chances. Only my web recipes would work. My Facebook and IG ads wouldn't. I'd get error messages like "ads partially running" or something along the lines of "cannot save recipe, please contact live agent". I've reached out to the technical support team multiple times; some of them would just bombard me with a bunch of articles to read on how to troubleshoot a multitude of issues instead of my dashboard issues in particular. Another issue I have is that I live in the US and get an email at 2 or 3am (Eastern Time) on how they're actively working on my dashboard issues. When I wake up at 7 or 8am and reply to the email I receive, I'll only get a reply back when I'm asleep. And after Friday, forget it! You'll have to wait until Monday again and go through the same vicious cycle again. When that happens I would chat with a new live agent during business days because of urgency, only to get another agent that, instead of helping me troubleshoot the issue directly, will send me a bunch of articles. What's the point of contacting a live agent if they will just send me a bunch of articles I can read and figure out on my own? If you value your time and money, find another advertising/marketing app. There are a plethora of apps out there with a clean User Interface and good User Experience. I'm going to look elsewhere.

The Melanated's Fundamentals
14 dage bruger appen
AdRoll svarede 19. februar 2024

Hi Ben, I'm Tatiana, and I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Your patience and understanding mean a lot as we navigate through the challenges you've faced.

After going through your valuable feedback, I took a closer look at our previous conversations. I noticed that you were connected with agents outside your time zone, and I totally get how that could be a bit tricky. Our Support runs around the clock, and sometimes shifts change, causing a hiccup in the assistance continuity. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Your insights on the Facebook connection matter didn't go unnoticed. The Engineering team has already shared some insights and steps to troubleshoot. It appears the disconnection happened on Facebook's end.

I understand that this situation may have been frustrating, and I genuinely apologize with any inconvenience it may have caused. Turning your experience around is my top priority. I've dropped you an email, and I'm hopeful you'll give us a chance to make things right for you.

Feel free to hit reply on the email thread with a title ''Tatiana from AdRoll'', and let me know if there's an opportunity for us to enhance your experience. Your satisfaction is crucial to us.


17. februar 2024

Wonderful and helpful agent. Helped me with getting started

Modern Lifestyles
Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
19. januar 2024

Support is really great, I can not fault them at all. They are very very helpful and they support me through everything.

4 måneder bruger appen