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12 de maio de 2024

I uninstalled the app on the 12th because there isn't any advertising going on and they still charged me and now I can't log in to their website.

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Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
AdRoll deixou uma resposta 13 de maio de 2024

Hi there,

I am Rohini from the AdRoll Customer Support team.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. I'm genuinely sorry to learn that your experience was not as expected, and I apologize for any trouble it has caused. Please be assured that I am here to make it out for you.

To assist you further, I have reviewed the account and can confirm that there are no active plans at the moment. I want to assure you that we do not charge once the plan is canceled or the account is closed.

It seems there was a bit of misperception because it looks like the account was removed on Shopify, but was not closed from the AdRoll directly. Please know if the AdRoll +Shopify integration is removed, there will be an email sent from our end informing the active campaigns/plans will be paused/canceled within 24 hours as shown here: And, our system will automatically downgrade the plan.

However, it looks like the invoice was generated while the integration removal status was not reflected as it would take a maximum of 24 hours to reflect the same on the AdRoll dashboard. Thus, an invoice was generated. Nevertheless, I want to assure you that there will be no charges from our end, and I will personally contact our Finance team to make sure everything is resolved.

I’d also like to follow up with you personally to address any concerns you might have. I want to make this right for you. I have sent you an email, so please reply at your convenience, and I will be happy to assist you further.

I am eager to regain your trust and showcase the excellence of our service. Your satisfaction is our top concern, and we are committed to addressing any issues.


Data de edição: 29 de novembro de 2023

I'll start off with don't bother. You'll waste your time and money. I had nothing but issues, ads would get suspended for any little thing at all. When I finally got it sorted out after talking with two different agents on two seperate occasions I tried to log back in and my password magically didn't work. Sent in a request for a password reset but never received the reset email. I had to start an all new account, put all the information in again.

I created yet another campaign and I was told in a little red/pinkish bar at the top of my screen that "pixel" wasn't connected. No matter how hard I tried and did the information given it wouldn't connect aka you won't get many hits on your ads.

Then I get an email saying if my website doesn't have a privacy notice about date collected by adroll my ads will be suspended.... really I need to do your job for you? Like come on. This should be provided to any potential customer by the company who makes the ads. If I take the bus is it my responsibility to put warnings signs about stayed seated?
Try other ad apps, this is trash.

Edit in response to comment, the adult content was definitely on me. But having my profile discontinued after I had that "adult" content taken off was an issue for me. Yes my ads were still suspended on my end, if it's a system problem then this needs to be looked at because again it showed suspended. I looked though my spam folders and there was nothing.

Edit#2 So after cancelling my service days ago I see a change to my PayPal, I already paid up on the day I cancelled.
So on top of all of everything else they are still charging me. Do yourself a favor if you are foolish enough to take a chance on this app and you use PayPal, cancel through PayPal once you do realize this app isn't worth the time and money.

RGL sales and service
2 meses usando o app
AdRoll deixou uma resposta 27 de novembro de 2023

Hi Ryan, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention; it means a lot that you're keeping us informed. I'm genuinely sorry to hear that we didn't quite meet your expectations, but I'm here to make things right for you.

We recommend checking the spam or junk folder for the reset emails. Should you encounter any difficulties, we are prepared to assist you with additional troubleshooting steps. Just let us know.

Your dedication to launching the campaign is genuinely appreciated, especially considering the significant effort you've invested in creating a new profile from scratch. It is important to note that the Pixel may require a brief disconnection from the old profile and subsequent reconnection to the new one. This may explain the "Pixel Connection Lost" notification you observed, and ideally, a swift disconnection from the old profile should facilitate a seamless reconnection.

Additionally, the temporary suspension of ads was a result of adult content on your website. Once this matter was addressed, our Policy team approved the campaign. Please understand that we must adhere to the policies set by our partnered ad networks, these are crucial steps we have to follow.

Rest assured, I am at your disposal to address any further issues or concerns you may have. I have sent an email and await your response. Rest assured, we can collaboratively work towards a resolution that satisfies both parties.

Once again, I appreciate your efforts and understating; our sincere apologies for any inconvenience these issues may have caused.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards,

2 de junho de 2016

Data in the dashboard is incorrect, and not trustworthy. They do not stand behind their product or their data. The information from shopify and adroll do not agree. DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. It is a waste of your money and completely aggravating. Shopify should remove it from their store.

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Mais de 6 anos usando o app
20 de novembro de 2023

Misleading. When I decided to give AdRoll a try, I only did so to check out its so-called FREE TRIAL. I later learned the FREE TRIAL was a lie as these people attempted to rip money from my credit card. When I confronted these people about it I was given stories that contradicted what I knew I read when I looked into AdRoll, to begin with.

We're now in a little fight as they claim I owe them for a service, despite the fact I know what I read said FREE TRIAL. Clearly, it wasn't free and it appears now I'm a victim of a SCAM. I was monitoring this very closely - but the shocker was learning AdRoll tried to take money from my c/c. This came as an unpleasant surprise. Thankfully, my c/c company blocked them and I have since taken this matter to the Better Business Bureau and highly-ranked review sites so people are aware of AdRoll's dubious practices. This is not a trustworthy company. Maybe they were once upon a time but this no longer seems to be the case. Now, I've seen the "screenshot" provided and the one I was shown still doesn't dismiss the fact what I read as a Free Trial isn't what I encountered as these people attempted to bill (and rob) me.

Pioneer Kitty Market
14 dias usando o app
AdRoll deixou uma resposta 22 de novembro de 2023

Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with AdRoll. I truly empathize with the frustration and disappointment you must be feeling. I sincerely apologize for any confusion and inconvenience caused.

I definitely understand that knowing unexpected charges can be unsettling, and I'm here to clarify the situation. Please know that the 'Marketing & Ads Plus' Free Trial has key benefits such as sending unlimited emails, connecting social ad accounts & managing them, and providing ad credits as well which can be applied to the web ad campaign spend. However, it doesn't cover the ad campaign spend and this information has been displayed on our pricing page here: Here's the screenshot:

We charge for the campaign spend based on the assigned budget from your end while launching a campaign. I also want to assure you that our intention is not to mislead or engage in any deceptive practices. I genuinely regret that you felt this way, but we always strive our best to enhance our customer service experience.

With that said, I have sent an email regarding the charges to follow up in detail, please take a moment to check your inbox whenever you have time. I hope for the opportunity to regain your trust and demonstrate the quality of service that we are known for.

Thank you,

12 de novembro de 2019

I use this application but it is time for the software and platform experience to improve. They have very old ads, they must update the platform more, listen more to the client and stop seeing only their benefit. The ads show the comparative price instead of the actual price, it is a software disaster, they charge the money and the ads last forever to approve them, what kind of service is this? Shopify should not let these applications work under your shoulder, what they do is go to companies instead of helping them to get up. I do not recommend this application.

Ultra Seller
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Quase 4 anos usando o app
AdRoll deixou uma resposta 14 de novembro de 2019

Hello there,

This is Ewa from AdRoll's Marketing Team.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we’re doing. I am very sorry to hear we haven’t met your expectations. Our Customer Support Leadership Team has just followed up with you, please do let us know if there is anything more we can do to earn your recommendation.



1 de julho de 2022

Injects malicious and tracking cookies on shop without user consent, such as

Mais de 2 anos usando o app
21 de outubro de 2022

I was unable to get adequate ad designs from the design team. After a period of weeks we decided not to continue with AdRoll. They made it a nightmare to get our data removed from their system. Think very carefully before allowing AdRoll to integrate with your store.
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Mais de 2 anos usando o app
AdRoll deixou uma resposta 27 de outubro de 2022

Hello there,

This is Ewa from AdRoll's Customer Support Team,

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your honest assessment of your experience with AdRoll. I am very sorry to hear we haven’t met your expectations.

I see that your account with AdRoll is now closed - I'm very sorry to see that. If you have time, I’d love to follow up with you to understand the improvements needed to earn your recommendation. Currently, our supervisors are looking deeper into your request with regards to removing the personal data - I'll make sure you'll get an update as soon as possible.

Feel free to reply to the emails send if you’re open to discussing more.


30 de setembro de 2019

Steer clear as they figure out their re-branding. Not only do they track conversions based on impressions (customer sees the ad then purchases then they attribute the sale to their efforts...) After years of service, they suddenly installed a GDPR popup without consulting with us first. We are a Canadian company that does not do business in the EU. Total waste of time and lack of oversight.

Goodness Me!
Quase 2 anos usando o app
AdRoll deixou uma resposta 10 de outubro de 2019

Hello there!

This is Ewa from AdRoll's Marketing Team.

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your honest assessment of your experience with AdRoll. I am very sorry to hear we haven’t met your expectations. If you have time, I’d love to follow up with you to understand the improvements needed and offer my help with any problems you’re having. We have reached out to you via email, please do let us know if there is anything we can do to earn your recommendation.

Thank you!


17 de julho de 2020

bro these guys scam you, once you add your payment method the home screen goes white. don't trust these scammers

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Mais de 1 ano usando o app
AdRoll deixou uma resposta 22 de julho de 2020

Hello there,

This is Ewa from AdRoll's Marketing team.

I'm sorry to see such a negative review about AdRoll. Can you please share the email address associated with your AdRoll account? I'd like to investigate the reason why our Dashboard didn't load properly for you.

Let me explain how our pricing model work: we charge only for the impressions served by a campaign, once launched. There are no additional charges. The payment method is not charged unless the campaign starts performing, please check more about our pricing here:

Feel free to email my team directly at if you’re open to discussing more. Please keep in mind, that you can always reach out to our support on, we'll be happy to explain further.


Data de edição: 18 de junho de 2023

Update after AdRoll answer: Just proving this third party app recommended by Shopify is a scam. They claim I opted out to receive invoices which is something I never did and does not even make sense to have done. I have been working with Shopify and the app store since 5 years now and I have never had such issues and charges for an app we have never used: 80 USD per month! Unbelievable.

Be careful! This app is a total scam. There is NO free plan and if you uninstall it from Shopify store, they still charge you so you need to specifically cancel via their portal. Also, they DO NOT send invoices if you do not "tick" on a specific place in their settings so if you miss the payments in your account statement (like I did), they will continue charging you without giving you any notice even though you do not use their service at all. And no refund! I could not even run and test their service due to currency issues on their side. @Shopify, do you even read the feedback about the apps you offer on your store? I can see a lot of similar cases and no action taken neither by you, neither by Adroll.

Mais de 1 ano usando o app
AdRoll deixou uma resposta 16 de junho de 2023

Hi there,

Tatiana from AdRoll's Customer Support team here.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I truly appreciate your constructive input as it helps us identify areas where we can enhance our services and ensure that our valued customers feel confident and well taken care of.

I understand that you may be experiencing frustration due to several concerns, and I would be happy to address them individually below.

We do offer a Free plan called "Ads Only" with no platform charges. It allows you to run Web Display ads using our Dynamic CPM pricing model. The plan you were charged for is our paid Marketing and Ads Plus package, which includes additional features like importing social channels, unlimited emails, marketing recipes, and Ad Credits for web campaigns.

Deleting the AdRoll app from your Shopify store doesn't automatically cancel the paid package as this is a different platform. You need to cancel the plan from your dashboard settings if you no longer wish to use it. By doing so, you can avoid further charges.

By default, invoices are sent to your mailbox. However, if you manually opted out of receiving them, you may not receive invoices via email.

Regarding refunds, customers are responsible for purchasing or canceling our paid subscription plans. If technical issues prevented you from utilizing the plan or canceling it, we can investigate and consider a complete refund. However, as a courtesy, our Finance team can refund up to one month's package amount.

We understand that you have raised concerns, and I want to assure you that our manager is actively addressing them. Your feedback is highly valuable to us, and we take it seriously. We are committed to making improvements based on your input to enhance your experience with our services.

Please let us know if there's anything else we may assist you with, we are always there for you.