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May 22, 2023

Please stay away from this app. I un-installed this app, because it's not working at all. As soon as I un installed it. All my sales went straight to abandoned check out. I got no sales for 4 days which is it never happened on my store until I tried this app. Trashy app ever. It should be not here.

Swan Auto
United States
Time spent using app: 6 days
AdRoll replied May 24, 2023

Hi there,

Tatiana from AdRoll's Customer Support team here.

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing a drop in sales and suspect it may be related to our platform. I understand how concerning this can be, and I'm here to assist you in investigating and resolving the issue.

I see our Supervisor is already in contact with you about your concerns. We have started investigating this to know what exactly the issue is as this seems to be pretty unusual. Please note, we take these matters seriously and want to ensure we understand the issue fully.
You may be required to provide us with more details and answer a few questions so we can check it thoroughly and share the right solution. Please stay in touch with us and provide requested details. This will enable us to work towards resolving it and improving your overall experience with us.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we appreciate your patience as we work towards a solution.


May 12, 2023

Be aware that even if you cancel your plan and don't complete or launch any campaigns AdRoll will run "lookalike campaigns" and charge you.

United States
Time spent using app: About 1 month
AdRoll replied May 17, 2023

Hi there,

This is Rohini from AdRoll's Customer Support Team.

Firstly, I'd thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding your recent experience with us. We value your input and are genuinely sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction.

We strive to provide exceptional service and regret that we fell short of your expectations. I reviewed your profile and could see that we have charged for the Lookalike campaign which served impressions. Trust me, we do not charge if the plans/campaigns ended. Also, I trust your words and I'd love to follow up with you personally to investigate in this regard and do my best to resolve it.

I have emailed you, could you please check your inbox, whenever you have a minute? I hope for the opportunity to regain your trust and demonstrate the quality of service that we are known for.

Thank you!

Edited May 1, 2023

The support was good on live chat, helped me a few times quickly. But throughout my experience, the info was kind of glitchy and today the moment my ads started running after i made some changes, there was 1 click only the whole day and yet the cost went up slowly to 4.56 usd. It wasn't the cost for one click, it went from 1 dollar plus and ended up to that but still 1 click. If it's delayed reporting, how can it just affect the cost and not the number of clicks. I'm looking for a reliable ad partner long term that can work just as well as Google with transparency and I have to trust it for it to work. Had to uninstall and let this go right after.

The Art of Cross Stitch
Time spent using app: 13 days
AdRoll replied May 2, 2023

Hi there,

Tatiana is here from AdRoll's Customer Support team.

I am sorry to read that you are not happy with the way our campaign performance reporting is currently happening. But we do have an explanation for it as how we report your campaign metrics may differ from other platforms that you may be using.
Kindly allow me a chance to turn your experience around as the customer satisfaction is always a number one priority for us.

We do not charge you based on the number of clicks. Our Pricing is solely based on the Dynamic CPM model where we charge you only for the number of impressions served by the campaign irrespective of the number of Clicks and Conversions.
Our dashboard doesn't report live metrics as the bidding happens within milliseconds. Sometimes it is possible that some metrics may update faster than the others.
So, we suggest allowing up to 48 hours and check the dashboard for accurate KPI reporting.

Having said this, I will write a detailed email regarding all your concerns that can help understand our reporting data as well as optimization tips to improve the performance so that the campaign meets your goals.
I hope that helps.


March 14, 2023

The app had a lot of glitches with displaying accurate data (it was severely off) and the subscription. I tried getting assistance via phone call but they didn't show up for the call. I sent several emails regarding the call and further assistance but didn't receive one response. They also charged me even though I wasn't set up to the point to run ads so I'll be contacting my bank. It seems that if you experience issues integrating their app, then you are not the customer they choose. I would go elsewhere for a company who values every customer, and brands of all sizes.

United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
AdRoll replied March 17, 2023

Hi there,

This is Rohini from AdRoll's Customer Support Team.

We are disheartened to hear that you have had such a poor experience with us. We always strive incredibly hard here to make every customer experience the best. However, I understand we’ve not been able to meet your expectations this time, and I am sorry about it.

Currently, our supervisors are looking deeper into your request regarding getting in touch via phone call. Coming to the charges, kindly note, it was collected as a part of the 'Marketing & Ads Plus' subscription plan. Be assured, I am checking with our Finance team regarding the refund as well.

I'll make sure you'll get an update as soon as possible and get it sorted.

Thank you!

February 6, 2023

"I recently used AdRoll for my marketing efforts and was extremely disappointed with their customer service. Despite multiple attempts to reach out for assistance, my questions and concerns were never adequately addressed. The representatives I chatted with seemed uninterested and unhelpful, leaving me feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with my experience. The lack of proper customer support completely undermines the potential benefits that AdRoll could provide. I would not recommend using their services due to their unacceptable customer service."

Secrets Of Tea
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
Edited January 19, 2023

No customer support. tried to cancel the plan with no assistance. I have now continuously been charged for a service I do not need or want. Do not sign up, they will steal your money. Also, their free plan costs 27.47 a week.

Bee's Décor
Time spent using app: About 1 month
AdRoll replied January 19, 2023

Hi there,

This is Rohini from AdRoll's Customer Support Team.

I am sorry to hear you had a negative experience with us. We want every customer’s experience to be the best possible, and we work hard to make sure that happens.

I reviewed the conversations that you had with our support team about canceling the subscription plan and charges. Please know that the amount we collected was a part of the display ad campaign spend which do not include in the monthly subscription plans.

Our pricing model for the display ad campaign is based on dynamic CPM where we charge you only for the impressions served. The subscription plan does not include the display ad campaign spend. We have mentioned it in our pricing article here: https://www.screencast.com/t/KakPJoDwpfNN.

Also, I see you are in touch with my colleagues and they provided details about the charges and deactivated the account as per your request. We set a high standard for ourselves, and we’re so sorry to hear this was not met in your interaction with our business.

Please revert to us on the same email if you have any queries, and I will personally assist you further.

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you!

Edited January 4, 2023

Installed just to give it a 1 star. Company charged 145.44$ to my card wrongfully. Only asked for 30 day trial. Did not deliver any customers or sales. When asked for a refund - did not get one. avoid this company. Asked the company to delete all display ads before 30 days - and refused - in order to steal more of my hard earned monies. Total scam. The lookalike campaign they responded about and all campaigns were asked to be deleted when I found out they were charging our company wrongfully. Honestly think they've kept us on in order to charge us illegally even more.

The Process as to what was asked:

"We were wrongfully charged because we were guaranteed a 30-day free trial.

We were asked to set a budget.

We set up a campaign and set it at 5$ [which should be free] in case this we would be duped.

Once we had followed the process and set the budget and set up a campaign it had charged us when 30 day free trial was promised.

Your companies campaigns wrongfully misled us. Including both the 78 dollar charge and 145 dollar charge.

Sure enough, we were duped out 200+ dollars by this criminal organization.

We wanted to test the experience and THEN pay. Not be tricked and cheated
into paying with false advertising."

Time spent using app: 5 days
AdRoll replied January 4, 2023

Hi there,

This is Rohini from AdRoll's Customer Support Team.
We're sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience. Our goal is the total satisfaction of our customers, and to provide a positive experience. I understand that you have opted in for the 'Marketing & Ads Plus' subscription plan which gives a 30-day free trial and are discontented about the weekly charges.

I reviewed the charges that you are referring to and found that they are related to a display ad campaign where the billing happens for the number of impressions served on a weekly basis based on the assigned daily budget. Kindly know that the subscription plan does not include the display ad campaign spend. We have mentioned it in our pricing article here: https://www.screencast.com/t/KakPJoDwpfNN

Furthermore, there is a Lookalike campaign that has been launched through which we could find new users to the website only. However, I see our supervisors are looking deeper into your concern, I'll make sure you'll get an update as soon as possible.

I hope this helps. Have a wonderful day!


November 24, 2022

Terrible app. I sign up, pixel gets loaded, then I leave the site. Once I come back in the whole process starts again, wanting me to sign-up and pay again!

Renegade Dog Lures
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 hours
AdRoll replied November 28, 2022

Hello there,

This is Ewa from AdRoll's Customer Support Team.

I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a poor experience and you no longer want to work with us.

Customer satisfaction is always a number one priority for us. I'm deeply sorry that that wasn't clearly demonstrated to you. Earlier this week, we noticed an issue that affected our service and users' integrations. We are so sorry that you were affected.

We have rectified the issue, and you should be able to log in to the account correctly. I see that you're in touch with my colleague, Michał; could you please try accessing the account again and let us know if the issue still persists?

Thank you,

November 14, 2022

I'm currently using this app, 1st of all its very confusing, I feel its a trap to get you to spend, I was about to cancel & prob will soon. I'm waiting to see if the ad actual works. It said I had ad credits but it tried charging my CC several times. I don't seem to be getting help from customer support with direct answers, and I'm becoming frustrated

The Princess collection
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
November 7, 2022

If someone deletes your app from there website it means they have no plan to use it otherwise they will not delete it. No need to charge them without asking at the end of trial period.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 11 days
AdRoll replied November 14, 2022

Hello there,

This is Ewa from AdRoll's Customer Support Team.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re sorry you had a bad experience - I understand that uninstalling the Shopify App from the store might have caused a confusion. The charge occurred as AdRoll account along with the Marketing and Ads Plus subscription is still active - I have gone ahead and cancelled the plan from my side.

If you're not planning to use the Marketing and Ads Plus plan, please do reply to my email I've just sent - we can get the amount refunded.

Let's look into this issue and hope to resolve it promptly and accurately.

Thank you,