Ads by Varinode

Ads by Varinode

by Varinode, Inc.

Free Ad exchange to help you acquire high quality traffic

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Boutique Imperia

Nul...ça sert à rien du tout d'avoir ce genre de logiciel, à part surcharger vos shop et nuire à votre image.

Meanshoegameonline Com

After using this app for about 2 week, I did not see any progress to my page. All I saw was views which hit instantly once you place your bid. After I place three campaigns two never pushed through until I raised bid and it was instantly over 1000. No clicks no store visits and no revenue. This app is just good for actually setting up campaigns and your campaign may end up on your own page, if you click it, you will loose credits for your own merchandise. I only suggest using this app if your are practicing. You will not receive any revenue from this app. I found after I was encouraged to use more credits the numbers changed immediately with not hits/clicks. kinda a waste of time if your actually trying to get traffic to your store.


easy to use,nice at all,i think this is the best app for shopify 2018,keep this good job team

B Gs Treasures

Not for us, inappropriate material on page ... thanks.

Godfathers Corner

At first people were coming to my store.all of a sudden they stopped. When i look at my publisher summary I see were people are clicking my partner product. But i am not receiving my exchange credits that i can use to drive traffic to my site. Deleting app today!

Michele Ho

Not a big fan. It might affect you brand with random ads.

Crescom Shop

the concept is good. but 1. its showing my own products in my site. 2. the number of impressions are high but very few page views. 3. its showing the same type of products again and again

Mais1mix Com

ainda não tive resultado com esse app irei esperar mais um tempo para saber se é bom ou não

Socal Stylz

I turned off the campaigns I created so that the ads at the bottom of my pages would disappear. I did this because some of the "Partner" images at the bottom of the page don't actually have images, so it presents terribly. I turned OFF my campaigns, as I mentioned, so those "Partner" adds would disappear, yet some remain, and without photos, which makes it look awful. How do I fix this?


I tried this out for a few minutes, however, because you are not in control of the content that is being put on your site there might be some distasteful things showing up on your web page. I wasn't happy about seeing a vulgar t-shirt on my family friendly store. I had to delete it right away. It's a nice concept....just not for me.

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