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Ads by Varinode

Ads by Varinode

Developed by Varinode, Inc.

591 reviews
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  • Reach new customers interested in your products/services.
  • Cost-effective solution to acquire targeted traffic.
  • Powerful and efficient way to increase sales for your store.

For a limited time, all new installs will receive 100 exchange credits, while promotional credits last!

What is Varinode Ads?

Varinode Ads is a free Ad exchange catered specifically towards the eCommerce vertical. We understand that not all traffic is the same, and that there are certain types of traffic that will do better in converting into sales. We make it easy to get your products/services in front of consumers who are interested, and most importantly, already in the mindset to shop.

How is the traffic better?

We place ads of your products/services for display on other similarly themed online stores. This means that consumers who click-through on your product/service ad, are already in the mode to shop. As a result, the quality of the traffic is much higher than that obtained through ads you run through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network, where consumers are browsing general content.

How is this service cost-effective?

This service primarily runs as an exchange. Your products/services will be displayed on other online stores. In exchange, you must display products/services from other stores.
Every time a consumer clicks on an ad displayed on your store, you will receive credits to have your ads displayed on other stores.

Are there requirements to use this service?
Yes, you must operate an online store that is PCI Compliant, and SSL secured. As a Shopify merchant, you already satisfy these conditions. Additionally, all ads run through this service, must be for a shoppable product/service. With a network consisting only of online stores, where every relevant ad displayed is shoppable, we can ensure the quality of the traffic can remain at a consistently high level.

Ads offering:

  • Instant access to quality traffic.

  • No setup fees, or costs to get started. No credit card required.

  • Manage campaigns and ad creatives with ease.

  • Control max bid and daily budget settings to effectively meet your goals.

  • Import your Shopify products for easy ad creation.

  • Target ads to your audience by location, gender, and category.

  • Real-time publisher & advertiser analytics to measure your progress.

  • Customize the look and feel for the ad units displayed on your store.

  • Freely select the pages/location to display the ad units on your store.

  • Simple installation. If you have any issues, we can do the install for you

If you have little to no marketing budget, or are spending lots on ads with very little return, Varinode Ads is well suited to address your needs. We can help your large, medium or small business grow.

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Ads by Varinode reviews

591 reviews
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I will certainly recommend this app to other small business wanting some free advertise based on sharing adds on their sites. It is done in a manner that does not disrupt the look of your site and will be a great way to increase traffic.


I like this app and the chance to advertise for free


Looks like a nice app. Haven't really seen its full potential but can see some things happening. Great concept though and i recommend to anyone. I hope its free for life :D


I have been using Ads for a about a week now and have been happy with the result. I have only launched a few ads but it is beginning to draw traffic without having to pay any money out.
It was very easy to install and very easy to launch your ads. Great support too!


I have been using Ads for a few days now and have been happy with the results. Only have configured a few ads but they are drawing traffic without having to pay cash for.
I did have a little trouble with the product search function in FireFox, but after I emailed Ryoma who suggested trying a different browser, I was able to search in Internet Explorer to create my ads.
Very happy with the level of customer support.


Just installed. Super easy to use. Can't wait to see how this network develops!


Great App! Work fine, easy to install and its doing exactly what it says. I strongly recommend.


Very Nice App! Works Well, Easy To Install & Setup.
No Glitches & No Problems Integrating into Every Page Of my Website!
Once You Have Created Your Ads , Sit Back And Wait For Clicks!
The Back Office Works Great With Metrics On Clicks & Views Available.
The Concept Is A Fantastic Way to Get Free Traffic.
Get In Early And Benefit From Increased Exposure And Obtain Credits.


Just Installed it, Actually the ad's in the form of just related items are pretty clean. The standard giving cash for advertisement can be utilized on here but whats great is the free traffic generated by the e-commence network, so if people click through from your site those free credits will in turn generate more individuals to your site. As this fairly new you can have a monopoly in a certain type of product, as a lot of the products i see are for articles of clothing. As the network gets bigger that advantage will diminish but if you were in early you would have probable built up a lot of credits. Great FREE APP! Highly recommend. Feel free to check out my store to see how I set it up! www.infinitetravelers.com


This looks like a cool concept: advertisers/stores helping each other out for free. Just got it installed, but I like the idea and am anxious to watch it work.


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