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26 de abril de 2019

I am very excited about the app, downloaded yesterday and had a few unanswered questions, I asked the questions the same day after installing the app in notime my questions were answered by Amit cool guy.
Now we have to wait and see how the ads will perform, but I look forward to a good collaboration with adscale.
Good customer service guys.

16 días usando la aplicación
2 de septiembre de 2020

Just started using this app and honestly the setup was very well done. Easy to use and you can do all of your advertising from this app.

Estados Unidos
4 días usando la aplicación
24 de febrero de 2019

I am using this app to help me scale my sales on FB. Ok, setup was easy and it is the results that count. Time will tell. I will report back in a month. If I see an increase in sales then I will keep the 5 star report otherwise the stars go to 1 as the only purpose of this app is increase of sales. Thanks for reading this.
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17 días usando la aplicación
19 de marzo de 2019

The setting up was easy, Now all is set waiting to see results coming in. I will be back with a great review. Thank you

Estados Unidos
16 días usando la aplicación
4 de febrero de 2019

i just started to use this app and so far everything has been super easy and fast i can't wait to see my business grow with this great app, thank you very much

Estados Unidos
17 días usando la aplicación
26 de febrero de 2019

Easy to use well organised 5/5 stars
it helps a lot in managing ads around all platform.

Great Deal Offers UK
Reino Unido
13 días usando la aplicación
2 de noviembre de 2020

We use this app to advertise our store on Facebook & Instagram & Google.
It really helped us growing ROI and exposure to new audiences. Perfect Customer service! Highly recommended!

1 día usando la aplicación
11 de abril de 2021

I just signed up for AdScale today. So far, it seems like an easy transition. I will keep you updated and let you know how it goes.

Tarot and Oracle Chic
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 horas usando la aplicación
17 de junio de 2020

Good customer support. They won't stop helping you as long as you need it. Good job, keep it that way guys! Thank you!

Easy concept svg
3 días usando la aplicación
16 de junio de 2019

We have just started to use the app, so still waiting to see results. We had a small issue and the support team have been really helpful. Thumbs up for offering support on a Sunday. Thanks.

Mark Ryden Global
Reino Unido
9 días usando la aplicación