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2 de marzo de 2023

I just started using this App. With how Facebook Ads Manager reports it is difficult and next to impossible to get information that I can use to make business decisions. Adscale seems to have created a dashboard that tells me in 3 seconds exactly what I need to know. Very good feeling about that. Rafael has shared some good insights.

Street Art Museum Tours
Estados Unidos
17 días usando la aplicación
19 de marzo de 2023

This apps is very helpful. All I need to see how my site is performing. Easy to understand. Easy to do advertisement plus a very helpful team. Thanks to Rafael who onborded me today. He was very informative.

Reino Unido
16 días usando la aplicación
19 de marzo de 2019

The setting up was easy, Now all is set waiting to see results coming in. I will be back with a great review. Thank you

Estados Unidos
16 días usando la aplicación
26 de abril de 2019

I am very excited about the app, downloaded yesterday and had a few unanswered questions, I asked the questions the same day after installing the app in notime my questions were answered by Amit cool guy.
Now we have to wait and see how the ads will perform, but I look forward to a good collaboration with adscale.
Good customer service guys.

16 días usando la aplicación
6 de mayo de 2023

This app is great ! so easy to set up the ads - in 5 minutes I have them all set up and running.
Love the AI features as well - the copy ideas are brilliant !
Thanks guys :)

16 días usando la aplicación
23 de octubre de 2021

great app for promoting a business with detailed targeting and specs to collect all the data which will be needed for the time span.

Kartscape Jewelry
Estados Unidos
16 días usando la aplicación
18 de octubre de 2021

The best Advertising Automated App on the whole world! They reached 310% ROAS Score and still going on strong! LOVE IT

Países Bajos
15 días usando la aplicación
23 de noviembre de 2022

I am so happy with this app. It combines all my advertising platforms in one place where I can easily view and compare the analytics and effectiveness of multiple ads and audiences. Our rep, Rafael, is informative, conscientious, reliable, and very personable. I appreciate the continual follow-up from Rafael. Adscale does not just sell you the app and disappear. A real person will walk you through the setup and also monitor your ad campaigns and provide guidance and suggestions. I highly recommend Adscale.

The Artist Life
Estados Unidos
15 días usando la aplicación
1 de septiembre de 2019

Good customer service, able to get support from the team. Easy to use and getting some positive result so far.

15 días usando la aplicación
25 de octubre de 2018

Great app that started delivering sales within the 2nd day of use at an extremely low CAC. The lowest I've ever seen.

The user dashboard is good but a better feature to be able to track/compare results on a daily/weekly/monthly basis would be great.

Other than that, no complaints!

Oh, and the customer service is unheard of. Super friendly, helpful and quick to respond!

Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación