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20 de abril de 2023

Great app so far, there is a learning curve since it is so versatile and powerful but Rafael has been a great help in tweaking my ads and showing me what to do to utilize the potential of the program. Great things are coming this year with the help of AdScale

Halifax Watch Company
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
12 de enero de 2023

Excellent service from Amit. After 2 month the ROAS uptick from 76% to 248% and keep growing. Going through the fine-tuning process now with Amit and very happy from the results

או אייט - הטוב שבמדע ובטבע לתינוקות ולכל המשפחה
10 meses usando la aplicación
14 de febrero de 2023

Rafael is a terrific partner. AdScale is above and beyond what you would expect for adding an 'app' to your store. He cares about how your store/ads are performing - not just looking for the monthly flow. He understands clearly that if he can assist in getting traffic/sales to your store the right way, it all works out! Our store hasn't done much ad work across SM/Google, so we are in a learning mode to see what will work - being patient and letting the system work is key. I am looking forward to seeing what will deliver for our store and our product line - and growing from there! Don't hesitate to connect this app to your store!

Hold It Mate
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
4 de diciembre de 2022

The setup was very simple, and I already see better performance for my Google and Facebook campaigns.
It automatically optimizes the campaigns, dedicating the necessary budget to successful campaigns and reducing the budget of those not performing as well or turning them off.
A must-have app!

7 meses usando la aplicación
5 de enero de 2023

Amazing customer service, learning about the software and the power of the tool to enhance your Google and Facebook ads.The amount of data you are given is amazing and will allow me to refine my ads better. I look forward to seeing a stronger ROI

3 meses usando la aplicación
20 de diciembre de 2022

I am in love with this app. By far one of the best apps to manage social media ads. I was struggling due to all of the new FB changes and Rafael brought my ROA past what my goal was. I encourage anyone looking for good ROA to use this app.

NSJ Collection
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando la aplicación
15 de marzo de 2023

We are in the automotive sector and have been running Adscale for the last few months with great results. I have had several video chats with Rafael and have had all my questions answered quickly. He has helped teach me how to use the app on more in depth level. So far a lot of sales have come from Adscale and I am very happy! Definitely recommend this app and will continue using it.

Rev Dynamics
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
5 de diciembre de 2022

Rafael was really helpful. He took his time to explain all the difference process of Adscale. I am a new user I just learned about this ad app from my Website designer and I can say I'm happy that he told me about it. I'll definitely reach back to Rafael when I need help. He is a great explainer and listen to your issues and help fix them.

Cecilia Carys
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
10 de mayo de 2023

One of the most straightforward onboarding processes I've ever had. Adscale's software creates all your Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads as per your specifications within a matter of minutes. After that, it's just about conversions that again, between Rafael's weekly calls and the app's AI algorithm have you feeling very comfortable your ads are in the best of form.

NovaPans Handpans
Estados Unidos
13 días usando la aplicación
12 de enero de 2023

Excellent service from Rafael. Scheduled a call with him and his knowledge is very good, clearly knows what he's talking about. I've seen an uptick in sales right from installing this app on my store. Just going through the fine tuning process now and very happy. Great app if you don't have a lot of facebook and google ads experience.

Reino Unido
4 meses usando la aplicación