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19 mei 2021

Great customer service but slightly irritating website. Can't say much about the benefits of AdScale yet as they have trouble with running and publishing my advertisements.

Trial And Error 💋
App gebruikt gedurende 14 dagen
12 augustus 2020

I downloaded it to see if it was going to do much. I’ve had it for roughly a month and there’s been plenty of clicks, but no orders just yet. It is not mobile or app friendly, so if you don’t have a computer, I wouldn’t advise it. I’m gonna try to read more into how to use the app to get its full potential and determine if I need to keep it or not.

Honey & Fig Boutique
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App gebruikt gedurende 8 dagen
26 juli 2020

I used this on my store during the 14-day trial, I think it did good and got me the sales. However, my profit margin as a beginner was like £7-8 dollars. So if I'm paying 99 dollars monthly and not getting sales anywhere near that, then it's pointless. So not happy getting charged such extortionate amount.

I think you @adscale should consider having a Basic plan for beginners. If there sales hit like 5k a month then charge 99 dollars. Otherwise, You'll attract wave of negative reviews. Because we also need to pay for facebook ads on top.

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App gebruikt gedurende 18 dagen
Bewerkt 19 juli 2020

Had an Adscale Rep take the time to call me on a Sunday to apologize for what happened with our Ads... We did discuss that we may take another chance with Adscale at a later date... It was very professional of them to call me to try & work things out...

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App gebruikt gedurende 1 dag
25 januari 2020

Used it for 2 weeks and didnt get any orders at all. i got orders on the ads i did myself but nothing from adscale.

I dont know if i can recommend this app.

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App gebruikt gedurende 13 dagen
16 mei 2019

Just installed Adscale. Extremely easy to set up, almost too easy! Time will tell if it is a great app. I have to give 3 stars for now as I will not know how great the app is till traffic starts coming to my site. Stay tuned.

LoveSpoon Candles
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App gebruikt gedurende 6 dagen
6 mei 2019

I installed app. Interface was simple enough to use. Took a while for all campaigns to start. Saw an increase in traffic but no sales. Decided to uninstall after $200 Fb bill. Possibly my site but I prefer to have more control over what I am doing. Adscale wanted a review the day it was installed....lol. Wait and see if it delivers and then request a review. Hope others have a better result.

Luv Shopping
App gebruikt gedurende 23 dagen
14 april 2019

I'm a first time user (reason for the middle score) so far ad creation was
smooth I'll come back after ad runs and update my rating and finish this review UNIQUE USABLES

Unique Usables
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App gebruikt gedurende 15 dagen
9 april 2019

I've never seen an app like this.
Though my ads is yet to be approved but I believe this app is incredible.
I recommend this to not just shopify user but everyone.

App gebruikt gedurende 10 dagen
22 maart 2019

I just signed up for the app, to bring in sales . Hopefully this works and I won’t regret it........

Parish Rose'
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App gebruikt gedurende 4 dagen