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Danke Adscale, wir sind mehr als begeistert!
Unser Shop ist seit 1 Jahr live und wir haben schon mit einigen Agenturen und Freelancern zusammen gearbeitet, die uns viel Geld gekostet haben ohne jeglichen Output.
Bei Adscale hatte ich daher erstmal keinerlei Erwartungen. Aber bereits während des 14-tägigen Tests hatten wir einige Verkäufe generiert. Dank Rafael, der uns unterstützt und geholfen hat die Kampagnen richtig auszusteuern, sind wir mit den Ergebnissen sehr zufrieden. Ich kann diese App nur empfehlen, wirklich super!


This apps is very helpful. All I need to see how my site is performing. Easy to understand. Easy to do advertisement plus a very helpful team. Thanks to Rafael who onborded me today. He was very informative.


This app has been so easy to use and the support from Rafael has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this app!

Park Luxe Boutique

We are in the automotive sector and have been running Adscale for the last few months with great results. I have had several video chats with Rafael and have had all my questions answered quickly. He has helped teach me how to use the app on more in depth level. So far a lot of sales have come from Adscale and I am very happy! Definitely recommend this app and will continue using it.

Rev Dynamics

I am so happy I have found Adscale. It is 100% improved our online business. Rafael has been so great to work with and really cares about his clients. I am so appreciative of how much he has helped me and my business. I cannot say enough good things. I would 100% recommend using Adscale!

James Street Home Decor & Giftware

I just started using this App. With how Facebook Ads Manager reports it is difficult and next to impossible to get information that I can use to make business decisions. Adscale seems to have created a dashboard that tells me in 3 seconds exactly what I need to know. Very good feeling about that. Rafael has shared some good insights.

Street Art Museum Tours

3 sales with a positive ROAS with Prospecting campaigns. Rafael has been patient and honest and has provided assistance and guidance beyond the cost incurred.


When I signed up for the 14 day FREE TRIAL, I approached it with a healthy dose of skepticism (as any savvy business owner should, having had my fair share of rip-off merchants, who over promise and under deliver), so as an e-commerce business owner my social media marketing and advertising is critical to my success, and my facebook/meta and google advertising efforts have been hit and miss yet they manage to hit the bullseye when it comes to billing me.

So my first call with Rafael, was a pleasant surprise. He was interested in learning about me and my business goals and very engaging and we developed a good rapport. Having lived in Israel for a year, I understand there are some fundamental cultural differences between Israeli culture and people and those from English speaking countries and cultures, which might equate to some of the negative reviews I have read here, which in opinion are nothing more than the cultural differences at play.

As a Social Scientist, my year in Israel allowed me the unique experience of observing these cultural differences that play out in the way they express themselves and interact with others.

For example, on first experience, someone from an English speaking background may find the Israeli comes across as pushy, arrogant, even argumentative, and in your face, when actually, its just the way they express themselves in their culture. There is a certain directness and transparency, and sincerity that you do not see in the business setting of English speaking cultures, or out in public, that is generally reserved for friends and family only.

So with that understanding and experience in mind, Rafael won me over with his refreshing direct transparency that I noted immediately and I was made to feel comfortable and dare I even say it, 'trusting' of him, that I decided after that first call, I would go beyond the 14 days free trial and see how it goes for a month...I figured, I could always delete the app after the first month's payment and apply the tools I have learnt from that time, gleaning from Rafael's marketing strengths.

But, oops he did iit again and for the second month running, I have decided to stick with Adsale for my Ad- Sales needs. Rafael has impressed me with his marketing knowledge, his knowledge of the Adscale tools and his willingness to teach me and explain things to me. He goes above and beyond adding value by suggesting great ideas outside of the scope of Adscale, to help make my life easier and improving my business which I greatly value and there's not price you can put on that level of customer service, and with a customer service training background, that really is priceless.

So to wrap this I will add that I have seen the Adsale App bring new sales, turned previous website visitors into customers, and done what it set out to do...and its all verifiable in the app settings where you can see where your sales sources are coming from, and Rafael will go over that with you showing you how to 'read' your Adscale app page, which again, is priceless, cos let's face it, I'm sure we've all got a bunch of fancy apps on our Shopify website that we are under-utilising cos we simply don't know how to work it and finding great customer service and support is a rare thing indeed these days.

So, it's early days yet, and this sort of App needs time to work its magic to really prove itself, so I have committed to giving it that time, and am choosing to stick with Adsale and with Rafael. I love that fact he always makes time for me in his busy schedule, and at hand to answer all my questions and concerns. Even when I challenge him, he willingly helps me through the struggle...and I appreciate that. I've got a little cultural difference in me too so I like that he can appreciate that when we engage.

I believe Adscale will help me take my business to the next level.

So I hope I have given a fair appraisal of the app and of Rafael who has gone above and beyond in helping me navigate the treacherous waters of social media advertising.

I will end by sharing this 'value for money comparison'. I received a quote recently for a social media marketer from my country (Australia) to run 2 email campaigns a month for me and wanted to charge me $65 per hour with a minimum of 10 hours per month that's $650 per month for just 2 email campaigns? Which to be honest I can do myself using the Shopify marketing admin included in my subscription. I need help with the trouble shooting and problem solving stuff which is more complex.

When I compare that price to the value I am getting for $299 per month with Adscale, its a no brainer and reduces the need for trouble shooting and problem solving as well and Rafael is always on hand to lend his wisdom and marketing knowledge above and beyond his duties which is priceless! Happy camper here! Shalom!

Lost Manly Shop

We are pleased to find this app in shopify..

Rafael is extremely great and gives great support.. I mail him anytime and had placed two calls in one week only.. he had helped us through out...

Thanks so much...:)

Steorra Jewels

Rafael is a terrific partner. AdScale is above and beyond what you would expect for adding an 'app' to your store. He cares about how your store/ads are performing - not just looking for the monthly flow. He understands clearly that if he can assist in getting traffic/sales to your store the right way, it all works out! Our store hasn't done much ad work across SM/Google, so we are in a learning mode to see what will work - being patient and letting the system work is key. I am looking forward to seeing what will deliver for our store and our product line - and growing from there! Don't hesitate to connect this app to your store!

Hold It Mate