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After three months of using the AdScale app for Shopify, my experience has been a roller coaster. Initially, the app showed promise, delivering commendable results in the first month. However, the following month saw a dip in performance, and by the third month, the results were the worst I've ever seen in my five years running a Shopify store.

While AdScale boasts of an AI that's perpetually refining and optimizing ads, it seems to offer a simplified version of the Facebook Business Manager and Google AdWords dashboards. Experienced users should note that upon a closer inspection in the Facebook Business Manager, multiple issues with the ads surfaced, a problem echoed in Google Ads as well.

My recommendation? Steer clear. Although their support started on a positive note, it soon devolved into a series of DIY guidelines. Hoping to resolve the diminishing performance, I opted for their 1:1 support. Regrettably, the suggestions made only exacerbated the problems. What's worse, when approached for solutions, their primary advice was to allocate a higher advertising budget.

For a platform that claims to be driven by AI and promises seamless ad management, my experience was far from it. I'm left deeply disappointed and would advise potential users to tread cautiously.

In response to AdSacles rebuttal of my review
Thank you for addressing my concerns and clarifying the various facets of your service. While I appreciate your comprehensive response, I received this [A] response from you VP R&D and there are a few points (1,2 & 3) I'd like to highlight:
[A] I totally understand your point of view and our main offering is a DIY system and I guess the initial tips by Nicole and Rafael do require ongoing changes and tweaks - in some cases separate campaigns can do the trick but in others you will want to try and consolidate.
We do offer Full Managed services in which we manage the campaigns for you and I guess in normal times this can be a better fit.
I still want to try to start over and want to change my offer -
1. I refund both your latest subscription charges - that's worth immediately 260USD
2. We give you free full managed services for 1 month to show you how we can turn things around (this is worth around 1500 USD)
3. You remove the review in ShopifyI am confident after this 1 month you will have a different feeling about us and will want to continue with us.
Let me prove this.

1. Transparency is Key: While I understand that many AI processes occur behind the scenes, greater transparency about what is happening, even at a high level, can foster trust with your users. This would prevent any perception that the platform is "marketing spin”.
2. Shared Responsibility: Your point about the customer's role in running the account and strategizing is valid. However, clearer guidelines and support, especially for newcomers, would be beneficial in setting the right expectations.
3. Ethical Considerations: Offering incentives for a review removal, while simultaneously posting a public rebuttal, can be perceived as conflicting actions. While your intentions might be genuine, this approach can create a perception of unethical corporate behavior. Going forward, clear, transparent, and direct communication is crucial.

Lastly, the offer you've presented is generous, and it shows commitment to customer satisfaction. However, it would be essential for both parties to ensure that any actions taken uphold the principles of transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct.

NUDE Microphones
使用應用程式 3個月
AdScale 已回覆 2023年10月4日

We do our best to give a positive experience to all our customers and regret if you got the wrong impression. Reach out to our support and we can assist in improving your experience.
Thank you for the review. Our customers' results are really our top priority, and we're sorry that you had a negative experience with AdScale.

We'd like to answer a couple of the points that you raised:
First, while ads play an important role in a store's performance, there are also other factors and revenue sources to consider. When sales from ads go down at the same time that overall sales go down - including those not from ads - it can point to a storewide issue.
Second, the AdScale dashboard is designed to help users run ads on multiple ad channels, while a lot of the AI optimization occurs behind the scenes, and is not readily "visible" to the end user. This could be why it seemed like a simplified version of other ad platforms.
Third, we take pride in our strong CSM team that helps customers all throughout their journey. AdScale is available in two flavors: One is a DIY ad platform with AI technology, and the other, AdScale Managed, includes a dedicated account manager that runs the ad account for you. While we do offer support calls to assist our DIY customers, the customer is ultimately responsible for running the account and developing their advertising strategy. In this case, a higher budget was recommended in order to be more in line with the cost of goods in your store. Our CSMs noticed that your budgets were fairly low in relation to the expected cost per conversion for such high-end goods.

We've tried to reach you a couple of times to help with best practices and tips for improvement, but unfortunately we have not heard back.

We wish you luck with your business.


I've tried it for over six months. My ROI came down to 300% from 500% (when I did it myself). Disappointed.

使用應用程式 8個月
AdScale 已回覆 2023年11月30日

Thank you for your feedback, we value this and always try to improve.
You should know that AdScale's reporting removes duplicate purchases across multiple channels and can result in lower ROAS vs. what appears in Google & Facebook campaigns directly.
We also have some tips how to improve your results and our support contacted you multiple time - please reach out to us so we can assist in improving your performance.


Never been so dissapointed.

使用應用程式 20天
AdScale 已回覆 2023年10月25日

I understand your disappointment not generating traffic in the short period of time you were connected but you had Facebook integration issues you had to solve (Invalid payment method and others).

Our support contacted you multiple times and you did not reply (perhaps your registration email is wrong).
Please reach out to our support so we can assist with your pending issues


If I could give a -5 star I would! We have been charged for campaigns I haven't authorised and now have to clean up the mess caused by Adscale (Rafael). Don't recommend using this company as its nothing but a waste of time. Overly dissatisfied

使用應用程式 4個月
AdScale 已回覆 2023年5月18日

I'm not sure why you updated your review from 5* (you gave in the beginning) to 1* .
We went above and beyond assisting you with call and emails to get you running.

We are not an agency so you are in charge of your campaigns -
you kept them on while not intending to - we as the the software providers are not to be accountable for this.
Having said this we are trying to reach you and assist moving forward - please answer our support calls to discuss the issue.


Ich kann die Software überhaupt nicht Empfehlen. Derzeit fühle ich mich wie einem Teilnehmer eines Beta Programmes.
* Sync Probleme. In den Channels die die Software verwaltet sehe ich nur Fehlermeldungen. Ich muss dann wieder auf Sync drücken damit der Fehler behoben wird. Auch Fehlermeldung bezüglich der Reichweite usw.
* Bis dato keine Conversations aus der App.
Der Support ist in der tat bemüht.
* Nach einem Meeting kam wurde dann behauptet das dass Budget zu klein war und die Zeit zu kurz.
Fazit: Ich habe die Kampagne jetzt selber bei Google aufgesetzt und erziele jetzt schon bessere Ergebnisse als mit dieser Software. Davor hatte ich nicht mal eine Conversation bei sehr hohen ausgaben. Auch das Anlegen der Campagne ist scheinbar auch nicht so toll. Rat vom Profi war eine andere Form zu wählen. Dann kann man es selber machen.

Auch kam kein dem Gespräch raus was die Software eigentlich macht. Das einzige was die App kann ist Budget von A nach B Transferieren. Ab das einem 120 Euro im Monat wert ist mag ich zu bezweifeln. Mal davon abgesehen von den ganzen anderen Problemen.
Letzte Nacht bekam ich eine neue Meldung von Facebook wegen einer neuen Kampagne, Die App hatte ich war deinstalliert. Hat allerdings scheinbar trotzdem noch Anzeigen hoch geladen. Die Anzeige stammt definitiv nicht von mir und hat nun sehr viel kosten verursacht.

使用應用程式 10天
AdScale 已回覆 2023年6月28日

You have been running for a short period of 5 days - during which Facebook received traffic and clicks - Pmax campaign has just begun to show traffic and wasn't given enough time to show results. We discussed on a call and we explained new campaigns might take some time to show results due to a learning phase common for new campaigns. To show good results we need to generate a decent amount of traffic to the site - so budget and time running the campaigns is a major factor of showing results.
We are confident that with a little more time running the campaigns you will see the results you expect


Don't normally leave reviews but this really annoyed me, as I linked the interface and idea!

I tried to click the support button and send a ticket but it seems the button doesn't work - Not great when looking at spending over $350+ dollars a month!

Mystery Dice Goblin

Horrible expereince with them! They take over all your advertising medium and make it next to impossibe to reclaim access to them. It's been over a month since i've been trying to regain access to my advertising platform from AdScale. I've reached out and was told they couldn't simply disconnect. I went into their settings and unchecked them from my google console, as soon as I hit save, it rechecks it and they still has control of it. I am unable to disconnect my FB from their setting. I am now in the process of deactivating my facebook ads account in it's entirety in order to remove adscale. Sam goes for my instagram. This is a nightmare and purposely done like this to continue to bilk unsuspecting customers. Their ads weren't the best, my ad spend increased but the sales did not, I ended spending more money on ads and when I did make 1 or 2 sales the profits from that went to Adscale for the most part.

使用應用程式 9個月
AdScale 已回覆 2019年11月19日

I sincerely apologize for your experience.

As mentioned, AdScale doesn't take over any of your existing advertising account. It actually create new and separate ad accounts in order to avoid such situations.

As for the Merchant Center claim, I do see you requested to reclaim your URL to run your own Google Shopping campaigns and we provided you with instructions on how to do so.

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer the claim to you from our side, it needs to be done by you, the instructions provided tells you how to do it. It's very simple.

I again apologize, and I would be happy to give you a call and help solve all the issues you had in person.


The Most Horrible Experience, What a huge scam, over two months and bad RIO (return on investment is so bad), It's waste of money and time. I don't even think their AI machine works, it's a bunch of lie.

I would kept using them even if I broke even on advertising budget, But nope.

Princeton Glam
使用應用程式 2個月

Terrible experience. Product did not work for me. Google campaign took around 3-4 days to become active. Facebook never became active due to "payment issue" even though I have been running Facebook ads on my own and am currently doing so.

Turned off all campaigns before free trial was up. Was charged $190 anyways, asked for refund since they did not provide anything for me, and was denied. Avoid!

Gabe's Collectibles
使用應用程式 大約1個月

I used this add to help my shopify store and used 14 days trial but after adscale charged me without my activation any plans and not refund my money...
I don't suggest anyone to use this app

使用應用程式 大約1個月
AdScale 已回覆 2020年2月18日

As mentioned to you in our communication, you installed and used the app beyond the 14-day free trial and therefore couldn't be refunded. Your account was active and you received orders coming from the app before uninstalling it.