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AdScale ‑ 10x Advertising

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Automated AI-Advertising on Google, Facebook & Instagram

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BI-Based Advertising

Leverage business information to increase revenue by smarter advertising. Get actionable insights that takes targeting to the next level.

Automated Ads Creation

Automatically create professional ads on Google, Facebook & Instagram, to meet your customers wherever they are.

24/7 AI Optimization

Once ads are live, AdScale’s AI optimization continuously monitors your campaigns & makes real-time changes to improve your performance.

Su AdScale ‑ 10x Advertising

We make online stores successful with AI Advertising.

AdScale weaves the power of AI technology into your advertising by automatically creating and optimizing ads across Google, Facebook & Instagram, with success-based pricing.

How AdScale works

  1. AdScale analyzes your store data and order history to tailor your optimal advertising plan - targeting the right customers with the right products on the right channel. Serving thousands of stores like yours, our AI knows exactly what works best for you.

  2. AdScale automatically creates ads on all major advertising channels in no time, based on the content and images in your store.

  3. AdScale’s optimization module monitors your ads and makes real-time changes to improve your performance. AdScale makes hundreds of changes per day to give you a competitive advantage over all other advertisers.

  4. AdScale syncs between your store data and the ads to ensure that your advertising is accurate at all time

  5. With AdScale analytics, you can view the performance of all your campaigns on one dashboard. Easily analyze the results of every aspect of your ads, like channels, devices, location, gender, age, and more.

The entire process is fully automated!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you connect to my existing ad accounts on Google & Facebook. ?

A: No, we build your new ad accounts on our system, so our algorithms can work with them.

Q: Do you charge me for the advertising costs?

A: No, the advertising costs are billed directly by Google & Facebook. We only charge you for app fees.

Q: Can I control my advertising budget?

A: Yes, you can set a daily budget limit and can pause or stop your campaigns at any time.

Q: Can I cancel anytime?

A: Yes, there is no commitment to use AdScale. You can stop the service at any time.

Q: Can I see my advertising campaign's performance?

A: Yes, you can check the overview of your campaign on our app dashboard & drill down to specific data using the reports.

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  • Google Shopping,
  • Google Remarketing,
  • Google Ads,
  • Google Search,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Instagram

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Full Features


Pricing is based on the sales we make you. See full pricing table at:

  • Automated Ads Creation on Google & Facebook

  • 24/7 Optimization Using AI Engine

  • Cross-Channel Analytics with an Intuitive Dashboard

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le spese ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

4.2 stelle su 5

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Before I post this review, let me tell you that this is my second review for this app as they begged me to delete the previous one! I have used Adscale for couple of months and if you want to EXPERIENCE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE/SUPPORT EVER, please go ahead and download this app. These guys don't care about you at all and just want to keep charging you without providing any support. They have over charged me again and I had to dispute the charges with the bank. When I queried with them, they said charges are from shopify. What a joke! They are charging and blaming shopify. When I had a chat with one of their reps in the past, she mentioned that they usually don't even talk to small businesses like mine and even though I was paying almost $1000 per month just to use the platform. I have had such good customer service and support from some of the free apps I am using and with these guys you will be waiting for days to even get a reply and when you do, it will be vague as if they haven't even read your email properly. You have been warned to install this app at your own risk! Also, since the time I have deactivated this stupid app and started managing my ads straight from FB, my ROAS has increased tremendously. This app was doing stupid things and wasting my ad budget. Update - NO, you did not provide any support! I had to wait upto 4-5 days just to get a reply from you guys and when I did, it was so vague and not helpful at all! I get much better support from free apps I use!
NO! You did not charge us correctly! If you did, I wouldn't be disputing the charges! I had to email so many times about the charges because they were contradictory to what's stated on your website ( I have email trail for all this)!
NO! My ROAS has nothing to do with adscale! Your app kept stopping my campaigns and wasted so much ad spend I can't even believe. I had to go into my FB ads manager directly 20 times a day to start them manually. Finally, I gave up. This was all communicated to you and I have all email trails about this. You did not help at all! I wish there was a provision to attach a screenahot here and I would have shown everyone. And lastly yes, I also run a business and if I were replying to my customers after 5 days, I wouldn't be in business by now and sooner or later it's going to happen with you too after looking at so many 1 star reviews from customers. Please learn to provide customer service first rather than just working on the platform which isn't that great anyway! Here is one of the emails I sent in October (I have many)"
I have made numerous requests for someone to call me and help me understand how this whole thing works but till date no one has bothered to call which I must say is pretty poor customer service. Even when I send a message when I need support, no one contacts for days.
I am not sure what the platform is doing but I have lost traffic and business in the last few days because it keeps stopping the campaigns which brings the most traffic to site." *****UPDATE*****
THE REASON THAT YOU DECIDED TO REMOVE THE LAST PART OF YOUR INITIAL REVIEW SHOWS YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE/SUPPORT IS! Suddenly you are ready to call and explain just because I posted a review? What happened to all those times when I needed support? To scale any business, you don't just need technology but good customer support as well to achieve growth and you guys are lacking basic customer service skills. I don't want or need to talk to anyone, I want you to refund my money $340 you charged for no reason when I had already deactivated your app! *******UPDATE****** I have emailed you guys numerous times regarding refund and I didn't get a reply for days and when I did get a reply after days, you said "its shopify charging me"( I have email trail for this too), how and why will shopify charge me when the payment is for adscale and it shows in the bill? Suddenly, you are ready to talk when I posted a review? I need a refund for $340 USD you have charged me for no reason. If you refund that's fine otherwise I will let the bank deal with it.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

1 dicembre 2020

We apologize you feel this way. We reviewed your account and communication along with your activity and here are the conclusions:

1. Your avg. ROAS in the past 30 days was 4,736%

2. You were billed correctly, according to the pricing listed on our website.

3. During your entire activity period you received constant support from our dedicated team. We helped you solve issues with your actual FB assets that held your ads from running, although it wasn't related directly to our platform. We communicated with you all the way and provided a comprehensive explanation about your activity and pricing.

Your performance with the app was very good and I think it's a shame to not help it scale your business.

I'll be more than happy to call you and explain to you about the pricing, the ROAS and further explain to you how things work.

Please send your valid phone number to


As mentioned in the initial reply, we did explain the pricing, ROAS, and how to work with the system on our chat and email communication, however, I feel there's some misunderstanding and I think it would be much more clear to further discuss it over the phone.

Your account nor website doesn't have a valid phone number we can reach you at. If you do provide one, then we can call and understand the issues you have with the charges and in the case, you were not charged correctly, issue a refund.


Important: I waited until I used AdScale for 2 months before writing this review, because I wanted to provide a qualified assessment of AdScale. What I have seen, is that the vast majority of the negative reviews are coming from people with unrealistic expectations. This is not a tool that you can utilize properly if you have a $5/day budget. This is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) app, which means that it needs to learn before you can earn. Full Disclosure: I spent about $1500 before my Google Shopping campaigns became significantly profitable. However, my store had no sales data for AdScale to work with, so AdScale was starting from scratch with no information. This is not magic, however, it is the next best thing. Nevertheless, to give you an indication of the power of AdScale, my average ROAS over the past 7 days is 442%. This is after only 2 months of use, so this number will continue to climb as AdScale continues to optimize my campaigns. Additionally, it is important that you follow the strategy which has been provided by AdScale. Specifically, once your campaign is profitable, increase your budget by 25% and repeat this step twice a month. The biggest advantage that AdScale has over it's competitors, is their ability to optimize both Google Shopping and Google Search campaigns, in addition to Facebook Campaigns. Most tools out there focus on Facebook, because they can rely on the fact that Facebook's native AI is very good on its own. AdScale takes it to the next level by utilizing their own AI and applying it to Google campaigns, as well as Facebook campaigns. This is why their pricing model is based on the revenue that they bring in, rather than the money that you spend on ads. I haven't seen a competitor make such an offer. In closing, I will tell you that I have in fact utilized other platforms who claim to be comparable to AdScale, and I can tell you that there is nothing on the market that compares to AdScale. It is not even close. You just have to make sure that you take care of your end of the bargain by making sure that your website is optimized to convert sales, and maximize profit by adding upsells. You cannot expect AdScale to do all of the work. As I said earlier, it is not magic, but is the next best thing.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

30 novembre 2020

Thank you for your considered review of your experience with AdScale. You hit the nail on the head with all your points!

The AI’s ability to reach peak performance takes time and data. The more data it has the quicker it can learn. Also, as we are able to optimize across all Facebook and Google channels and between campaigns, we can find efficiencies that help you get a better ROAS.

Dolce Dog

Customer service is very great. Super helpful. I just started out so I will have to update my review. Customer service is very good.