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Adtarget.me - Personal, Professional Retargeting Made Easy

Adtarget.me - Personal, Professional Retargeting Made Easy

Developed by ADTARGET.ME

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  • 10 minutes - That’s all it takes to create your own personalized retargeting campaign
  • Dynamic banners on-demand - choose from our large selection of dynamic banner formats, or create a personalized design using our Banner Designer tool
  • Automated and easy - automation means your retargeting experience is hassle-free, from integration to optimization

We are in beta! - Adtarget.me is currently available for European customers ONLY!

Don’t Let Money Walk Out The Door!

Did you know more than 98% of website visitors bounce away without ever making a purchase? Don’t let that money walk out the door! - retarget these soon-to-be buyers with advertisements that encourage them to come back and complete the sale.

Personalization is KEY

In this era of custom - everything, generic advertisements simply won’t do. Retargeting with Adtarget.me allows you to engage in strategic communication with potential customers, and better cultivate BIG sales.

Dynamic Banners Drive Dynamic Results

Retargeting isn’t rocket science, it’s common sense - buyers are more likely to respond positively to personalized ads that speak to their needs and interests. Dynamic retargeting banners dramatically increase conversion rates by tapping into this common sense concept.

Complete Control of Your Campaign

The Adtarget.me platform was engineered to be both intuitive and customizable. Monitor all your campaign metrics and adjust all campaign settings from a single dashboard. Optimize and update your campaign, whenever or wherever you want. Best of all, own complete control of the campaign budget - because there’s no minimum, you can adjust your spend on a weekly basis.

FAQ and Support

Please check out our installation instructions, FAQ and access to support.

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  • €15/week (minimum payment)

  • No budget maximum

  • Unused budget can rollover for life of the weekly subscription
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