Zoho Advanced Analytics

Zoho Advanced Analytics

作成: Zoho Analytics

AI-powered analytics and reporting to grow your business


Quick And Easy Reporting

Slice & dice your data. Build reports & dashboards with a wide range of visualizations. Ask questions to an AI assistant and get answers.

Readymade Reports & Dashboards

Get started instantly with an exhaustive collection of prebuilt reports and dashboards for end-to-end store insights.

Insights. Anywhere. Anytime.

Get alerts on changes in KPIs. Schedule emails and get reports & dashboards to your inbox. Export into print-friendly HTML & PDF formats.

Zoho Advanced Analyticsの詳細情報

Ecommerce Analytics for Shopify Businesses

Transform your store into a growth powerhouse with Zoho Advanced Analytics. Visually analyze your Shopify data and extract powerful insights for informed business decisions while unlocking new opportunities with advanced AI.

Sales Reports:

  • Analyze and forecast sales across products, orders, regions, and payment methods.
  • Optimize your sales pipeline with refund reports by product or reason, and perform impact analysis of discounts by target, geography, and trend report.

Order Reports:

  • Uncover insights on orders to sales conversions, average order value, and fulfilment rates.
  • Analyze orders across sources, transactions, status, and devices. Measure contribution to sales with orders by billing location and discount reports.

Product/ Inventory Reports:

  • See the best- and worst-selling products to better understand customer preferences.
  • Dive deeper to analyze stock on hand, low stock products, and a lot more, to optimize your inventory efficiently.

Customer Reports:

  • Refine your customer strategy with first-time vs returning customer reports.
  • Boost marketing ROI by analyzing customers across locations, tags, and orders. Forecast your monthly customer addition trends.

Shipment Reports:

  • Optimize dispatches and deliveries with shipment funnels.
  • Geographically analyze shipping costs and hours to plan shipments effectively.
  • Monitor fulfillment by status and service reports.

The fully loaded analytics toolkit for Shopify store owners.

  • Visual Analytics: Just drag and drop to build your own reports and dashboards. Slice and dice your data to extract hidden insights.

  • Wide Range of Visualizations: Analyze your data with a wide range of visualizations, including geo maps, heat maps, funnels, histograms, widgets, pivot tables, tabular views, and more.

  • Cool Dashboards: Combine multiple reports into a single dashboard using a drag-and-drop designer.

  • AI-powered Insights: Ask questions in simple English, and get insights on your metrics with our AI assistant. Use advanced, AI-powered features like Automated Insights, Forecasting, Trend, and What-If for deep analysis.

  • Data Blending: Upload data from files (Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, and text files), and web URL feeds, and blend with your Shopify data for end-to-end insights.

  • Smart Alerts: Get notified on key changes to your metrics with data alerts. Set conditions and be notified instantly across multiple channels on any spike, change, or anomaly.

  • Scheduled Emails: Deliver key reports and dashboards directly to your inbox as scheduled emails—no need to log in to track your metrics.

  • Export Reports and Dashboards: Export your reports and dashboards into print-friendly HTML and PDF formats.






料金 15日間の無料体験



Add-on rows, scheduled emails, and alerts are available.

  • Plan for 'Basic Shopify' users
  • 250,000 Rows (approx. 5,000 Orders)
  • 5 Email Scheduler
  • 5 Alerts



Add-on rows, scheduled emails, and alerts are available.

  • Plan for 'Shopify' users
  • 750,000 Rows (approx. 15,000 Orders)
  • 10 Email Scheduler
  • 10 Alerts



Add-on rows, scheduled emails, and alerts are available.

  • Plan for 'Advanced Shopify' users
  • 2.5 Million Rows (approx. 50,000 Orders)
  • 25 Email Scheduler
  • 25 Alerts

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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