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2 januari 2024

Not Able to set purchase limit amount for the product. After setting the min & max amount settings it also not work

Net Basket
Bijna 3 jaar gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 4 januari 2024

Hi, There. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Please contact our support team so they can look into this for you. Reach out to them here: Write "I need support" in the chat, and then follow the prompts to be connected. -Kitana, Shopify Support

3 maart 2018

It is a basic app with good basic functionality but lacks some major features such as :
1. Restrict COD from showing on specific products.
2. Restrict COD payment option to only customers whose country is India.

Suranas Jewelove
Meer dan 5 jaar gebruiken de app
3 november 2022

I want to control cod and online payment based on the amount but this app shows both options COD Free and COD Price Please give me a solution to how can I solve this.

Aegte Lifescience
Meer dan 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 19 december 2022

Thank you for getting in touch. It is not possible to control which payment options appear to customers based on the price of the customer's cart, although we may be able to assist you with getting the most of the Advanced Cash on Delivery app if you're having some issues. You can contact our support team through the Shopify Help Center to receive further support: -Victor

30 januari 2022

This app should add product wise COD and partial payment too. Like If I want X product should available for COD and Y product not then it can be easily done

Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 7 februari 2022

Hi there, Store2Home. Thanks for leaving this feedback for us to consider. We're always looking at ways to improve our applications, and feedback likes your allows us to make that happen. I'll be sure to pass this review off to our Development Team, so they can look into adding this requested feature in the future. -Imogen, Shopify Support

25 augustus 2021

App working fine for me. the only issue is with the Handling Fee. As i talk with one of the support team member. She said its a Non Working function. and its a known issue for all. Please guide me to solve this issue.

Jalandhar Style
Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
16 februari 2022

app is good for fixed COD shipping rate.. but handling fee option is required. needs to implement one more rule for additional COD Fee based on price of product.
if customer order goods of 2000/- and i want shipping charges as 50/- but cash handling fee of 1% flat on goods value then it is not possible at present in this app.

Soni Fashion®
Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 25 februari 2022

Hey, there. Thank you for taking the time and sharing this feedback with us! We understand that you need to add a handling fee and to implement a rule for additional fees based on the price of products - we'd be happy to pass these suggestions along to our development team. Cheers! -Elias, Shopify Support

8 februari 2023

Hello Team,

Is it possible to collect a partial payment for COD Orders? and the balance customers can pay at the time of delivery. This will help a lot in eliminating fake orders.

The Minikin Store
8 maanden gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 1 maart 2023

Thank you for writing your review and for providing us with your feedback. At this time, it is not possible to charge merchants a partial payment at the time the order is placed with them also choosing cash on delivery as a payment option. I can see why this would be a nice option to have, however, and will be sure to pass your suggestion onto our development team. -Victor, Shopify Support