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9. September 2021

The app is fine however I am only writing this review so I stop getting the annoying review request every time I use the custom fields

Fobus Holster
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1. September 2021


hatsutoki ONLINE STORE
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6. September 2021

Good app to add those extra fields to your website. You can do a lot with this tool - just use it intelligently.

Mehr als 2 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 31. August 2021

Happy so far. We use this app to create custom fields of content that is difficult to do on Shopify's standard platform. A bit expensive. Wish it was a bit cheaper and we'd use it even more. I'd recommend this to any store with a lot of product content and custom fields / images.

Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 17. September 2021

We loved this app for the longest time, but it's been down the past few days, and have had zero communication from them, even though I've emailed them a few times. We usually access it daily and have not been able to so it's affecting sales on our website. I really hope they get back to us soon. 9.17.2021 UPDATE: ArenaCommerce reached out quickly after receiving this review and additional contact through Shopify Plus Support. I was not aware, nor was it obvious, that support requests only occur in their support portal and not via email. Upon logging into their support portal I did see that they responded to my initial email for help very quickly, and that information did solve my problem. For those of you that are considering this app, just be aware that they have a support portal that you need to create an account on, vs just being able to communicate requests via email. Other than this misunderstanding, I do recommend the app. We use it for a large variety of different features on our website and it works perfectly.

Swig Life
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ArenaCommerce hat geantwortet 17. September 2021

We already reply you 2 days ago: Please check the ticket response then follow instructions. You may add our support email to the whitelist if you don't receive this email from our support team.

2. September 2021

Used to add custom product data to receipts. Functionality works well. Wish the app loaded a little faster.

Erie Basin
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Bearbeitet am 9. August 2021

Super nice that review popup keep popping, other than that it's cool! I hope this will achieve what I'm trying to achieve.

Earth & Star
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6. September 2021

Very good as a service to add extra data points to your pages. Makes your life simple and fast. Must try for all. It will surely help!

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7. September 2021

I use this app to add additional photos to product collections. I wish the integration was more direct but it accomplishes what we need to do.

Bedside Manor
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
12. August 2021

Very powerful app to extend your site—the possibility of adding extra fields and having a rich editor to add information is quite powerful. Like the reviewer below, the only thing I don't like is their lack of a bulk editor. I understand they make you download and upload in order to "charge" you points for updating items, but they could do the same by providing a more powerful bulk editor than the one Shopify offers and make it worth it by removing the hassle of finding those fields and item id's. I would be more than happy to upgrade or acquire more points if they had that. That said, the tool is great at what it does and very reliable. Recommended.

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