Order Delivery Date Selector

Order Delivery Date Selector

作成: ABC Solution

Show delivery date calendar on your product page or cart page

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Quick & easy setup

No coding required. One click install. Options to show on product page or cart page.

Order delivery date select

Let your customer pick their order delivery date with your rules.

Tag delivery info to order

Manage your orders by delivery info tags

Order Delivery Date Selectorの詳細情報

Why should you use Order Delivery Date Selector

Order Delivery Date Selector lets your customers choose a delivery date for their order easily! Delivery information tags are added to the order which then appear on your admin panel so you can easily find and filter orders by the delivery date!

Order Delivery Date Selector makes your store look more real where customers can choose there items delivery date and time when ordering.

What is make Order Delivery Date Selector different with other similar apps?

Our app is the first app provide an option to show calendar on your product page beside your cart page. So it will work perfect with stores that are skipping cart page (have cart slide or cart popup) without disable cart slide.

We are open to talk about any extra features you want to make app work great with your store.






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  • Unlimited delivery calendar showing.

  • Up to 5 orders tagged per month.



  • Unlimited delivery calendar showing.

  • Up to 50 orders tagged per month.



  • Unlimited delivery calendar showing.

  • Unlimited orders tagged

* すべての料金は米ドルで請求されます。 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

3.6 5つ星

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Cakey Cakes

Does anyone know how to change the location of the calendar on the product page? I want to put it under the "price" of the product page but right now it's under the buy now button. I haven't heard back from support after contacting them three times.

Wicked Maine Lobster

I selected the option to require every customer to select a date. There are still customers that are able to check out without selecting a date! It's creating a real headache for us. I tried reaching out to the customer service and haven't heard back. I'm going to have to delete the app and try another.

Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver

Decent app for a simple date chooser. The support from the app developer was good and this was easy to install. I ultimately swapped for an alternate app with more features but the app developer assured me they are working on more functionality.