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30 mei 2024

Note that in accordion mode, each title will have an H1 tag. This has a negative impact on SEO, because you will have several H1 tags on your page. Technical support told me that an update would fix the problem one day... In the meantime, we've changed applications.

NATURVEDA Plantes et santé
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25 oktober 2022

No way to export data from this app. We have over 300 items and customer service told me that the way to export is to copy and paste into a Google Doc. The developers of this app have obviously never run an online store. The app works in all other respects, although the integration is a bit weird because you can't click a button inside the app to return to the Shopify product description. Had I known that these guys developed an app for product descriptions that didn't have export capability, I would have never signed up for this. Apparently, we've got a lot of copy/paste to do before we transfer all of our data over to another app.

Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils
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