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8. Juli 2019

This app doesn't work with Ajax carts which is used by many of the better theme designers. Also, even though they said to was going to work support could not get it a usable state to publish. We had a long list of issues the app was creating and support wasn't there to fix, even though they said they fixed them. We were super hopeful this would be superior to similar apps. I have a feeling this is best for basic theme designs. We use Out Of The Sandbox - Turbo, which is hugely popular for many reasons and this app doesn't work with it unless you take away/turn off some of the design aspects and functions of the theme, which is counterproductive for having bought the theme for those specific funcitons. This app might be great for some, but keep in mind it not for everyone.

Wild Child Bikes
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14 tage mit der App
17. Januar 2020

I run a POD store for photography, and to really get every size and every material right I need to display over 120 options that are dependend on each other. Poster Prints only in this size, acrylic glas only in this frame and only in that size etc.
This app is great for displaying that and the team did good work implementing it in my theme for free.

Some key features, that were already provided in the original shopify variants are really missing, and thats why i can only give two stars.
I need the functionality of spreadsheets (*.csv) to import and edit my products and variants, and even worse: there is no possibility to write down the cost of goods sold to every combination.
An option to download and backup the settings in this app would be great, too.

7 tage mit der App
Mageworx hat geantwortet 17. Januar 2020


Thank you for sharing your feedback. Your review is important to us. Our team is working on a new version for this app. It will have all mentioned features and many more. This new version will have a new approach to setting up complex combinations with ease. The new version will be globally released this spring and it will have absolutely amazing and super easy-to-use interface with powerful functionality.

If you are interested in more details about this upcoming update, feel free to drop us a line and our team will be happy to provide more info.

Have a wonderful day.

23. Februar 2022

Support are responsive and so helpful! App has everything I required and is great in everyway but one. Whole app is ruined by the way they do price addons by creating clones or variants, just creates a mess of your products. Think they choose the wrong route here and should have used draft orders way. Such a shame and I won't be using it.

Gift Moments
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5 tage mit der App
Mageworx hat geantwortet 23. Februar 2022


Thank you for your feedback.

We do understand your concern and are sorry the app's working principle doesn’t fit your needs.
While developing the app, we were considering different ways of applying options. Draft orders have their own limitations such as incompatibility with discounts and other features related to the standard Checkout flow.
Generating custom product variants allows us to overcome these limitations.

If you ever decide to give the app another try please feel free to address us.

Thank you.

9. Oktober 2021

Wanted to like it from reading reviews… but approved for them to work on my website, apparently I guess the code didn’t work for the theme version I had. They installed the code and got back to me with the report that it wouldn’t work. Left the code there and my page was displaying random characters all over.

Vereinigte Staaten
2 tage mit der App
Mageworx hat geantwortet 11. Oktober 2021


Thank you for your feedback.

We are sorry the app didn't work for you and for the possible miscommunication.

I would like to stress out another time that the app works with your theme perfectly well. But it's incompatible with the external scrip by Dynamic Product Ads.

We didn't delete the app code to let you decide how to proceed. You could consider removing the script in question and proceed with the app testing.

Since you decided to discard the app, please let us know if you need our assistance with the app code removal. We'll resent a collaborator access request.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

17. Juli 2020

For $14.99/mo their support team needs to respond faster. I installed the app yesterday and submitted a request for installation. The team responded the next day (which isn't unreasonable, but other teams have responded within HOURS of receiving an email). While I was waiting I began creating a template that was relatively easy to do. It's not the best interface but it is doable. I received a collaboration request this morning & accepted it within 5mins because I was notified by email as soon as it came in. I have not heard anything else from their team after two emails to confirm that they have access. I also looked on Shopify to see if anyone logged in from their account, which they haven't. This is problematic because: 1. This is wasting time on my free trial. 2. As mentioned, other teams respond significantly faster.

Allyce Virgin Hair Collection, L.L.C.
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Mageworx hat geantwortet 24. Juli 2020


We’re sorry to hear you did not have a great experience. Thank you for letting us know about the slow service you received. We will handle that issue on our end. It is our priority to ensure every client receives timely assistance.

If you ever need our assistance again we'll do our best to provide you with excellent support.

Have a great day!