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11. Juni 2023

I wanted to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional support you have provided. Your level of support has been nothing short of outstanding, and I truly appreciate the promptness and efficiency with which you have addressed my queries. It is a rarity to receive such quick turnaround times, and it has made a significant difference in my experience.

I also want to highlight the excellent functionality of the app you developed for my website, It has been instrumental in displaying the prices for my caravan mattress product pages, making it effortless for customers to explore the options and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, I would like to commend you on something that is often a challenge for me when working with developers - the thorough documentation of the changes made. Having clear documentation has made it much easier for me to understand and track the modifications, and it has contributed greatly to the overall transparency and professionalism of your service.

Thank you once again for your exceptional support and for going above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.
Vereinigtes Königreich
4 monate mit der App
10. Juli 2023

This app is great! We are using it for two stores at the moment, with a great deal of and variables and conditional logic for many products. Of course, there is a little bit of a learning curve when first setting up complex forms, but once you get your head around it, it functions very well.

The Mageworx team has been incredibly helpful. Any time we require extra assistance or altered settings/features, they go above and beyond to help us out.

SBR Optics
5 monate mit der App
30. August 2023

This is a full package!!!! A lot of diverse options are available to add! UI is very clean and responsive. The major thing is that the support is really great, responds very quickly to your queries, and applies fixes right away when required.

Vereinigte Staaten
7 monate mit der App
14. November 2023

Really good and Good customer service specially agent Angie

Carbon Clutch
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
26. Oktober 2023

This app really helped us a lot in configuring our shop. The support answers very quickly and has been a huge help. It was exactly what we were looking for! We had looked at a dozen other apps and were having a hard time finding a way to solve this problem. Big thanks to Tanya!

Amabilia Store
3 tage mit der App
17. Mai 2024

Brilliant app, does exactly what we were looking for. The support team are amazing too and always reply quickly with the solutions that I need. Would definitely recommend this app!

Vereinigtes Königreich
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
23. Mai 2023

The support has been excellent and the application has been great as well! Having the pleasure of working with you is a great experience

8 monate mit der App
31. Oktober 2023

Great app! Very helpful in adding variants to complex products. Support team is also very responsive and helpful in customizing the look and design of the variants on your site.

Current Curations
7 tage mit der App
3. November 2023

Nice app that do the job. And the support is very qualitative and swift to help!

My American Shop
Etwa ein monat mit der App
8. September 2023

This app solved our complex needs for custom product and despite being free app, customer support went above and beyond to answer our questions and requests.

New VacayDay
6 monate mit der App