Advanced Product Options

Advanced Product Options

by MageWorx

Product options without limitations! Ultimate customizability.

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Dead Center Cycles

I keep getting this error when trying to use the app:

An internal server error occurred.
The above error occurred while the Web server was processing your request.

Please contact us if you think this is a server error. Thank you.

Closet Full of Wax

I contacted support and have not received a response in 3 days. I haven't been able to use the app or get my questions answered. For the monthly amount they are charging they should have a live chat option to contact support for help. Overall this app is not giving me a good impression.

Installation is not user friendly a shopify guru tried to install the app due to lack of communication from the developers and he was unable to install it.

in the future i would like to see better communication, an option to alphabetize options list with the click of a button and ability to edit multiple options list at a time. Being able to copy and paste a options list instead of entering one by one would be helpful also.

Southern Made Monograms Llc

Update--App is working better BUT I have wrote several times about a new issue and havent received any response. The customer service and help sucks so bad.

Now--If a customer adds something with the custom options added, but then removes it from the cart, the custom option pricing still stays and does not give them a choice to remove it. --Not only that, but if the customer has an account and they sign in a week later, the cost IS STILL THERE! So it NEVER goes away until they check it out. It is extremely frustrating. Currently looking for a new app to use.

SOOO aggravated with this APP. It is so unreliable. I have been writing them for over a week and they haven't even made an attempt to fix the problem! DON'T even bother trying this app!

Qmadix Online

8/6/19 - This application was working great up until a week ago. After submitting a help ticket, it took over a day to get a reply. Each email reply would take them the next day to reply and the issue is still not resolved even though we provided access to review our Apps and Orders. The "Upload" feature is not passing the file through to our Orders consistently. We can see the file path through the Shopify phone app, but nothing on the web version (we've tried multiple browsers from different PC's). Their troubleshooting effort is lacking. I get that it's probably people from overseas, but it's disappointing. Time to find another solution.

3/26/18 - After testing several different Apps, Advanced Product Options is the one we stuck to and here is why:

1. It is compatible on mobile devices (both iOS and Android). We ran into issues with other Apps in which the File Upload feature was not compatible.
2. It has the Calendar option. If you need a date in your options, this App has it.
3. It allows for Conditions on options. If you want to create options based on a previous option selected, this is a great App.
4. The pricing is reasonable. Most Apps fall into this price range, but for the features it provides as well as the support you get, it's worth it.

Hopefully this info helps in your selection process. There are a ton of great Apps out there, but you definitely need to test it out to make sure it fits your needs.


One of the worst app and worst support. Always some issues which affect sales directly.

Les Hallack Fine Art

Buyer beware!!!
Although the support has been helpful (to a point), I'm now left waiting of major bugs to be fixed and cannot sell on my store. The app will not remove variants from the cart meaning if a customer removes am item from their cart, the options still remain and cannot be removed. This app does not play nice with Shopify and I'll be asking for a full refund.

Vacation Tees

This app was amazing at first. I thought it was the solution to all of my Shopify options problems. That being said.... I continue to have issue after issue with this app. Mageworx is great to investigate and solve problems, but it takes them roughly 24 hours to respond to an email, which is the only way to contact them. I am paying $15/mo for a product that has gone down at least 3 times in less than a year that I have been using it. This is a HUGE issue for someone who relies on these options to sell their products. I had a customer contact me of the issue tonight because I have recently installed a chat app on my Shopify site. I wonder how many times this has happened without my knowledge. I am seriously considering a switch to a different app as it has been several hours and this issue is still ongoing. Again, no phone number to contact someone and they have bankers hours.... its 11:30pm on a Friday. Extremely unhappy.

Aside from the issues I am having today... The app is slow in general. I can type "Shirt Color" into my app options and it takes 1-2 minutes to enter into the field. Mageworx has a lot of updating to do.


This App don't work, it fails non stop and they don't offer any support. The app breaks and the downtime causes loss of sales and I'm furious that my entire store was built upon this app.