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Location United Kingdom
Time spent using app 12 months

Causes us so many issues, creates an additional sku every time which messes up the back end with thousands of products showing. The item does not show in the checkout so customers are constantly on the phone asking if the item has been added or not. Just causes a complete mess to your skus.

Developer reply

July 6, 2022


Thank you for your feedback.

We are truly sorry you faced difficulties while using the app.

As you may know, Shopify doesn’t allow third-party apps to change original products’ prices at the checkout without using the standard variants or cloning the product.
So to make it possible to pass the selected options to the Checkout, the app generates a custom product variant for each unique combination of options added to the cart.
But the trick here is that we don’t create duplicate variants. If a variant with the same options already exists, we reuse that variant, instead of creating a new one.

As for the Checkout issue, you may address us at and our support team will check it.

We've reviewed your previous tickets submitted several months ago, there were incompatibility issues with the third-party drawer.
Unfortunately, no app provider can guarantee compatibility with external plugins.

Thank you.

Leyla Luxe Collection - Wholesale

Location United States
Time spent using app 3 months

Started this app at $8.99 and found out I was paying $14.99 not sure how that happened. But that's not even the worst part of this app. The way they clone your apps makes your store look crazy and disorganized. Shoppers can click on a products and it'll bring them to a 404 page because that product is duplicated only for pricing. I had to take down my wholesale store and fix the codes because everything was a mess. Save yourself the time and headache until they fix the price-add on feature.

Developer reply

February 25, 2022


Thank you for your feedback.

As we can see, you still have the app installed but can’t find any tickets within our support system submitted in regards to the concerns listed here within this review.

We offer lifetime technical support and are always available to assist if you face any difficulties.

Please kindly consider creating a support request via the form or contact us directly via the email. We’ll do our best to provide you with detailed info and fix all the issues you’ve faced with.

Thank you in advance.

L.A. Minerals

Location United States
Time spent using app About 2 months

I like the IDEA of this app, but it is constantly creating issues in my shop;
-Printed the option code language on my packing slips
-Created duplicate products
-Stops discount codes from working
-Some items in collection were not displaying due to this app changing code in my theme. Took shopify support about an hour to fix it. This caused me to LOSE sales over the weekend since the items were part of a BOGO sale. -This app changed code in my theme which was a mess to get out and reverse. Today I decided I've had enough. Looking for another option.


Location United States
Time spent using app 15 days

Time wasted can never be regained. Especially for a small business owner like myself. I sell footwear, which my customer have to pre-order. I recently wanted to give my customers the opportunity to select additional options such as the fur size that their slides would be made with. While the app was able to add the additional variant, whenever my customers select their size for example a size 9 and add to the cart it changed their size to 5, not only that but it also does not show the other selections the customers made which is, for example, the fur size, and the color of the sole. it's only showing size 5. my entire message thread is visible for you and your team to look at, but for now im removing your app.
UPDATE***** After reaching out the developer of this app, I explained that whenever my customer selected the slippers they wanted such as the size, fur size and color of the sole add to cart size changes automatically to a size 5. It also doesn't show the other selection that the customer made. At first when I reached out to the developer, they said that it happened because the customer had use the quick view to make their selection. I personally tested this and I had the same issue. By directly go into the collection page itself and added the item to the cart and it still changed to a size 5. So I decided that I'm not going to waste anymore time on the app. Because 1 I have quite a few persons that I need to contact to verify their order. So I deleted the app and left my honest review. On the 14 of August I had my yotpo app updated where I had someone from their company logo on to my store and coded my review app. Though I had removed advanced product options app, I did not remember to revoke access from them to my store. On the 16 of August I went to my store to do some work when I noticed that my review app isn't showing anymore. After doing some checks I realized that someone from Advance products options access my store on the 15 of August without my knowledge. I'm assuming to check to see the issue based on my review of their app. Now this is where I'm very upset. WHY AFTER THEY ENTERED MY THEME MY REVIEW APP STOPPED WORKING?? Also, if they went in to remove their codes, WHY did they interfere with MY REVIEW APP? Not only that, but they did not make a copy of the theme before they did any code edits. After checking it's the same theme version still active. Now I'm left wondering WHAT ELSE DID THEY DO? ALSO, I NEED TO KNOW WHO WAS THE PERSON THAT ACCESSED MY THEME. AND EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID. As far as I see they invaded my store privacy. They did not notify me at any point prior to yesterday that they were going to log on to my store. And at this point I feel like I should get a lawyer because I personally feel they messed up my review coding because of my review of their app.

Developer reply

August 16, 2021


Thank you for reaching out to us.

We are truly sorry to hear the app didn't work for you.

We've double-checked your ticket. Initially, you asked if it's possible to replace the Shopify variants with our options without removing the existing variants from the backend.
We replied that our options do not replace variants, they can be used in conjunction. We can hide the variants from the product page with CSS. But this is just a visual effect, and standard Shopify variants still exist on a page. We made that change upon your request.
Thus, when you added a product to the cart, the default variant was still getting added.
This is the case why always got the Size 5 variant added.

Also, the app code initializes on product pages only. I.e it's required to visit the actual product page to select options. While on your store, there is a "Quick View"/"Quick Shop" option enabled that allowed purchasing products without selecting our options.

In case of any questions please let us know.


Location United States
Time spent using app 20 days


Developer reply

August 9, 2021


Thank you for your feedback.

We'd highly appreciate it if you could elaborate a bit on your concern.
The app generated cloned products before. But we released a new version recently that has a completely new working principle.

Instead of creating a clone for every product with options that a user adds to the cart, the app now creates variants for those options right inside the base product. Clones are created only if the base product reaches Shopify’s limit of 100 variants per product. In such cases, we create a clone and proceed with adding variants to it, until that clone also reaches 100 variants. Then we repeat the process. But the trick here is that we don’t create duplicate variants. If a variant with the same options already exists, we reuse that variant, instead of creating a new one.

Third-party options apps providers are limited by Shopify in many aspects. We are not allowed to change the original product price at the Checkout and are to look for workarounds.
Some apps generate clones, some create draft orders. We decided to use Shopify product variants functionality.

Thank you.

Paradise Arcade Shop

Location United States
Time spent using app 7 months

Spent HOURS working on getting this set up. Spoke with the company before installing and setting up, Had conversations about what we were doing. We wanted to have a product that allowed users to pick the color of buttons, but because the buttons were separate stock items, when used within this product they needed to also come out of stock. The only issue is, when you insert the product, using their variants, which was TERRIBLY documented, it charges the customer for any increase in bundle price you specify within the bundle, and.... charges them for each individual product in the bundle separately. So it effectively double charges them. This has caused HUGE headaches and understanding the damage this has done to our customer base seems to ellude this company. I would say, go find other solutions, whether bundling or choosing options, there are better rated apps. I was willing to forgo the original documentation issues, but the support is middle of the night as well so it's delayed every time you ask a question as well.

Developer reply

April 28, 2021


Thank you for your feedback.

We are sorry to hear the app didn't work for your needs.

The 'Advanced Product Options' app is not a bundling app at its core.
It's aimed to allow clients a possibility to add an unlimited number of options (properties) and overcome the Shopify 3 options/100 variants limitation.

We've never stated this app is designed for bundle creation. Please point us where you read that and we'll correct the description to avoid further confusion.

We believe you should look for specialized 'bundling' apps that are designed to generate bundles, not the apps that are supposed to add properties to a product.

Have a great day!

Premier Table Linens

Location United States
Time spent using app About 1 year

I've been waiting 2 months for the app to fix an issue, they just stopped replying to my emails!!!!. This app is not compatible with Shopify shipping profiles and is NOT compatible with any tier pricing app, we can't do any volume discount with this app installed. they haven't provided any solution to this problem, they are just waiting to release their app update since 2 months ago. After reading the reviews I saw that another user reported this same issue back in September 2020. so there it goes the quality of their support!! Update: They told me that the new version was going to be released during the month of April. Today is April 22 and nothing yet.

Developer reply

April 6, 2021

Thank you for your feedback.

We are doing our best to release the update as soon as possible.
But the app itself is complex and resources-intensive, we need time to test it all the way around and make sure the new version is not buggy.

As I told you before, this is not a regular app update, we re-developed the app starting from the working principle and ending up with the backend UI.

We started to plan the new version long ago. First, we collected feedback and were considering new features and improvements and the way to implement them the most efficient way.
Then, there was a development stage.
Now we are finishing testing it and getting prepared for release.

We are truly sorry for the delays but we need to make sure we release a stable product that functions as expected.

The new app will be launched during the month of April.

In case of any questions please let us know.


Location Turkey
Time spent using app Over 1 year

This app clones the all of listing variations and you get hundreds of copies. So messy. It can not be used with with spesific product discount. And its very hard to use eg. Facebook marketing because of copied listings. Instagram-Facebook shop feature is useless too...
UPDATE: Newer version is still not avaliable. Few weeks, few months... It almost a year :) Cloned products are still a nightmare. No solution for this.

Developer reply

February 23, 2021


Thank you for your feedback.

We do understand your concerns and sorry for the app turned out to be too complicated.

Our team is working on a new update for this app, which will significantly improve the approach of how the options are added to the products. We will get rid of these cloned products and will use the Shopify Variants functionality to add the options. The final product variant will be dynamically generated to reflect all chosen options. It will make all native Shopify features work correctly.

Please feel free to try the app in a few weeks after this new version is launched.

Thank you.

Uplift Active

Location United States
Time spent using app 2 months

Horrible experience with this app. We spent countless hours and lots of money installing and setting up hundreds of variant options, only to discover a critical feature limitation. You cannot use any discount codes with this app except for storewide codes. Want to run a sale on just one product, or one collection? Can't do it. This is a dealbreaker and we had to abandon the project after so much time and money. Also, the way the app functions, it creates a new product anytime someone purchases a new variant combination. This means managing the back end of your store will become very messy and cumbersome as you will have hundreds of "placeholder" products generated by the app. No help or refund from the developper for this, even though we are not able to use the app in our store. The discount code limitation should be clearly disclosed, as it is a critical function for many stores. The variant options LOOK nice, but the the feature limitations make it unusable.

Developer reply

February 8, 2021


We are truly sorry for the inconvenience you've faced with.

Unfortunately, the current app working principle doesn't allow us to fix this issue on the spot. That's why we decided to reconfigure the app. It will no longer generate custom temporary products/clones and all the native Shopify features will work properly.

But since this is not a regular app update, but a massive UI reconfiguration, the development process takes time. We constantly face new challenges while striving to make the app function perfectly. That's why delays in release happen.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly to discuss the ways we could solve the conflict.

Have a great day!

Titus Jewels

Location Philippines
Time spent using app 9 months

Could have been really wonderful extension. But two major issues we had after using this for almost a year: 1) made our website extremely slow, a lot of orders with issues, because of the loading issue 2) doesn't work with some major apps. I hate to uninstall this, but we couldn't take risk more. Thanks still!

Developer reply

November 9, 2020


Thank you for posting your feedback.

We are sorry the app turned out to be not good enough for you after a year of usage but a little disappointed by the fact it deserves 1 star only.

Anyway, we value your opinion and hope you'll find another solution that would fit your needs perfectly.

Have a great day.

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