Advanced Product Options

Advanced Product Options

by MageWorx

Product options without limitations! Ultimate customizability.

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Wild Child Bikes

This app doesn't work with Ajax carts which is used by many of the better theme designers. Also, even though they said to was going to work support could not get it a usable state to publish. We had a long list of issues the app was creating and support wasn't there to fix, even though they said they fixed them. We were super hopeful this would be superior to similar apps. I have a feeling this is best for basic theme designs. We use Out Of The Sandbox - Turbo, which is hugely popular for many reasons and this app doesn't work with it unless you take away/turn off some of the design aspects and functions of the theme, which is counterproductive for having bought the theme for those specific funcitons. This app might be great for some, but keep in mind it not for everyone.

Sophia Tremolos

I like the look and facility but we have seen a bug that affects our ability to see details in orders and possible mis-calculations ... we have spend much time during several calls where for most of last year, Shopify personal are wonderful, the issue is identified but when handed to MagWorx is never corrected to date...

I have received an offer from Shopify to modify the app so it work with a third party Advanced Product Options -- I agree for the mod to be done -- next we will see how the results are:)

Developer reply

March 7, 2019

Thank you for your feedback! Our team has investigated the issue you are describing. Unfortunately it is caused by third-party pre-order app installed in your store. We offered to customize our app for you free of a charge to make it compatible with the app you are using for pre-order. Please, let us know if it will work for you.

Javaya •

App does what it says most of the time, I can't complain about that. However this app broke one of my more complex implementations, and is presently allowing either one of two functionalities:
1) customers can buy expensive items for $0.00
2) customers cannot add item to cart at all

Support has been completely unresponsive for at least 12 hours now, including a Chat rep who just said "open a ticket" and then immediately closed the chat on me. I would honestly tolerate this under normal circumstances, however it's BFCM Week and any app vendor who isn't beefing up its support this week is one that clearly doesn't have its customers in mind.


While the app seems to work OK - their install was one disaster after another. Incomplete install, multiple reminders to fix, broken cart, broken product pages and our cart and products are still broken. Have gone elsewhere for a fix and complete install