Advanced Product Options

Advanced Product Options

by MageWorx

Product options without limitations! Ultimate customizability.

4.7 of 5 stars(189 reviews)

Ultimate Customization

Create an unlimited amount of highly customized products options and variants! Individual option prices, 12 input types, SKU policy and more

Conditional Logic

Set flexible product option dependencies - show/hide options based on what your customers select

Smart Product Presentation

Add product option's images / colors of the swatch type, use a wide range of tools to present each product variant at its best

About Advanced Product Options

Broaden your customers’ shopping experience whilst improving the usability of your store.

Unlimited Product Options 

Overcome 3 options/100 variants per product limitation set by Shopify - add UNLIMITED custom product options in UNLIMITED сombinations.

Product Option Templates

Create groups of options and assign them to any products in bulk.

Option Types

  • Check-box (for adding product accessories, toppings, extra services, etc.),
  • radio-button (for options with one chosen value),
  • drop-down,
  • multiple select,
  • watch & Multiple Swatch (perfect for image/color swatches),
  • button (i.e., to add Size options as buttons),
  • text (for engraving/monogramming options),
  • file (to customers upload files to their orders),
  • date.

Option Pricing

Set option prices to update the product price. The following price types are available:

  • fixed (adds a fixed amount to the product price),
  • percentage (adds the % of the product price),
  • percentage from the options above (calculates the % from the product price + all the chosen options and adds it to the final price),
  • price per character (for text options to charge per each entered character, e.g., custom prints on T-shirts).

Conditional Logic

With the app, you can display custom product options only when customers select the main (parent) one(s).
 Say, you can create a product with options (e.g., storage, RAM, etc.) and display them depending on the customers' initial choice.

Color/Image Swatch for Custom Options

Create a visual presentation of each product's option:

  • upload image/colors for each value of a product option,
  • display the images next to the options,
  • replace the main product image with the one of the option,
  • use overlay feature to create great experience for customers to customize your products,
  • let customers preview each option by displaying its image on hover.

SKU Policy

With the app, you can optimize the way custom options affect the main product SKU. This is a must-have for further sales analysis and exporting this data to third-party ERP/Shipping systems.

Stock Management

Manage stock inventory for each option:

  • specify Qty of each option value,
  • display the stock of any product option on the frontend,
  • automatically hide unavailable options or disable them and display the out-of-stock message to customers,
  • sync the option’s stock to the existing product’s stock.

Link Options to Products

If an option is also a stand-alone product with its quantity (e.g., iPhone X - black - 256 GB - qty 92), you can link to it by Variant ID.

This will allow you to precisely track/manage inventory. The app can also load the linked product when the option is selected.

Flawless Performance

Built on advanced technologies, the app works lightning fast. It guarantees uninterrupted workflow and stable performance.

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Pricing 15-day free trial

Premium Plan


  • Templates

  • 12 input types

  • Dependencies

  • Color/Image Swatch

  • Custom option pricing

  • SKU policy

  • Stock management

  • Sync inventory

  • Advanced settings

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 189 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Advanced Product Options (APO) really takes Shopify to the next level. Many products are best appreciated when purchased with others within the store. Data indicates that people are more inclined to select these add ons when easily accessible on a single page. APO handles these scenarios well with great options for customer visualization.

Support is fantastic! It is like having another member of the team working with me to create the best possible user experience. Still within the trial period and this app has already paid for itself. This is not just a "sometime" app. This is mission critical for a successful business.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, so much!


Our issue was promptly resolved by MageWorx team! Angelika assisted us and corrected the issue caused by another app I installed (and uninstalled since way back when) called Bundlo: Products Bundle. Technical support is really important and I am glad that MageWorx is so reliable in assisting us when there are issues. Back to 5 stars!

This is the old issue we faced that they promptly resolved:
We had complaints from customers about wrong prices during checkout when they update the qty of optional items on the checkout page. This app causes erroneous prices and frustrated customers. Really bad for business.

Developer reply

December 4, 2019

Thank you for your feedback and we are apologize our app didn't work for you. I checked your support tickets and it seems we didn't receive any issues from you. I talked to our team regarding the problem mentioned in your review and it could be caused by a custom theme or a 3rd party app, because this functionality works correctly out of the box. Our team checked your store front-end and it seems the 3rd party Product bundle app, which is installed in your store, breaks our functionality. We can check this problem in your store and try to resolve it.
Please let us know if you need our help we will be happy to assist you with this problem.
Have a great day.

518 Kitchen

I used this app to make a single product that customers can add separate, pre-determined products too. It was imperative that we be able to limit the number of times they could add certain products and the developers were able to help make a custom code for this. Super helpful, super fast support, finally found the app that worked for this idea after literally dozens of attempts and weeks of research. 10/10