Advanced Product Options

Advanced Product Options

by MageWorx

Product options without limitations! Ultimate customizability.

4.7 of 5 stars(195 reviews)

Ultimate Customization

Create an unlimited amount of highly customized products options and variants! Individual option prices, 12 input types, SKU policy and more

Conditional Logic

Set flexible product option dependencies - show/hide options based on what your customers select

Smart Product Presentation

Add product option's images / colors of the swatch type, use a wide range of tools to present each product variant at its best

About Advanced Product Options

Broaden your customers’ shopping experience whilst improving the usability of your store.

Unlimited Product Options 

Overcome 3 options/100 variants per product limitation set by Shopify - add UNLIMITED custom product options in UNLIMITED сombinations.

Product Option Templates

Create groups of options and assign them to any products in bulk.

Option Types

  • Check-box (for adding product accessories, toppings, extra services, etc.),
  • radio-button (for options with one chosen value),
  • drop-down,
  • multiple select,
  • watch & Multiple Swatch (perfect for image/color swatches),
  • button (i.e., to add Size options as buttons),
  • text (for engraving/monogramming options),
  • file (to customers upload files to their orders),
  • date.

Option Pricing

Set option prices to update the product price. The following price types are available:

  • fixed (adds a fixed amount to the product price),
  • percentage (adds the % of the product price),
  • percentage from the options above (calculates the % from the product price + all the chosen options and adds it to the final price),
  • price per character (for text options to charge per each entered character, e.g., custom prints on T-shirts).

Conditional Logic

With the app, you can display custom product options only when customers select the main (parent) one(s).
 Say, you can create a product with options (e.g., storage, RAM, etc.) and display them depending on the customers' initial choice.

Color/Image Swatch for Custom Options

Create a visual presentation of each product's option:

  • upload image/colors for each value of a product option,
  • display the images next to the options,
  • replace the main product image with the one of the option,
  • use overlay feature to create great experience for customers to customize your products,
  • let customers preview each option by displaying its image on hover.

SKU Policy

With the app, you can optimize the way custom options affect the main product SKU. This is a must-have for further sales analysis and exporting this data to third-party ERP/Shipping systems.

Stock Management

Manage stock inventory for each option:

  • specify Qty of each option value,
  • display the stock of any product option on the frontend,
  • automatically hide unavailable options or disable them and display the out-of-stock message to customers,
  • sync the option’s stock to the existing product’s stock.

Link Options to Products

If an option is also a stand-alone product with its quantity (e.g., iPhone X - black - 256 GB - qty 92), you can link to it by Variant ID.

This will allow you to precisely track/manage inventory. The app can also load the linked product when the option is selected.

Flawless Performance

Built on advanced technologies, the app works lightning fast. It guarantees uninterrupted workflow and stable performance.

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Pricing 15-day free trial

Premium Plan


  • Templates

  • 12 input types

  • Dependencies

  • Color/Image Swatch

  • Custom option pricing

  • SKU policy

  • Stock management

  • Sync inventory

  • Advanced settings

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 195 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Funny Donk

Brilliant app so far. Before choosing Advanced Product Options I first went to Bold Product Options after seeing all the reviews and customers using it. I don't usually badmouth other app providers but they were a terrible choice and I don't understand how they have so many customers when the service (for me anyway) was all over the place. One email request was responded to by about 5 different people, each asking 'How can I help?' when the first person already resolved the issue. This became confusing, cluttered up my email folder and just seemed very unprofessional.

Then there was the issue of intuitive functionality of the app itself. The app dashboard was confusing to navigate and the 'help' pages felt like I was reading an upsell WSL. A key element that was missing from the app was the option to change your product image to match the option you select on the product page. When I contacted support about this they referred me to a requests page where they would charge $1000 to put in a few lines of code for this option. They also had a cheaper option, where the request could be outsourced to a company called Storetasker so I went straight to them. They tried to charge me over $150.00 to put in these few lines of code which should have already been in the app.

I just said f*ck that noise and went to Advanced Product Options, and I'm glad I did. Their customer support is fantastic! Anjelika was very helpful and responsive to my requests and any issue I had was dealt with, fast. I wanted to add some custom code into my product options and they implemented it without hesitation. Dmitry was the coder I believe and he was extremely helpful when implementing my request. Everything I asked for he had no problem solving. I look forward to their update coming in March and will continue using their app in the future. Excellent app.

Ashes With Art

These guys are awesome. The functionality the app provides is excellent and allows you to add loads of variants and customisation options. You need to understand how it works to get the best out of it however the support team are excellent. They do the install for you and are very responsive to any support calls raised. Angelika provides first class support that is responsive and understanding about the importance of the app to my business. The developers are excellent and have provided me with many minor customisations to give me exactly what I needed. These were done quickly and without issue or downtime. I moved to this app from another app which just wasn't cutting in terms of speed or functionality. This app is super fast and has the widest selection of customisations on the market. If you need product options and variants, this is the app you're looking for!


I run a POD store for photography, and to really get every size and every material right I need to display over 120 options that are dependend on each other. Poster Prints only in this size, acrylic glas only in this frame and only in that size etc.
This app is great for displaying that and the team did good work implementing it in my theme for free.

Some key features, that were already provided in the original shopify variants are really missing, and thats why i can only give two stars.
I need the functionality of spreadsheets (*.csv) to import and edit my products and variants, and even worse: there is no possibility to write down the cost of goods sold to every combination.
An option to download and backup the settings in this app would be great, too.

Developer reply

January 17, 2020


Thank you for sharing your feedback. Your review is important to us. Our team is working on a new version for this app. It will have all mentioned features and many more. This new version will have a new approach to setting up complex combinations with ease. The new version will be globally released this spring and it will have absolutely amazing and super easy-to-use interface with powerful functionality.

If you are interested in more details about this upcoming update, feel free to drop us a line and our team will be happy to provide more info.

Have a wonderful day.