Advanced Shipping Cost Plus

Advanced Shipping Cost Plus


Set easily your shipping costs with its powerful rules engine

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Shipping Methods

Define your own shipping methods or carriers for your store. You can display or hide shipping mode based on many conditions.

Powerful Rules Engine

Shipping by country, city, zipcode, products, volumetric weight ... Set your own list of rules for shipping cost that suits your needs.

Accurate Shipping cost

Free shipping, amout, formula ? Define your shipping cost accurately.

关于 Advanced Shipping Cost Plus

With Advanced Shipping Cost Plus, you define your own shipping rules that suits your needs.

Set easily and intuitively how shipping rules will be applied with the many conditions and flexibility offered by Advanced Shipping Cost.

Uses cases

Below are showed, a few examples of use cases of Advanced Shipping Cost.

  • Apply a shipping cost of $10.00 charge if postal codes start with 13, 34 and 66
  • Add a shipping cost of $10,00 if the order is less than $200,00
  • Add $20.00 in shipping costs for orders with products from Tyres category and less than $300.00
  • Set Free Shipping for order greater than $100.00


Advanced Shipping Cost Plus integrates the following features :

  • Apply shipping per item, or shipping cost per product
  • Apply shipping cost according to the order amount
  • Apply shipping cost by product type, by vendor
  • Apply shipping by country
  • Apply shipping by city, shipping cost by zipcode
  • Apply shipping cost by weight, shipping cost by dimension
  • Apply shipping volumetric weight
  • Apply shipping cost by shipping method
  • Apply shipping cost from a date, shipping cost until a date, or in a range
  • Apply Free shipping
  • And yours?

For the shipping cost amount, you can set :

  • fixed amount
  • percentage of order amount
  • formula


Advanced Shipping Cost Plus app requires Carrier Service feature. Check first that this feature is enabled on your shop.






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  • +212 6 09 23 85 33

定价 14 天免费试用



  • 2 shipping methods
  • 4 shipping rules
  • Amount (minimum amount / maximum amount) condition
  • Countries condition



  • 5 shipping methods
  • 10 shipping rules
  • Amount condition
  • Country and State conditions
  • Zipcode and City conditions



  • Unlimited shipping methods
  • Unlimited shipping rules
  • ALL conditions (amount, country, city, zipcode, products, dimensions, volumetric weight)

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

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