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Advanced Shipping Manager

Advanced Shipping Manager

Developed by KingWebmaster

108 reviews
Price: $85.00 / month More info
  • Dropshipping from multiple origins with full control over markups and couriers
  • Configure multiple shipping zones and couriers
  • Block certain shipping methods from being used with specific products

Advanced Shipping Manager for Shopify is the only shipping solution for your online store.

GUARANTEED ROI - If after the first month you believe our app did not save or generate additional revenue as much as our fee - we will gladly cancel your account and refund your first month's fee in full. No questions asked!

No other app offers more features or more control over your shipping rates and accuracy. Our customers say that it pays for itself immediately! What will you gain as an ASM customer?

Key Features:

  • ORIGIN ZIP CODE FOR EACH ITEM: When working with dropshippers and wholesalers your products may be shipping from numerous locations. This feature allows you to designate the zip code from which the item ships from and allows you to create shipping rules for each zip code. With this feature you can designate the courier, the rate, markups and even free shipping.

  • DIMENSIONS: With the introduction of dimensional weight from shipping couriers, shipping cost based on items weight alone doesn't always return accurate rates. With Advanced Shipping Manager you can set the dimensions of any item in order to properly calculate shipping costs.

  • BLOCK SHIPPING METHODS: Block any shipping method(s) from being used when it is not compatible with specific item(s) that have been added to the shopping cart. The ability to block shipping methods in your store saves your customer service department time and makes it clear to your customers what shipping options are available.

  • SHIP INDIVIDUAL ITEMS ALONE: Do you have specific products that must be shipped alone? With this feature you can designate specific products as Ship Alone and use your existing shipping rules to calculate shipping or you can override those rates with a specific flat rate.

  • MULTI-BOX ITEMS: With this feature you can set the weight and dimensions (dimensions are optional) of your products that ship in multiple boxes eliminating any miscalculations due to not being able to specify your items multiple boxes. For example: your online store ships furniture and one of your products is a large unassembled couch that ships in 3 separate boxes. With this feature you can set the number of boxes to 3 and set the weight and dimensions of each box.

  • SHIPPING TABLES: Create a shipping rule table that calculates shipping as designated in your own shipping table based on weight, order total or a flat rate. You can assign a dollar charge or a real time rate to any range allowing you to dial in your rates perfectly!

  • REAL-TIME SHIPPING RATES: Offer real-time rates for UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post for domestic and international orders. Choose to use either your negotiated / discounted rates or the published rates to give your customers the most up-to-date shipping rates available.

  • DROPSHIPPER MARKUPS: Set markups for items that come from dropshippers. You can even specify individual markups for each of your dropshippers locations, when customers check out with items from multiple dropshippers, the dropshipper markup feature will add all the markups together to simplify this potentially complex shipping scenario in your store.

  • MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM SHIPPING RATE SETTINGS: Every shipping method you create can be assigned a minimum or a maximum shipping rate. With one simple rule you can create a $5 shipping minimum that will automatically increase when the courier calculated rates are higher and you can set a maximum for that same method to never charge more than $50.

  • MARKUPS AND MARKDOWNS ON SHIPPING RATES: Set a markup or markdown for any shipping method available in your store. You can use a flat dollar amount and/or a percentage. This feature is particularly useful for adding handling charges.

  • MARKUPS AND MARKDOWNS FOR INDIVIDUAL ITEMS: Set a markup or markdown as a flat dollar amount for any individual item you sell in your store. This feature is particularly useful for adding handling charges or to cover the cost of special packing materials for specific items.

  • MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM ORDER VALUE SETTINGS: This function allows you to create create complex rules that mix and match flat rates and courier calculated rates depending on order value.

  • DIVIDE OVERWEIGHT SHIPMENTS: Set a maximum weight for your shipping calculations, automatically splitting the order into multiple packages, keeping the weight of the shipment under your defined maximum weight. This feature is useful for merchants that have special pricing on specific box weights allowing you to always keep your package weight in the optimum range.

  • FLAT SHIP RATES WITH QUANTITY DISCOUNT OPTION: Set a flat fee for specific item(s) to override shipping rates. Optionally, you can set the rates to automatically discount based on the quantity of the items ordered. Flat fee shipping rates can also be applied to groups of items.

  • GROUP FLAT RATE SHIPPING: Override real time rates in your store by setting a flat rate for specific groups of items, this allows you to offer a flat rate on a single group of items regardless of how many are ordered.

  • FREE SHIPPING FOR INDIVIDUAL ITEMS WITH MULTIPLE METHODS: Control your free shipping on the individual item level, with Advanced Shipping Manager you have the ability to specify individual items to ship for free and you can control which shipping methods the item will ship for free with.

  • GLOBAL FREE SHIPPING WITH EXCLUSIONS: Advanced Shipping Manager allows you to have better control and more options for your Global Free Shipping settings. With this feature you can even set a specific order value that turns on free shipping. You can also prevent free shipping from being applied for overweight items and exclude certain items from free shipping on an item by item basis.

  • BLOCK P.O. BOX DELIVERY: Stop the problem before it starts and prevent customers from entering a P.O. Box as a shipping address. Shipments to P.O. Boxes can cost your business valuable time and money.

  • SATURDAY DELIVERY: Offer Saturday delivery for UPS Next Day Air, FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx First Overnight and choose which days to allow your customers to select this method. This gives your customers the option of receiving their order when they need it, without the constraints of the typical Monday-Friday delivery schedule.

  • WEIGHT SURCHARGES - ADD EXTRA POUNDS TO BOX WEIGHT: Set a number of pounds to be automatically added to every package to account for packaging materials.

  • SHIPPING COURIER BACKUP: The Shipping Courier Backup feature adds a level of protection to your store by allowing UPS and FedEx to backup each other in the event of their API going down, this means Advanced Shipping Manager will always return rates.

  • SHOPPING CART SIMULATOR: Quickly and easily test Shipping Rates for your store with the Shopping Cart Simulator feature. No need to place a test order! Our simulator allows.

Not seeing a feature you need? Challenge us! Call our team of experts and let us create it for you at 888-546-4932 or email us: info@kingwebmaster.com

See AdvancedShippingManager.com for more information, including a webinar, and full list of features.

Advanced Shipping Manager reviews

108 reviews
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We added the Advanced Shipping Manager App to our store and can only say that we are very impressed by the simplicity of the integration onto our system. The App was added within 24 hours and the sales team immediately passed us onto Burt in the Support Team to help answer any questions we may have had and iron out any toothing problems.
Any issues we encountered at the beginning were due to complications at our end, however, the supremely patient Burt worked with us, and walked us through the process until we were satisfied that the system was working and we understood how to keep everything updated. Skype Calls were arranged, feedback chased and all questions answered thoroughly. We cannot praise the support team enough for their efforts.

The App initially didn't meet all the currency requirements we had, but one phone call later to Burt, we were given assurance that he would get their Tech team to solve the issue within the next 24 hours. Well, lets just say we woke next morning to a message from Burt saying the problem was solved ..... impressive and diligent.

The Advanced Shipping Manager App is simple to integrate, easy to use and certainly increases functionality at CheckOut. We have no regrets in having chosen it and certainly feel grateful for the work of everyone in the team, from start to finish it was a smooth and well organised process, that acted on their word. Impressed. - www.artbaazar.com


ASM has the Shipping portion of the website running like clock work .
Burt and Dan are the best .
They even worked after hours to get our site working.


Advanced Shipping Manager is an exceptionally feature-rich application that fit our needs perfectly! We were able to configure custom rules for both domestic and international shipping, including price-based and weight-based parameters, while specifying exceptions and markups with ease. Customer support was excellent, too!


This is also a shout out for Burt Joseph, who has been amazing, helpful, dedicated and beyond supportive. The experience with Advanced Shipping Manager, and Burt, has been clutch support for our project and shipping needs. I wish every application would conduct their business this way! Efficient, responsive, I highly recommend Advanced Shipping Manager and the team behind them!


Burt has been the MOST helpful guy on the planet to help answer all my questions! I never have a doubt when I’m having an issue to call and ask for him!! I am soooo happy with this app and Burt is truly amazing! Thank you thank you I’m so glad I found this app!


The KingWebmaster team was able to set up a number of custom shipping rules for us to account for our specific shipping needs. Support was very responsive and able to resolve any issues we encountered.


We migrated a rather large site with very specific shipping rules from magento and we looked in multiple apps for a solution to all of our needs. Advanced Shipping Manager could handle everything and more. They've been incredibly helpful and respond rapidly with help. I highly recommend this app and utilizing their help for a custom setup to save you time. It's very simple to use and update as well.


Wow, this app saved us a ton of time and money. It also literally took 30 min from start to finish to set it up and go live. Both Burt and Dan were a pleasure to work with and seemed to know the answer to all my questions before I finished asking them. Would highly recommend this to anyone wanting more control over shipping rates and options. Thanks, guys!!


We haven't actually started selling yet so I can't say how the app works but I'll update my review once we do. So far though the customer support I've received from Burt getting everything set up has been fantastic and it seems like the app is going to do everything we need it to do.


Really great support to help get shipping up and running on your website. Thoroughly impressed. Very responsive over the phone or email. So far a great app! Very nice features.


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