Advanced Shipping Manager

Advanced Shipping Manager

by KingWebmaster

Accurate Shipping Rates for Online Stores

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Happiest Baby UK

We use Advanced Shipping Manager on all of our sites but it was particularly helpful for our UK site where we needed to price shipping differently to different regions based on the product and weight with several custom factors. Their customer support team helped us every step of the way until we got everything exactly as needed. We highly recommend this app if you need any type of custom shipping options.

International Event Products

The customer support team is incredibly responsive and great to work with. Our store has a lot of unique shipping rules and ASM has patiently worked with us to figure out the best way to handle. They are the only company we have found with such customization.


We have very non-standard shipping needs. We spent a lot of time trying to hack different tools together and it was painful. When we finally tried Advanced Shipping Manager, everything *just worked* Magic!

Installation was a breeze, the add-ons worked as expected, and the support is AMAZING. The support staff are incredibly knowledgeable. They take the time to understand our specific problems and provide smart responses with a lightning-fast turnaround time. Highly recommend this software and this company.

Max Warehouse

Advanced Shipping Manager has great features to handle shipping on your store. They even create customized features if needed. Customer Service is great and fast.

We needed better control of shipping cost with frozen food. They even took the time to help us set everything up. Great addition.

LYNX Barbell

We've been using this shipping app for over 4 years now and love the flexibility and ease of use it offers. The few times I needed support I got help immediately which is much appreciated. You can really lock down your rates, offer free shipping on certain items, specify box sizes so you don't bleed money, eliminate shipping methods based on product, etc. I'm impressed with the app and level of service I receive when needed.

Toynk Toys

Our customers, especially around the holidays always ask, "when will I receive my order?" This app answers that question for them and saves a lot of our customer service rep's time. It is very customizable and they just added a new feature allowing us to black outdates we may be closed and any dates a delivery service will not be delivering. Highly recommend

Smarty Had A Party!

We use this app. Very happy with the functionality and even better never had a glitch with this app.


We have used this company for many years for many different website solutions and they have never failed us, in fact, they have always exceeded our expectations!


This is an incredibly robust shipping app that I’ve been using for over a year for our flagship store, and one I’ll be thrilled to install, and will have already mastered, on our next two niche shops, and at half price which is part of their pricing incentive.

Coming from another e-commerce platform, having a separate shipping solution/software/app was foreign to me, but now I’m thankful for it, as I have more control over bulk assigning shipping values and formulas at once. Our store has over 50K products so you can see the value of assigning bulk shipping options per manufacturer, price range, product type, etc. Also foreign to me was working in a CSV file for shipping much like any data sheet that you’d receive from a manufacturer or one you generate in Shopify after creating products. This speaks to the speed of bulk editing I referred to, as I now have the power of Excel or Google Sheets to expedite my changes.

What makes this app robust? – extensive control and powerful (yet extra costing) add-ons. But even with our 50K inventory, we haven’t yet needed to explore any add-ons. I can not only assign Free or Flat Rate Shipping, but I can also create general rules in the app, (outside the CSV) that for instance allows me to provide Free Shipping for any order over $99. With an ASM generated formula (documentation on site on how to create, and example below), I can also define tiers of Flat Rate Shipping to accommodate multiples of a product(s). For example I have a shipping formula for thousands of small products: 1=10.95~3~17.50~5~21* This basically says Shipping for 1 is 10.95, 3 for 17.50, 5 for 21. The reason I don’t accommodate additional quantities is because for that particular item, more than 5 would cost over $99 and then my General Free Shipping rule kicks in. Cool!

Other robust features/options/headers in the CSV include assigning Dimensions, a Ship Alone value, Origin Zip Code (incredibly useful when dropshipping from manufacturers from all over the place), Number of Boxes, Invalid Shipping Methods, Markup, Multi-Box Dimensions, Global Free Shipping, Exclude States and Exclude Countries – the last two of which are incredibly valuable as we have no interest in shipping to AK or HI, Canada or Mexico and also some manufacturers have restrictions to California which gives us the power to declare these restrictions quickly.

Customer Service: Due to the size of our store, we ran into a issue over the summer that required us to desperately ping the ASM support team for their help with a solution to our unique issue. Our request, was by my standards, was quite bold but the ASM staff was incredibly responsive to our support needs and was able to make temporary accommodations along the way so that we could still operate without any downtime. As I said, our request was bold and it took them several weeks, but it was worth the wait as I can confidently say that all future ASM users will be able to benefit from this major upgrade and how it ‘talks’ to other aspects of the Shopify platform. And during that time, the ASM staff was constantly available and polite despite our request.

Since our store is so large and we are able to get a shipping app discount for our next two stores, the price is totally worth it, but don’t let a smaller inventory prevent you from avoiding this solution. Smaller stores will reap the benefits of a streamlined checkout experience and they’ll find that the app will pay for itself in time – In fact, I actually wish we had a smaller inventory because then I would have more time, to be able to really use more of the features that I’m already paying for and make the checkout experience that much more amazing for our customers.

One recommendation for anyone about to use this app, (and this may be cleared up in future versions as the Support Team has been very receptive to our feature suggestion), but please consider taking the time to create an identification system for your SKUs, especially if your are dropshipping and work with multiple manufacturers. In the CSV that you will edit, the only identifier (as of this writing) for each product is the SKU and if you do not prepend some additional identifier for each product, it will be very difficult to identify products and hence assign the correct shipping rate. For instance. We had a product with a SKU of 1001, which told me nothing in the CSV. Once I created my naming convention, that SKU now reads ABRSS-1001 which I can now identify as an Allied Brass product and not only assign it a Free Shipping value but also search or filter for all other products with that naming convention in Excel or Sheets and bulk assign all other products.

To the ASM team – thanks so incredibly much for this amazing app and especially for all our your help (and patience) referenced above. As an additional future feature suggestion, perhaps an in-app spreadsheet editing feature allowing users to bypass downloading/uploading CSVs (and bypass Microsoft and Google products). And perhaps including an extra couple of identifiers for products, especially Product Type or Cost or Manufacturer as many vendors may want to set shipping by those criteria. See you on the backend!

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