Advanced Shipping Manager

Advanced Shipping Manager

by KingWebmaster

Accurate Shipping Rates for Online Stores

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The best Shipping App Ever. Just takes a minute to get setup with a basic product export and then it's really easy to update. We now have FULL shipping control and I can't believe we went so long with out using this software. Worth every penny and the customer service has been excellent.


Wonderfully powerful app! Most orders from our store ship in multiple boxes totaling over 150 pounds. Me and my team must have talked with Shopify a dozen times (maybe more) about this problem and if there was a workaround. Finally, on the last phone call we placed, they revealed this gem of an app. It handles multi-box shipments of any weight and uses real-time carrier-calculated rates. There are so many customizations. It even plays nice with other apps. Burt was extremely helpful in getting me setup and acquainted to the user interface, which is extremely intuitive and simple-to-use. I was relieved when I learned you could do .csv uploads. It's amazing how many apps lack this feature. This is really a must-have app.

This app only has one review of less than two stars (at the time I'm writing this, although I don't see it ever getting a bad review) and I don't know why it was negative. The interface isn't on Shopify's website, but working with the Advanced Shipping Manager app is like working on any app in the backend. I realize this started as a Yahoo Merchant Stores program, but it works amazingly in Shopify. I could really care less what other platforms it is built for; we use Shopify and it works great for us.

The App has helped our store immensely, however, the process and extra step for uploading and importing a CSV file each time we make a change with our products is time-consuming and frustrating. There must be a way to automate this???


Burt is a busy guy... To be honest, not the easiest person to reach... But once you catch him on the phone, he'll always do his best to help you and make sure everything's working for you. His explanations are clear and he knows what he's doing.

As for the app itself, the available customization options are just limitless.

Before checking out and entering their shipping address, customers can also get shipping estimates on their cart page by entering their ZIP code... This is a huge plus as we'd hate for customers to be surprised by total shipping cost after the trouble of entering their full shipping address during checkout.

For a small additional fee, ASM can even integrate with other freight vendors such as UniShippers.

If you think you have a set of complicated shipping rules and it's impossible to have it all on your online store -- ASM will make it possible for you.

Uncharted Play Inc

ASM Solved all my shipping problems in less than 20 minutes. They have extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff aka Burt.

Max Brenner | Online Chocolate Shop

We had a complicated set of rules that was far beyond what Shopify can do, but Advanced Shipping Manager made it work. Setup was a little complicated, but Burt was very helpful and got us up and running.

Olympic Provisions

Shipping a refrigerated and dry product line across the country is not a "simple logic" task. ASM offered friendly support, useful suggestions, and a scale-able solution that helps to expand the logic and build dimension into our web pricing structure. Most importantly, it's reasonably priced, does what it claims to, and is simple to use. It will win the year for us, this year, for web sales.

King Webmaster has worked hard to create this sophisticated program. It's powerful and I believe it's a must-have for any website. It accurately calculates shipping. If shipping is wrong, it's probably something you've done wrong. Burt is always willing to help when there are issues. The seamless integration with a Yahoo store is easier, however it works well with Shopify also. Having to upload the CSV file every time products change would be the only drawback. In the past, we were calling our customers and making shipping adjustments because our website couldn't accurately calculate shipping. Once we integrated the Advanced Shipping Manager, it has greatly reduced those number of calls. It's a long process before you'll get everything perfect. We still occasionally make adjustments on markups when we find a product with information that needs to be changed. I'm sure we will always be making adjustments here and there. You must think of other fees you may incur if you drop ship an item, etc. Overall it's a great program.

Ruth's Beauty

For Yahoo stores, this is an amazing app- I used it with great success at Yahoo and was excited it was available here. Unfortunately, it is not sufficiently integrated into Shopify in a way that was workable for me. Even then, it is a great program and from the other reviews it is a godsend in addressing the limitations of the Shopify shipping features. The issues here are integration with Shopify and needless antagonism from a member of the KW team (not Burt).

As you can see from all of the screen shots even in the app store, ASM is still very much a Yahoo product. All of the program documentation is for Yahoo and there is no direct Shopify integration. In Yahoo, you can make edits on the product page, but in shopify, setup and edits are done via CSV file.

I asked about paying to have them do the setup, but that was not an option.

As for customer service- yikes!

Burt is great- I have worked with him previously and he is pretty much perfect- easy going, knowledgable and responsive.

Unfortunately, Dan from their team is strangely inappropriate and antagonistic so be prepared for a flurry of unpleasant emails if you find this program does not suit your current needs as a Shopify merchant.

Annette Tatum

For a while I thought our website would never be able to calculate proper shipping rates and I would forever be on the phone with customers giving custom shipping quotes... This app was perfect for solving our shipping needs. We ship everything from a tiny paint sample via USPS to a 500lb sofa sectional which needs to be flat rate from a white glove carrier. Burt was able to customize the app to fit exactly what we needed. Setting everything up was super simple and the customer service was great! Sometime you just need to talk to someone on the phone and Burt was always there to walk me through any issues. Thanks again for everything!