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1. August 2018

I don't know for sure how to use this app. After creating ad campaigns, all of them are deleted and only one remain, that is Retargetingapp campaign which I am not sure how to manage or tweak my other campaigns.

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7 tage mit der App
13. Juli 2021

Uninstalled this week's back, and keeps creating new ads every few days!! I don't want any more ads created. I removed this ad, but every few days this app creates new ads, even after installing it. Didn't work for me. Cost silly amounts and didn't make a single sale.

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7 tage mit der App
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) hat geantwortet 13. Juli 2021

I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience using our application.

I confirm that there was a bug on our side and it has already been fixed.

Please note that each advertising campaign has to go through a Learning phase to bring results in the future. To achieve this you need to keep the advertising campaign active for seven days.

Thank you for your feedback! It helps us to get better.

10. Oktober 2020

I'm disappointed with the customer service and will not be using this app. I downloaded this app on Tuesday night, October 6. For some reason, my Facebook is not letting me connect to the app. I requested assistance that Tuesday night. I received a response they were sending the issue to the developers. I didn't get any update until today, and they told me to do the exact same thing that wasn't working originally. I still tried anyway and was having the same issue.

Any Curve Boutique
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4 tage mit der App
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) hat geantwortet 11. Oktober 2020

Thank you for your review!

We are working hard on improving our service and your feedback will help us avoid such issues in the future. Unfortunately, this was the first time we ran into such technical issue, which is why we were unable to resolve this right away and our tech team needed some time to investigate this case.
Our team has reached out to you via email to get more details for further investigation, and we will do our best to provide a solution as soon as possible.

Customer Service Team Lead

14. April 2017

Terrible. Made my reporting completely inaccurate and useless. Worse than using the Shopify built-in integration. Bad customer service also when I contacted them. Try Pixel Perfect or Trackify.

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9. Februar 2022


Kindred & Crew
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3 tage mit der App
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) hat geantwortet 10. Februar 2022

Thank you for your feedback. I’m truly sorry to hear about your experience.

Let me share that we never get access to the personal accounts of our clients to edit, post, or disconnect anything. We can get permission to create ads only.

I am sorry to hear that your page is restricted. Sometimes Meta (Facebook) can restrict an account by accident, especially now when they change some of their policy. I strongly recommend you request a review and contact their team for clarification.

Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We would love to make things right.

Oleksandra Deikun
Senior Customer Support Specialist

28. Juli 2018

I deleted the app and tried to remove it's partnership from my page and it won't let me. Retargetapp is a junk application and can be dangerous for you

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Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) hat geantwortet 13. März 2019

Alex here, from RetargetApp.

I would like to note that RetargetApp has been designed with customer comfort and security in mind, so we are very sorry for any negative experience you may have had with the app.

We would like to learn more about the situation you’ve described, so we would really appreciate it if you could message us at with a more detailed account of the issue you’ve encountered.

3. November 2015

it has been 3 days - and I still can't install or use it

Bijoux By Ingrid
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24. Januar 2023

I don't see my existing campaign and tech support takes 1 day to answer.

The only option is to create a campaign. I want to see my existing one.

It appears the company has no answer or willing to help.

HappyTown Dogs
Etwa 20 stunden mit der App
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) hat geantwortet 26. Januar 2023

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to have kept you waiting for the reply. You contacted us on Sunday and therefore, it took a long time to get back to you. We also provided you with a prompt reply on Monday and offered assistance. However, we didn't receive the exact details regarding the "existing" campaign you mentioned. According to the available data on our end, you just installed Adwisely, and no campaigns were created for your store before.
We'll gladly sort everything out once have more details about your request. Feel free to contact us for further investigation.
Kind regards,
Valeria Heintse,

12. Juni 2016

Very useful, we have had seen great returns on my supplement store,

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7. Mai 2016

This app requires you to change how you currently bill for advertising with Facebook. Facebook currently offers a billing threshold and services are billed after being rendered. Threshold is based on past successful billing thresholds. This app requires you to pay in advance for the same Facebook services + a fee. I don't mind the fee but completely changing how a larger company interacts with billing for Facebook is not acceptable. At the least this app should offer daily billing. App looks promising but this is a deal breaker.

Skiff Life We Fish Skinny Water
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