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Fecha de modificación: 24 de septiembre de 2021

Don't download this app. I've been a user for 3-4years but honestly, they will rob you at any occasion they can find. I'm so disappointed in it and their support team the past year. They used to be great, that's for sure. And they still reply fast, but regarding the app itself... twice they run ads without my permission on my account. My ads were inactive but they run them anyway on their end, I don't know how, then they charged me 249$/month for exceeding the 1k $ limit of the previous plan. They passed me to the higher plan without me noticing anything nor being notified by email. When you try to launch a store, you have so many things to think of and even if I could pay 49$/month, I couldn't pay 249$. I spent hours arguing with them and it's only when I threatened them to leave a bad review that they agreed to refund me. So I didn't at that time. But today I noticed they again passed my account to the higher plan (249$ instead of 49$). Their dashboard is in € but they calculate in $. So I guess with EUR/$ fluctuation, my account ended up spending more than the plan's limit au 1k $ . Again, I was not notified and they have been charging me 249$ for 11 months!!! For exceeded the plan's ads spend limit by 2,5$/day... 80$ a month... they charged me 200$ extra... So not worth it. I recognize I should have been more careful, but I never though they could be so dishonest about this. We, sellers have so many things to do too, we can't always check every single details, especially when their charges are one line in the whole shopify monthly bill or cycle bills. It's so unclear. It's not like you receive they unique bill in your mailbox and can easily notice something is wrong... I'll never see my 2200$ again, they don't want to proceed to any refund or even partial refund even though they recognized their pricing was confusing. I'm sorry but even though I was a user for 3-4 years, I will be looking for another retargeting App.

Les Petits Imprimés
Más de 4 años usando la aplicación
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) respondió 1 de octubre de 2021

Thank you for your feedback!

You are absolutely right. We can - and will - do a better job explaining our Billing to current and future customers.

We will work on:
- setting up email notifications about the upcoming change of the billing plan - currently, this info can only be found in Billing plan block of your RetargetApp Account settings.
- adding information for people whose Ad Account currency is not USD as RetargetApp fee is charged in USD only.
- rephrasing and improving the description of our Billing that сan be found in our Help Center ( and Terms of Service (

RetargetApp was proud to run highly efficient online ads for Les Petits Imprimés - and we want to keep bringing you more sales.

Please, check your inbox for the details on a special offer we’ve prepared for you.

Your feedback is highly appreciated as it helps us become better.

Best regards,
Alina Andros
Lead Account Manager @ RetargetApp

5 de agosto de 2019

I used the old version of retarget app for a long time on our site. It worked smoothly and was well worth it. But the new version has been charging us more in ad spend and lowering our ROI dramatically. Facebook is now hitting the full budget each day where before changing it only needed a fraction of it to get results. I believe this is due to the campaigns all resetting which I was assured wouldn't happen. But all the historical data is gone and created new campaign in facebook. With any luck the facebook campaign will optimize over time and improve ROI but I was told that historical data wouldn't be lost which is very disappointing. The way the app is set up now anybody could just use facebook business manager directly and avoid paying a monthly fee to retargetapp. All they are doing now is just automating a retargeting campaign that anybody could set up in 10 minutes with a google search. I'd be surprised if you couldn't reach out to facebook support to set it up for you for free and save a monthly app fee. Ad spend all goes to facebook anyway.

Yoder Leather Company
Estados Unidos
Más de 3 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 24 de abril de 2019

We used this app for over 3 years and loved the results. Their new pricing structure is almost double the original cost and we don't believe it is worth the additional cost. They sent no notification to existing clients about this cost change and it was definitely a shock to see. We may finally be saying goodbye to this app. Also, once we updated the app our results vanished which was super disappointing.

Weekend Swim
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 3 años usando la aplicación
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) respondió 25 de abril de 2019

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your opinion. We have been working hard to make new RetargetApp the best solution for your advertising needs, and now we are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our most recent update.

I would like to note that RetargetApp is not only a fully automated retargeting solution, now we offer more advertising tactics (prospecting ads, abandoned cart recovery ads, cross-sell, etc.) and personalized ad creatives. This is why we re-considered our billing system - it is now more streamlined and transparent. What’s more, we offer a 14-day free trial to try a new version of the app.

Since we created an absolutely new campaign for you, your previous campaign results are not displayed on the in-app dashboard. However, these stats are not lost, we are always happy to provide you with detailed analytics for your previous campaign any time you may need it.

Fecha de modificación: 19 de junio de 2019

has become very expensive with latest update so higher ad costs and less sales not sure what has gone wrong with latest update seems like they scatter gun impressions across alot different networks

Más de 2 años usando la aplicación
19 de julio de 2016

I have used this app for my store for about 2 months now. $425 spend, and $12,500 in return. GREAT ROI right? Well, if this was accurate, that would be the case. However, I know from crunching the numbers that this is not correct. I thought maybe this was measuring Click Through AND View Through Conversions (the app never specifies anywhere on the site which attribution model it uses, which can be misleading). I decided to message the founder of the app.

He messaged me and said RetargetApp only measures Click Through Conversions. Now this is where I KNOW this is off. I can see the UTM campaign on my Shopify store, and this means that 1% of my traffic is bringing almost 20% of my revenue. (So basically I was either lied to, or the maker of the app himself is also misled, which I struggle to believe)

The oversimplification of the app causes me some distress. As a numbers guy, there is no way to measure this in the slightest, and test different variations or cross examine different retarget platforms. Also, since the revenue/profit it gives you is not accurate, the numbers yield relatively useless. If the owner knows that the numbers are not 100% accurate (which based off other reviews, he apparently does), this needs to be stated clearly in the app, or maybe taken off the store until it is fixed.

TL;DR :: Developer is not up front about the accuracy of the "revenue" metric within the app. Interface is over simplified. No way to really measure anything useful. Good if you are new to retargeting, but pay no attention to the numbers except the "spend" metric, because it means very little,

Shelly Cove
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
20 de agosto de 2017

They will bill from you automatically and there is no option to stop that.

Estados Unidos
4 meses usando la aplicación
14 de septiembre de 2020

i used the apps for 2 weeks. delivered great results, in 2 days having 10x ROAS. theeeeen for almost week the apps stop giving good results. $0 purchase for $35-55 ad spends. reach supports lot of time. keep blaming me and suggest to change the ads copy. (the ads copy was working for 2 weeks??) not for me but try yours may work

Staple Food
Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) respondió 16 de septiembre de 2020

Thank you for your feedback! Our team has reached out to you via email with detailed explanation of the factors that affect the ROAS and also shared recommendations as for optimization of your campaign and the changes that need to be applied to the Ads to deliver better results. If you have any questions, please write back to us at anytime, and we will be more than happy to assist you further!