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Fecha de modificación: 8 de septiembre de 2022

NEW REVIEW: The pricing of this app has changed for the worse. Most Shopify stores are small businesses that cannot afford $100+ / Month for an app that just manages ads. I'll take my ad budget elsewhere. OLD REVIEW: Best Retargeting App in the app store. Already recovered a few sales

Pix Gifts
Estados Unidos
Más de 5 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 7 de enero de 2016

Bug about remove or change card.

Saiyan Store
Estados Unidos
Casi 3 años usando la aplicación
1 de febrero de 2018

Looks like its working but have my doubts about their analytics/results, but they are working on it! So keep up the work!

Países Bajos
Más de 2 años usando la aplicación
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) respondió 13 de marzo de 2019

Alex here, from RetargetApp.

I would like to say that we appreciate your continued business with RetargetApp. As you may know, RetargetApp receives its data directly from Facebook, so, all the stats you see on the app dashboard are displayed just the way they were tracked by Facebook Pixel. You can always check your campaign's results inside your Ads Manager.

If you have any app-related questions, our Customer Support and Success teams are always happy to answer them.

Fecha de modificación: 1 de junio de 2017

We have used this app for several years and LOVED it—nothing sketchy has ever happened—however as below comments mentioned, we also received a random $9000 charge on May 31. Fortunately it was refunded within a few hours, before we had even reached out. Hoping they address this issue—and double hoping it was a one-time error that has been eliminated.

Estados Unidos
Más de 2 años usando la aplicación
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) respondió 13 de marzo de 2019

First of all, I would like to say that we at RetargetApp really appreciated your loyalty and would like to apologize for the problem you had experienced.

Indeed, it was a one-time issue, and it won't happen again as we have significantly improved our app since then. In a new version of RetargetApp, you are billed directly by Facebook and Shopify. Moreover, you can check your ads performance directly in Ads Manager.

If you would like to try the new RetargetApp, please, let me know - I will personally help you upgrade.

Alex from RetargetApp

Fecha de modificación: 7 de junio de 2017

Updated below review: there was a technical glitch and they have refunded any money that was taken.

Warning! Same happened to me as comment below. They have tried to charge my card $3000 for a $50 per day ad.

The Wedding Of My Dreams 2
Reino Unido
Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 18 de marzo de 2019

I used this App for 3 years and made a ton of money on it. The new update killed this wonderful app. I had money in the updated version for several days with 0 Sales. Not only does the new Algorithm is ineffective they now want a 200% increase in monthly payment. Tread cautiously with the new version.

Update: The New version wiped away the 3 years of Data and has me starting fresh with no previous insight to go by

Update 2: Customer Service responded and said it can take up to 1 week for Facebooks optimization to kick in. With this information I am now willing to give the app another go but i'm going to start off slow which is unfort going to set back the pace.

Tetramode® | Psy Fashion
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Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
Ad Intelligence INC (Adwisely) respondió 18 de marzo de 2019

I’m sorry to hear that you were not happy with our most recent update. We have been working hard to make new RetargetApp the best solution for your advertising needs.

RetargetApp is now not just a retargeting solution - we offer a full funnel of advertising tactics for your store. We help you find new customers with Prospecting and sell even more to existing customers with Cross-Sell. This is why we re-considered our billing system - it is more streamlined and transparent.

An updated version of the app uses the audience tracked by RetargetApp pixel. The data hasn’t been lost - otherwise, you wouldn’t start delivering your ads right away after you’ve updated the app. If you need the stats for your previous campaign, we will gladly send them along.

We are happy you decided to give RetargetApp another try. I hope you will see that with the smart budget distribution and your personal Success Manager providing improvement suggestions our app is highly beneficial for your business.

If you have any other thoughts or feedback about the app, don’t hesitate to share them with us at

20 de noviembre de 2015

Just tried to install, but product images display half cut-off. That is a show stopper. Would have given 5 stars otherwise.

E Eight
Reino Unido
11 meses usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 3 de junio de 2016

It seems to work well. I see the ads myself occasionally on FB and they look great and are decently accurate as to what products I have been looking at.

Very easy to set up.

BUT, the ease of use makes the app TOO simplistic. There are barely any reports to look at for ad performance. The only thing you can see is total spent, revenue, and profit.

You cannot see CTR, you cannot see any other FB ad metric. You also cannot set the amount of time you would like these ads to show for someone (the amount of time they are in your custom audience) without contacting support.

The biggest issue that I have run into is that the revenue statistic is COMPLETELY OFF. Currently, my spend is $40 and my revenue is $26k. This is wrong.

This total revenue might be from other sales of ours through other sources (like google, and Point of Sale in store), because it is certainly NOT from the retargeting ads. I know that for sure.

Customer service is ok. Takes them a while to get back to you sometimes. I talked to them about this and they said that sometimes the numbers glitch out or something to that effect.

I like the look of the ads and the ease of use, but the numbers can be flat out WRONG, and there is minimal reporting and ad customization available.

I hope to see improvements in the future.

Mak Home
Estados Unidos
10 meses usando la aplicación
19 de julio de 2016

We've found this app really useful and simple to use. I would suggest using a discount code or similar so that you can truly track your real conversion rate as the conversion stats on the app (supplied by Facebook) don't show real conversions for us

Baby Swimming Shop
Reino Unido
6 meses usando la aplicación
2 de octubre de 2017

It's pretty good, but i definitely think the numbers are inflated. Adroll crushes this by far, and i can see their ads. With Retarget App, I think it's highly over-rated.

Svs Suburban Vintage Shop
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando la aplicación