AdYogi for Google Ads

AdYogi for Google Ads

Google Shopping Ads, Dynamic Retargeting, Conversion Tracking

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Real-Time Catalog Sync

Receive regular updates every 8 hours by effortlessly setting up your merchant center & creating feed synced in real time with the campaigns

Specialized Support

Our Account Managers with 25,000+ hours of experience in Smart Shopping campaigns, provide support whenever you need it. We are also a Red B

Customized Reporting

AdYogi creates detailed custom reports on the performance of your campaigns.

AdYogi for Google Ads 정보

Why AdYogi for Google Ads App?

AdYogi is a comprehensive solution for all Shopify merchants who are looking to automate and optimize their sales through Digital Ads and achieve multiplied ROAS (Returns on Ad Spend) through Google Smart Shopping Ads. We are currently working with the top 250+ Global eCommerce brands, managing an annual ad spend of more than 24+ million dollars.

Adyogi is one of the top 3 Premier Google Partners and a trusted marketing partner of Facebook.

The Adyogi app has unmatched expertise in Smart Shopping. It offers highly optimized Shopping campaigns where, targeting, placements, and keywords are determined by Google’s machine learning. Our industry expert accounts managers have driven tremendous results on running Google ads for Shopify Stores. With their in-hand expertise, they also provide personalized suggestions on the following:

*Your budgets,

*Your campaign structuring, and

*Your product and product group marketing.

Key Product Features:

Live Feed synchronization and optimization.

AdYogi maintains a complete product feed on Shopify & GMC which is updated 4 times a day and synchronized in real-time with your campaigns. This way, your campaigns never run on obsolete data. The platform also makes sure that the processing and approval of your products have a quick turn-around, and they continue to remain approved for the longest.

Budget and ROAS optimization

AdYogi keeps a close watch on your campaigns, and optimizes their budgets and target ROAS, depending on your spend and ROAS targets.

Predictive Bidding Analysis

Automatically predict the optimum bid value to each keyword and ads based on industry standards & benchmarks

Automate Remarketing and Conversion Tracking

With this added feature complementary to your account, you can accumulate audiences in your Google ads to retarget and track sales coming from all forms of Google Ads.

Gain marketing insights directly from Google

Our status as a Red Badge partner with Google allows us to be updated with the latest marketing insights directly from Google, which in tune helps us optimize your ad campaigns efficiently.

Customize reporting on the performance of your ad campaigns

AdYogi creates and posts regular, detailed reports on the performance of your campaigns and ad groups. This helps you keep a track of your spending, maintain transparency, and deliver the best results.

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  • Live Sync Product Feed
  • Automatic Verification & Claiming of Site
  • Supports Unlimited Products & Variants
  • Feed Editing
  • Support on Chat & Email



  • Everything in Beginners Plan
  • Campaign Setup for Shopping Ads
  • eCommerce Customized Reports
  • Call Support

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가장 최근 리뷰

Miharu Crafts

I had no experience with Google Ads but with AdYogi, I was able to generate my initial sales. Thanks to customer support team of AdYogi for all the prompt responses to my queries.


We are very much satisfied with the performance of our campaigns. I will recommend this App to everyone! The App is very easy to use and we were able to grasp each and every insight very quickly which helped us understand the gap and take measures accordingly.

Gorillawear India

I was able to create the ads in just minutes and go live with the campaigns very soon. The turnaround time was very less and the support team helped me throughout the process.