CJ Affiliate Commission Finder

CJ Affiliate Commission Finder

開發者:Market Labs

Automate & maximize CJ credits for refunds, duplicates & more!

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Maximize your Profit and ROI

Recover commissions for refunds, returns, duplicates, coupon code issues, and more! Eliminate budget waste and maximize profit.

Optimize Like Never Before

Gain unparalleled insight into publisher and product performance with advanced reporting and analytics - no more blind program management.

Level Up your Team

Automations will save HOURS of work. Tough technical or program issues? We’re always available with free technical and program support.

有關 CJ Affiliate Commission Finder

It's your money. Get it back.

Why pay more affiliate commission fees than you need to? Connect your Shopify store and your affiliate account with Affiliate Commission Finder and start recovering commissions now. No limits to your volume.

Simple Installation

It only takes a few minutes to dramatically improve your affiliate marketing profitability and efficiency. A one-click install of our Shopify app. An easy authentication of your CJ account.

Easy, Thorough Setup

You’ll receive a free comprehensive analysis of your historical commissions, current technical integration, and affiliate program structure. Gain valuable insight as well as confidence that Affiliate Commission Finder will find and fix your commission issues, saving you BIG.

Full Automation

Once you’ve reviewed and approved the historical analysis of your commissions we’ll begin automatically extending, reconciling, and correcting your commissions.

Total Visibility

Maintain total visibility to the money you are saving and the sales you are generating. We do the work and we give you the data, analytics, and dollars to sit back and grow your business.


  • CJ,
  • Commission Junction,
  • Rakuten,
  • ShareASale





Additional charges: 50% of recovered affiliate commissions up to $199 monthly.

5.0 5 顆星


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Mano's Wine

This app is so helpful for a small business like us! It saves hours of checking and following up on affiliates/commissions - a very monotonous task that ate a lot of employee hours up before. Well worth it!

BuddyLove Clothing Label

We use this app to automate our commission denials and it has saved us so much time. We're incredible grateful for all of the support we get from the Market Labs team and I strongly recommend this app for anyone trying to automate that process.