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9 juillet 2024

Exceptional App for Boosting Referrals and Sales!

I recently started using the ReferrLy app on my Shopify store, and it has been a game-changer! This app is incredibly user-friendly and has significantly boosted our referral traffic and sales.

Here’s what I love about ReferrLy:

Seamless Integration: It was incredibly easy to integrate with my Shopify store. The setup process was straightforward and quick.

Customizable Referral Programs: I appreciate the flexibility to create customized referral programs that suit my business needs. The app allows me to offer enticing rewards to both referrers and referees, which has motivated my customers to spread the word about my products.

Intuitive Dashboard: The dashboard is clean and easy to navigate. It provides real-time tracking of referrals, rewards, and overall performance, helping me keep a close eye on the effectiveness of my referral programs.

Great Customer Support: The customer support team is responsive and helpful. They were quick to assist me with any questions I had during the setup process and provided valuable tips on maximizing the app’s potential.

Increased Sales: Since implementing ReferrLy, I’ve seen a noticeable increase in both referral traffic and sales. It’s clear that my customers love the referral incentives, and it’s driving more business my way.

Overall, ReferrLy is a must-have app for any Shopify store looking to boost referrals and sales. I highly recommend it to other store owners who want to grow their business through word-of-mouth marketing. Five stars all the way!

FCK Stock Wheels
22 jours d’utilisation de l’application
11 juillet 2024

This Shopify app is a game-changer for affiliate and referral marketing. Setup was quick and easy, and my social media influencers started driving sales right away.


Easy Onboarding: Custom signup domain and form fields.
Flexible Commission Rules: Set by affiliates, products, collections, and achievements.
Automatic Referral Links & Codes: Saves time and hassle.
Post-Purchase Pop-Ups: Converts loyal customers into affiliates.
Comprehensive Tracking: Tracks sales through referral links and coupon codes.
Affiliate Dashboard: Affiliates can monitor their performance.
Marketing Assets: Easily share promotional materials.

Highly recommend for any Shopify store looking to boost sales through affiliate marketing!

Motivational Gifts
29 jours d’utilisation de l’application
26 juin 2024

I have nothing but good words to say about this app and company. As a new business, I'm expanding and testing out affiliate marketing. It was concerning when I started my research as everything seemed out of budget. I did more digging and after comparing different options, I decided on this one and I'm happy I did. I'm not tech savvy and I appreciate simplicity. It's not only cost effective when starting out but with all the features it offers and data it provides, I can see myself using this app for many years to come. The customer service has been exceptional as well. Sam has been there every step of the way with whatever questions I have. ReferrLy is the way to go for all your affiliate marketing needs.

Lewis Park Inc.
9 jours d’utilisation de l’application
26 juin 2024

I can't express how thrilled I am with the ReferrLy Affiliate Marketing app! As a small business owner using Shopify, I was searching for a reliable and user-friendly affiliate marketing solution. ReferrLy has exceeded my expectations in every way.

From the moment I installed the app, the seamless integration with my Shopify store was evident. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making the setup process a breeze. Even for someone with limited technical knowledge, ReferrLy offers a straightforward and hassle-free experience.

One of the standout features of ReferrLy is its robust affiliate tracking capabilities. The app provides detailed analytics and reporting, allowing me to monitor the performance of my affiliates effortlessly. I can see which affiliates are driving the most traffic and sales, enabling me to optimize my marketing strategies effectively.

The customization options in ReferrLy are fantastic. I can create unique referral links and tailor my affiliate programs to suit my business needs. The ability to set commission rates and payment schedules ensures that my affiliates are motivated and rewarded fairly.

What truly sets ReferrLy apart is the exceptional customer support. Whenever I had a question or needed assistance, the support team was prompt, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. Their dedication to ensuring a positive user experience is commendable.

Since implementing ReferrLy, I've seen a significant increase in traffic and sales. My affiliates are more engaged and motivated, thanks to the transparent and efficient system ReferrLy provides. The app has streamlined my affiliate marketing efforts, saving me time and effort while delivering outstanding results.

In conclusion, ReferrLy Affiliate Marketing is a must-have app for any Shopify store looking to boost its affiliate marketing efforts. Its ease of use, powerful features, and top-notch customer support make it an invaluable tool for driving growth and success. I highly recommend ReferrLy to anyone seeking to elevate their affiliate marketing game!

Royal Sins
23 jours d’utilisation de l’application
27 juin 2024

This is an incredible app. The dashboard is clean and simple for affiliates of all skill levels. Thi can do multi level commissions, custom commissions and unique coupon codes, unique refer links. There’s absolutely nothing bad with this app. I highly recommend it especially the paid version which is very affordable. It will elevate your affiliate experience beyond belief. I love it so much!

2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
11 mai 2024

We 100% recommend this app! If you are looking for the best, most streamlined, easy to use application to help you grow your business, look no further! Download it now and get busy. You will be so glad you did. Also, if you need any assistance with setup, they have excellent customer service and work hard to make sure you are good to go! Completely Worth it!

Got a Charger
Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application
24 juin 2024

This app makes integration to affiliate marketing super easy. They are quick to respond when I need help and has boosted my business! it is also cheap to upgrade to the pro plan!!! Thanks ReferrLy!!!

Environ 2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
12 juillet 2024

I've been using this app for my Small Skincare Business for a few months now as I've introduced a Partner Program. Sam has been paramount in his assistance with questions, concerns and modifications to ensure my affiliates feel comfortable with their commission amounts and I understand how to best use the app.

Great price and great customer service!

3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
25 juin 2024

We've been using Referrly on our Shopify store, and it's been a fantastic experience. Their customer service team was super helpful when we were setting up the app—they walked us through everything and made sure it all worked smoothly.

The dashboard is really easy to use, both for us and our affiliates. It makes managing our referral program simple. We can see all the important details and track how well our campaigns are doing without any hassle.

Overall, we're really happy with Referrly. It's made a big difference for us, and we’d definitely recommend it.

6 jours d’utilisation de l’application
21 mai 2024

Sam is amazing and has great support. One of the best platforms for a start up like me where simple is what works for now but also can grow into with more features! Thanks Sam!

Venture Wild
Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application