Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing

Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing


All-in-1 Affiliate/Influencer Marketing App at a great price!

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Increase sales and traffic

Save time and money and let affiliates, influencers, ambassadors, and advocates promote your store and watch your sales and traffic grow!

Track and manage affiliates

Track orders by link, coupon, QR, email, SKU or tag & monitor the performance of your affiliates with our reporting tools from one dashboard

Extended 90 days free trial

Get enough time to test & see if an affiliate program is the right marketing strategy for your business before committing to a subscription.

Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing 정보

Affiliatly is an affiliate marketing software for e-commerce store owners.

We created Affiliatly to help you start an affiliate marketing program quickly and easily. The variety of features we offer ensures that you can customize everything about the app to realize your ideas and make the program your own.

Affiliatly tracks both mobile and desktop visitors and offers a wide range of functions and tracking methods at an affordable price.

Extended free trial

Fully test the app for free for 90 days

Automatic coupon code creation

Automatically sync coupon codes from Affiliatly to your Shopify store.

Various tracking methods to choose from

Track your affiliates' referrals by link, coupon code, QR code, client's email, product SKU, customer/order tag, or a combination of those.

Unlimited referred orders

We do not place a constraint on the number of referred orders, the only limit is the number of active affiliates you have. All the features and tracking methods we offer are available no matter which plan you choose.

Main features:

  • Admin panel to manage your program and view statistics
  • Personal affiliate panel for each of your partners
  • Automatic update of referred orders based on the Shopify order status (paid, fulfilled, canceled, refunded)
  • Control the affiliates' earnings in case of changes in the orders' prices or partial refunds
  • Change the tracking link template and set custom tracking codes for your affiliates
  • Block specific products, so affiliates will not get a commission for them
  • Set custom commissions for specific products and enable royalties
  • Upload banners for your affiliates
  • View and control affiliates' stats
  • Pay earnings to affiliates through PayPal
  • Pay your affiliates with store credit through gift cards
  • Manage the affiliate commission percentage and cookie duration globally or for a specific partner
  • Choose how affiliates generate earnings - per user visit, as a percentage of the price of the order, or as a flat rate per purchase
  • Select between 16 different languages for the app's interface
  • Block inactive affiliates
  • Customize the app to match your branding
  • Customize the login, registration, and FAQ pages of your program
  • Export affiliates and order stats into a csv spreadsheet
  • Add a popup to your checkout to invite your customers to become your affiliates

We are constantly improving our app and adding new features to make it easy for you to create an affiliate program that perfectly fits your needs.


  • PayPal,
  • Zapier,
  • Klaviyo/Mailchimp,
  • ReCharge

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가격 90 일간 무료 체험



  • Up to 50 active affiliates
  • Track unlimited referral orders and visitors
  • All features of the app are enabled
  • No commission fees



  • Up to 200 active affiliates
  • Track unlimited referral orders and visitors
  • All features of the app are enabled
  • No commission fees

Pro 1000


  • Up to 1,000 active affiliates
  • Track unlimited referral orders and visitors
  • All features of the app are enabled
  • No commission fees

Pro Unlimited


  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Track unlimited referral orders and visitors
  • All features of the app are enabled
  • No commission fees

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If you are looking for a full-function, fully customisable affiliate app - then this one is ideal. Over the past 3 years I have tried 5 different apps for this, from the super easy one click setup to the "all free" apps. Here is my review for Affiliatly;
1. super customisable, there are many different ways you can tweak the commissions, emails, etc. This is essential for us, as whilst we have a "refer a friend" setup than anyone can join, we love having the flexibility to tweak the details to match the requirements of bigger influencers.
2. customer support is excellent - very fast, very helpful and very much flexible.
3. the Gui might seem a bit complicated at first, as there are so many places you can tweak, but this can be easily skipped if you just take the default setup and use the default settings.
4. It's not free, but I have found the free apps are not necessarily free, because as soon as you try to customise even a little, then fees have to be incurred. Hence they are not actually free. In comparison, Affiliatly costs less in the long run.
My conclusion is that Affiliatly has the right balance of a small fee and large range of options and great customer service.

개발자 회신

2021년 3월 11일

Thank you so much! We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience. We work hard to meet the expectations of our customers, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you.



Big Dog Bed Company

The tutorials for setting up are completely useless and if I cannot get it set up in the next two hours I an going to uninstall it

개발자 회신

2020년 11월 18일

the integration of our app and your store is completed automatically when you install the app.
In the tutorial in your Affiliatly admin panel we have explained all the different aspects of the app, but if you can not find your way in there, contact our support with your problem and we will help you!