Affilo: Affiliate Marketing

Affilo: Affiliate Marketing

by Affilo

World-class Affiliate Marketing designed to grow your business

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Andivia Beauty

Andivia Beauty

With this app, there seems to be no guided on how to get started. What good is having a lot of bells and whistles with no explanation on where to begin. Don't waste your money on something too complicated to be useful. I would give this a 1 star


Customer Service contacted me offering to help me. When we started communicating, I expected that some type of remote viewing or chat software would be used. No sir. I have to explain my problems by using emails. I would ask a question and wait 5 mins for a response. Finally, I threw in the towel. I was done. I couldn't waste time communicating via 5-year-old technology. Customer service needs improvement.

Developer reply

September 27, 2019

You never contacted us for any help. But after you left a review, I contacted you offering a live support session using TeamViewer. But you do not want to use it. Then I asked you to list out the things you need help with via E-mail, you don't want to do that either.
So, I really do not understand how you want me to help you.
We also have a documentation of the app and offer excellent customer support. But neither you want to read the documentation, nor you want help via TeamViewer, nor you want help via Emails. So, if you have any other suggestions for me helping you, please let me know.

If emails, documentation, chat or TeamViewer look a 5 year old technology to you, then please let us know which latest technology you want us to use to offer you technical support.
I would really appreciate it.


This app offers more features in theory but fails in functionality. Reaching out to support is frustrating. The answer I got was basically "just leave it" with an actual "lol" at the end of the sentence. I assumed I framed the question poorly so I reframed it and asked again and got a copy/paste of their first reply. On the bright side, they email back quickly.

**UPDATE** To the developers reply: We had the app installed for a full 30 days and signed up 30 affiliates before writing this review. I am thoroughly disappointed in your attempt to discredit my review. I am more than willing to provide anyone who would like screenshots of the emails in question between the developer and I.

Also, to the developer: I have received half a dozen emails from you offering to extend my free trial if I will delete my review and frankly it's insulting. I hope going forward you will deal with your customers needs and requests rather than blowing them off and then begging for forgiveness.

If anyone would like a copy of the emails in question feel free to contact us at

Developer reply

June 18, 2019

You installed the app, but never even used it before uninstalling it. So this statement from you that "app offers more features in theory but fails in functionality" does not make any sense.

Regarding support, we never said to you to "just leave it. lol". I wonder how you brought this out of context. This "lol" was about something else.

When we contacted you, you told that you want some features in the app which are not present in Affilo.
So, we offered you a free trial *until* we add the features you are requesting. It's a way of being nice and helping you out. Wonder how you can call it "begging for forgiveness". We didn't even send you half a dozen emails for "forgiveness" either.

We strive hard to help merchants succeed and we offer excellent customer support. It's just that there are different kinds of people in this world. Some just do not get satisfied or happy no matter what we do.

I have been testing this app for about 5 days now and have had nothing but trouble. The app is developed poorly. I first added the program to my page and everything from the (Affilio) shopify app store moved onto my actual store. So instead of promoting my store they were promoting their app. Then I tried changing the terms and conditions and it kept resetting to default where it would say {ADDYOURWEBSITE} throughout the terms and conditions. Then I couldn't delete a commission rule due to 11 random subscribers that weren't even there being subscribed to the rule when I only had 1 affiliate. I reached out for help and they were slow with response and sarcastic. They said I wasn't being patient when I sent my email a day ago. I told them if they are charging $5 less than I pay for my entire website I shouldn't be in queue at all and they suggested "I delete the app." They were just as lost as me asking "where were my 11 affiliates" which I found weird due to the fact that I was looking to them for the answers. After uninstalling and reinstalling, loosing my 1 Affiliate and 4 days later they finally fix the issue. Now I have a ANOTHER pending email in queue that I sent yesterday asking, "If a client forgets their login information how do they log in?" because there is no forgot password option. This app is TERRIBLE. Don't waste your time and money. Just go somewhere else like they told me to! I have another app now that only charges 19.99 and are quicker with responses and nicer to their clients.

Developer reply

June 18, 2019

Thank you for your review.
The Signup page is a page where your affiliates register to your affiliate program. Homepage of Affilo is something else. It is not for registering affiliates.

The link of Signup page should be added in the menu of your store (for example, in the footer menu) and not the link of the homepage of Affilo.

But I helped you with that already (on a Sunday). It is sad that you still left this negative review.